1080p Gaming Projector?? | Optoma GT1080e Review

You read it right – A GAMING PROJECTOR!!! And it’s good! Lets take a look at the Optoma GT1080e Gaming Projector!
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Colt Hangen says:

Great review man, cheers!

Danyal A. says:

Can I get a like?

Marcus Ireland says:

ide smash this projector to bits buecause it DLP 3LCD is better

High Vis Harry says:

I know this is more of a PC focused video but, man, this just screams console to me XD. I mean think about it, it’s 1080p for a start, and current gen can’t go above that anyway. 14ms is actually amazing when compared to the 1080p TV’s most people would probably be rocking about now (myself included, 4 years old I think?) And by the looks of it in the video, amazing quality even when you’re talking STUPID inches XD I reckon for console gamers, if you’re at that point where you’ve got like a 5 year old 1080p, and it’s time to upgrade. 4K really isn’t going to help you (at least with current gen). High refresh rate isn’t going to help you, even if High Refresh Rate TV’s even existed, no console out there is pushing more than 60fps anyway. This thing could be the new living room gaming king! Also, nice video as always 🙂

Billy Reichard says:

Is it really a LED projector? (mentioned at around 2:26). I know the GT 1080 and the GT 1080Darbee are both bulb projectors – not LED).

Tech Network says:

was excited till I saw the price! would rather just buy a Acer Predator or a Asus ROG swift monitor for that price!! ,but it’s still pretty awesome not gonna lie

Cpt.AirWolf says:

The remote lights up (I’m not really sure why it does this, maybe so you can use it in the dark)… Well no shit sherlock! It’s a projector so you’re supposed to use it in the dark.

The Tinkering Corner says:

Great, now I want a projector!!!

Bike Dude says:

I have to admit, this is pretty sick.

Wistbacka says:

Nothing about color accuracy or contrast levels? How is it for movies? Is it 60 fps?

Comon, man, dont skip out on important information. Otherwise a good review.

Yvonne Agudelo says:

My projector is backwards I can’t see anything

SourceCodePhil says:

Looks nice. It might not reach the current 1080p monitors with 1 ms but seriously, for a beamer that’s quite awesome.

GetTheCheeseToSickbay says:

is there a 4k version? I’ve been after a low(ish) response time, led 4k projector for a while.

SenorSwagBuns says:

Oh nice i would buy it but at 1000$ i cried

Trevor Laass says:

havent seen your videos in a long time guys but when i first saw your vids you were only getting hundreds of views so props on the view count increase! cheers

hsbrasil says:

You can get up to 300 inch i think.

Michael Lemus says:

Would this work 3 feet away from the wall?

Christopher Heldt says:

electrocity? lol

MrSealman says:

great video, im looking at buying a projector this week i want it for gaming and movies, looking at around £1000 as a budget, would you have any recomemdations? this one looks nice but not sure the movie picture would be up to some others at around £1000, was looking at the benq w1210st also, thanks in advance

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