A $25 HDMI LED Projector UNIC UC28

The Unic UC28 LED projector sells for just $25 and includes VGA/HDMI input. I recommend watching until the very end because I tweaked the settings and got much better results.

At just P1300 / 20 GBP or 25 USD, the projector might be good enough for some people.

Lazada: http://www.lazada.com.ph/catalog/?q=uc28

Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?field-keywords=uc28

Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?field-keywords=uc28

I couldn’t get it to read any files from my USB stick or SD card. I haven’t yet continued to experiment with that feature since I’d most likely just use the HDMI input anyway.

If nothing else, it could be useful for halloween to project scary things onto a wall or for Christmas to project festive images or videos. You could also potentially use it to project signs or slogans at night during rallies and such like.

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Edgar Allan Poe says:

Projectors like these are pretty good for tv shows or many youtube videos and in dark rooms. Watching movies with it will give a low experience because they only use little more than half of the pixels in height. This projector has a native resolution of 320×240 pixel on a 4:3 aspect ratio lcd screen. Widescreen movies use approximately 130 to 160 vertical pixels which looks very blurry when projecting from a greater distance. But 25 $ is very cheap and worth a try. I am using a similar model from another manufacturer and i project fractal animations, fireplaces and the like as an ambient light on my walls.

James Phucwit says:

Did he really say USB light in the start?

Tom says:

what was your settings in the end?

Ac Smith says:

Where did you buy this from?

Ruel Villanueva says:

Nice review lodi. Can you recomend what is the best to buy. Cheap but good.

m j says:

hey! how long did it work for you?? I want a cheap projector to project still images onto walls and then be able to trace them. is it cool for that???

JNedoCT says:

great video….where you able to get the usb or sd setting to work…

Leo Ryan says:

I think it’s going to be fine for my purposes. I intend to use them outside to project ghost holograms on pumpkins or as a rear projection on semi opaque material.


Plz what is the url for buy $25 HDMI LED Projector UNIC UC28

John Exzequiel Melchor says:

Does the fan produce loud noise?

Raf The Impaler says:

Since the image quality is already rather low, do you think 8-bits games would look decent or playable on this?

Andy L says:

I bought last year for doing a Halloween scene. For the price it works okay for that. The resolution is bad, really dim (which works for Halloween) and I can use the USB or the card slot for the movie I run. It has a repeat setting so I just set that and leave it running. I only use it as an effects projector. It’s kind of useless for anything else.

The Cool Gamer says:

Mine broke easily. But good video. NOT THE PROJECTOR ,THOUGH.

Rumesh Madushan says:

this one good?

Sherla Colston says:

thank you

James Brasher says:

I just want to display pictures of an audience along a garage door. Do you need a computer for this? Can you save pictures on a card and just use that or does it have to be hooked to a computer ?

Iqbal Nazia says:

Why not working sound my video.when I am use usb and sd card.pls help me

Jaime Gutierrez says:

What are the settings so i use what you did plz


mine over heats and shut off after an hour max , any tips? its brand new and it came with a crappy looking power adapter .

Not Tryin' To Hear You! says:

Hey, thanks for coming back and giving an update, Thumbs up 4 that!

Meus vídeos E Dubs says:

ei quade o link da loja a ondo voce comprou ese projetor

Juanice Fosu says:

Can a speaker be hooked up to it?

Louie Lansang says:

pls review other cheap projectors in lazada, need to buy one soon tnx

Janay Summers says:


bandai1983 says:

Is this good for 8bit and 16bit game consoles?

Rasterify says:

Hello, what settings did you used for your projector? Can you please give us the values?

Ragea Victor says:

mine doesnt even start anymore …. its boots up the fan and the status small led on top and thats all, if I keep pressing the ON/OFF button from the remote and/or the projector, nothing happens … please help, it worked once but I don’t remember how I did it … please explain step by step very detailed so I can see if I am doing something wrong … thank you for any help given. Peace !

Sanjeeb Das says:

bholp vijole xo no Sol le he opgil dopl he

Romeo Delos Santos says:

is this good for movies?

Ibo Perido says:

Can I watch videos using a flash drive?

Codename Nitsonibishi says:

Bro i need to know your settings for this model. I cant seemto get it to its best setting video wise

matosful says:

I have one of this. with a Roku stick. I use it every night in my room with headphones . my opinion, for $25.00 its wonderfull

Jkou Files says:

This is perfect for babies since they dont care about artefacts

MD 101 says:

You have any idea why doesnt it have any audio when using the usb?


🙁 🙁

Reesey Wozniak says:

i just saw this UC18 HD on banggood like $50, bet is the similar generic china crap projector.
i’m pretty sure even my overprice 15lm pico projector is still better off than this.
but i found such project good for watching concert as long as it sounds decent and you get to share the screen which shouldn’t be any concern of it quality but simply the projected size.

Sanjeeb Das says:

bholp vijole xo no Sol le he opgil dopl he

Tay Alan says:

Is this projector able to connect any android phone?

Grooty Tam says:

That’s the projector for people who can’t afford a projector.

shaji m says:

hai will tell me the settings to get a better image quality

Not Tryin' To Hear You! says:

This is literally half the price of Christmas projectors that usually only project 1 pre-set image. Those are running about $40, If you’re lucky you can one that projects a dozen images between a dozen holidays, lol, or something like that. Anyway, Thanks Again, 4 Sharing!

antoneth udtuhan says:

hi.. is this good for a classroom powerpoint presentation?

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