5500 lumen projector from AliExpress REVIEW sold by smartidea


I got this projector from the AliExpress website. It was 219 dollars and shipped from China in 5 days!!! Amazing quality. Totally worth it. Any questions ask away in the comment section!


Lukáš Navrátil says:

Hello, im about to buy this product. But i have some questions… Do you have skype? I have some questions about this product and it could be SUPER helpful for me if you would give me like 2 minutes of your time. I would be realllllllyyyy thankful to you! My email: lukynavratil@gmail.com

Tony Villalba says:

Hello i have a question for everybody that has bought something on AliExpress when you ordered somenting and paid IT dit IT say that they are verifing your payment and they Will let you know under 24 hours?

Barrett Baber says:


No Fix says:

ya, u r enjoying what? an 80″+ size picture media experience for less than $300. nice.

shakib 439 says:

brand name???

kalpataro says:

5500 lumens my ass! The sellers of this chinese shit should be in jail for obvious scam!

Filip Zawadzki says:

Looks good to me. F@#K that lumens, it looks bright in dark room, that is enough for my eyes. For 200 bucks its great.

Asad Durrani says:

This one or the Everycom X7?


awesome man

bennynorman says:

About 800ansi, never 5500ansi…

Illuminati XVI says:

It’s not so clean.. You overpaid for it

Engelbert Amaba says:

screen size?

Max Power says:

try making a black screen or grey screen . I made one for myself and if works great.

Thomas Michelson says:

I had 4 different projector which i bought from dx, that one is definitely the best one for its price, only 50 euros..

PudyMelon says:

is the projector loud, cause i just bought a projector for 130 and im happy with it but it is pretty loud. the projector does sit right above my head.

shakib 439 says:

219us doller???

LFede lambor says:

no way thats a 5500 lumens looks like a 800

jesus martos martinez says:

bad proyector i have one of this and i have many problems

Claudinei Fernandes says:

Everything comes from chine not always it is true. The 5500 lumens it is so high….I believe it likes look about 2600 to 3000 lumens, but it is good too.

mrjobe86 says:

do you use personal credit cards when purchasing from ali ?

саша валерьевич says:

how far you up the wall? how many inches the video?

anand chauhan says:


Max Power says:

Look up diy black screen

Mazhar Syed says:

PLEASE confirm whether this is FULLHD or HD?

Blaze Watson says:

Could you provide a link?

Not my name says:

That is not 5000. Guaranteed.

Oh you noticed. You should add in description.

Jatin Patadia says:

Have u compared this one with even cheaper models like UC46 or everycom x7 etc for the brightness. im curious to know in how much daylight it will b usable or will i need complete dark environment??

Mozzie Hazel says:

Hi thinking of buying does it have sound or I have to connect to sound?

ampatau says:

Mate, if you’re going to review something do some research.

Like the difference between ANSI-lumens and Lumens. LCD vs DLP. What’s the warranty conditions if it breaks in a month? Will shipping it back cost more than the purchase price? Is it android based. Is it LED or mercury bulb. Build quality? Manual or auto focus? What picture settings are available? Fan noise? Speaker loudness and quality? Inputs?

I’m happy you like your new toy but it wasn’t a review..just an uneducated opinion.

Engelbert Amaba says:

What is the size of the screen there?

MrKlswe says:

No way thats 5500 lumen its like 1000 lumens acutally

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