Sanus Wall Mount BLT2-B1 Installation, unboxing, and review

This video is about Sanus Wall Mount BLT2-B1. Includes unboxing, installation, and review. Use and instructions of the Sanus HeightFinder

Sanus HeightFinder!step1


Voltron 212 says:

I do have one question, what happens if your studs are not centered with your tv stand? Would you have to use the anchors and can you place the bolts on any hole on the bracket?

John Doe says:

Good work man
I’m from the uk just brought the same one for my LG 55 your video was so helpful and also these tv brackets are Quality

Steve Boulay says:

love all the pussy in this video. very informative.

Top Cop111 says:

I love the Cats horsing around and the kids whispering and talking. Real life handy dad! I have a cat, dog and kids. Laugh out loud! Good video.

Debi Reichgelt says:

Excellent video…. helpful and accurate. Thank you!

04Saleen256 says:

Around 10:20 you mention we need to make sure the mounting arms, that attach to the wall bracket, are on the INSIDE. Why? Is it truly necessary for these arms to be on the inside? My TV mounting holes are VESA 100×200, and there is not enough room between them to accommodate the arms on the inside.

halivette says:

Excellent video and explanation– However how tall are you?

291362711 says:

Beautiful Assistant lol

Tony Simon says:

Great video! Just one question, can you adjust the angle from the sides ir just tilt it up and down?

Malisa Anderson-Strait says:

Great video, thanks for the “sharpie on the drill bit” life hack 🙂 That was a great tip. Watched this before I read the print instructions, and this was far superior for prepping my wall. Thanks for all the excellent instructions and visuals. Plus, cats! Cats make all home improvement more fun!

Voltron 212 says:

Great video bro! Never knew about the Sanus online steps on figuring out the height of where to hang the bracket. Very helpful video. Planning on hanging an 82” tv in the near future and I’m definitely going to use this bracket! Thanks!

brynna flynn says:

this is fantasic

Stephen Jennings says:

thanks … just finished mine and you get the credit

Tony Simon says:

Hey man its me again, one question, I just bought the same mount but I noticed that the brackets that attach to the back of the tv seem to be very…. wobbly? They move a lot by themselves, just wondering if that is normal and they will sit static once they are attached to the tv because I am yet to receive my 75 inch tv but I al curious if that wobble is normal, dont want the tv to be moving like it is loose you know.
Thanks again!

svnbit says:

Site down meh

P M says:

Nice video thank you. Helped a lot.

Matt Sayle says:

Them wires though…

Bomberman says:

thanks for video. I placed my 65 inch x900e using the height finder but once I place it in. it looked a little lower than I wanted. do you know what sized screw you need to adjust the height on the top of the 2 brackets and how high it can adjusted. I think it’s a better option than me taking the whole thing off and have to mount it again making more holes than I needed lol

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