[TiG] Review: Cheetah Full Motion TV Wall Mount + Installation

Shane installs and reviews the Cheetah Dual Articulating Arm TV Wall Mount, model APDAM3B. If you’re looking to mount a TV and not break the bank, you need to watch this video.
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Kovacs Kovacs says:

After it’s mounted, can you turn the TV 90 degrees so that the monitor is vertical (e.g. landscape to portrait)? I know that you can with the other Cheetah ALAMLB TV mount, but I need this one as it’ll connect to two studs.

Keith Findlay says:

The description of the mount indicates TVs up to 55″ and 118 lbs but what about a 65″ TV that is 53 lbs? Can anyone reply with insight on what drives the screen size limit of only 55″?

Doc02864 says:

Nice installation.  I read it will handle 115 lbs, and 132 lbs and one guy hung on his, 200 lbs!

bowyerdude says:

Quick question. The one problem I’m seeing people have with this mount from various reviews here and there seems like a common one: The weight of the tv causing the mount to tilt forward all the way. Granted, everyone saying this was a problem were mounting tv’s in the 50 to 80 lb range, but given that the mount is rated for up to 115lbs, I’d think it wouldn’t have this problem.
So my question is, have you noticed this being a problem for you at all? I’m going to mount a 43″ tv that’s about 18lbs in weight, so I’d think having it on the lighter end would eliminate this issue, but I’m interested in your opinion first. It’s going to sit a little lower on my wall than normal, so I can’t really have any forward tilt on it at all, lest it distort the image from my viewing position.
Thanks for doing the review, I was glad to be able to see the mount in action.
EDIT for clarification: In all the different reviews I read about the problem with the tv tilting, everyone said they tried tightening the adjustment screws all the way, but to no avail.

That's It Guys says:

They’ve got it back in stock again for almost half the price I got it for. Sweet! http://amzn.to/1XVIXOh

Ellis Creel says:

Great video!  I have one question, though: when I ended up mounting my TV, my vertical was perfect, but the TV seems to sag or lean forward a little bit (which is to say that it’s not perfectly level with the wall – any advice on how to conquer that?  There are a lot of screws, but I’m not sure what to tighten/loosen or add washers to.

Robert Cook says:

Good job my nigga

AHanif says:

thanks for the vid…was helpful

88Keyz102 says:

I’m buying this. This is perfect. Thank you for the link to the product.

Sam says:

May I know the vertical distance between the 2 slotted holes of the wall plate? I would like to use the existing holes, which are 4.75″ apart vertical, on my masonry wall.

John Smith says:

I have recently purchased an AOC I2769VM 27″ IPS Monitor.  I am now on the hunt for a low-profile VESA wall bracket that will accommodate the monitor.  I was wondering whether this bracket that you are showing would be suitable?  The only thing is, the monitor has a VESA mount of 75mm x 75mm.I would want a low profile bracket that keeps the monitor as close to the wall as possible and that would allow cables to fit reasonably easy up at the back of the bracket to connect to the monitor.If this one is not suitable, would you be able to recommend a suitable bracket for this purpose please?  Thanks.

Reckless Gaming says:

I was thinking about get one of these now I am thanks forn awesome video!t

James Jackson says:

I just mounted this and it was super easy. This is my 3rd Cheetah mount and I love them. I always buy mine at Amazon. Price is always good.

Romeras600 says:

Thanks for the video bruddah! Purchasing this today!!

nightninja87 says:

thanks alot for this i know this is an older video but i was looking for a wall mount but was a little cautious of getting a flat mounted one because of the way my wires are setup behind the tv but this seems even better and would be perfect for my tv and even if i replace the tv i dont gotta worry much thanks so much

David says:

My wall mounted TV will be placed between two cabinets of 35cm width. If I were to fully extend the beam attached from the wall to the back, would I be able to see the TV when tilted?

Fernando HG says:

I intend to purchase this product but the studs are 600mm apart from each other here! Do you think it’d be alright to have it mounted above a stud (with 2 screws on the center of the baseplate fixed into that stud) plus 4 heavy duty anchors straight in the plasterboard/drywall (2 on each side)? I will be holding a 49″ 16kg TV.

l337g0g0 says:

I live in a Condo and have concrete and Steele studs.

Could i just bolt like 8 to 12 drywall plugs and call it a day?
can this be hung off drywall alone?

michael b says:

So did you actually drill into concrete??  If you were just drilling into studs the anchors are actually a bad idea ..in wood those lead anchors can come out believe it or not. you should used lag bolts which have more surface area between the threads and wood stud.  The MOUNT might hold 115 lbs but if you use anchors I find that pretty hard to believe…. obviously your LED does not weigh much so you are golden but a heavier plasma might pull those plugs out..  In concrete I would suggest good quality TAPCON screws vs the lag and anchor system … Lead anchors routinely pull out from softer concrete blocks…  Seems like a stiff mount… does it smooth out over time?

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