VideoSecu ML531BE Flat Screen TV Wall Mount

Parts and installation of the VideoSecu Model:ML531BE Flat Screen TV Wall Mount.


mcmb89 says:

Hi do you still have the instructions manual for this by a chance?

Danny Nguyen says:

show us how to install it please


How do you remove the tv? I can’t figure it out.

Craig Liess says:

Any idea how far apart the lag bolts are from each other? Previous owners of our home took the old mount off a wall with stacked stone, and I really don’t want to drill into it if at all possible. Would be fantastic to use the existing holes…

Matthew Straub says:

Baba Booey Baba Booey

Paul Haynie says:

I have this and its stuck on full tilt. any advice?

AvidSourCreamLover says:

I am a true consumer of the mL531be
and my question is how a slap jack like you knows how to install a tv like that
not to mention how you were able to afford the tv in the first place?

Anthony Gonzalez says:

thanks for the demonstration 

wokedaddi says:


KefirTView says:

7 minutes out of your life brother…….You should have shown the range of the articulation. It is after all, it is an articulating TV mount. – I imagine many have shared the same sentiments.

HTownFireSticksByDawg says:

I Used this same mount w/ my 52 inch 71 lb TV (says its within limit), but it wants to rock/tilt left and right. Another prob, the bottom wants to lay/rest against the wall. I used the spin lock nut things to lock it in place, but it doesn’t really work. It still slides out to the last position.

TJohnHill says:

Worthless doesn’t show what the range of motion is

Marcus Brown says:

hey do you know the size of the 2 small screws that lock the tv into the mount?

Jonah Rosensaft says:

Having some trouble putting the screws into the stud, directions said 5/32 pilot hole but thats way too small, what size drill bit did you use?

John Scott says:

Demonstrating the range of articulation would have been beneficial to an already excellent review.

Norm Pemenko says:

My tv is a sony 42″ at it has holes in the back of the unit that measures 11 13/16 x 11 13/16. I need the extenders on the bracket that mounts to the unit. When I install the extenders the arms do not line up with the holes to mount to the tv. I tried every configuration possible but nothing is working.

Jordan Cascadia says:

What a completely worthless video

Brian Dean says:


Steve Perry says:

It was worthless…waste of time

Jonah B says:

What is the length and width of the wall mounting bracket?

Thank you

ツVortexes says:

can u turn it left, so it will face left or right. like, if you’re back is facing the white door, can u move it to make it right infront of your face?

ZACHisBACH says:

Can you send me the manual pics?

Les Rock says:

“hey now….”

James Mihalek says:

Great demo. Just installed one and it went very well. Thank you!

Catherine S says:

Not very handy if you need specifics of how to install with lag bolts to the wall, but was VERY HELPFUL to see what comes in the kit and the finished install. My concern was mounting it on a single 2×4 stud, since many base plates seemed to be spread across more than one stud or had a wider base plate that would not secure to the 2″ side of a stud. This video displayed what I was looking for and answered my question perfectly so thanks very much!

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