RV Nomad Life | MorRyde Extending Swivel Wall TV Mount (Install and Review)

We were so impressed by the MORryde Strut Assist steps that we also picked up one of their RV TV mounts. If anyone has ever tried to install a TV mount in an RV, they know there can be serious complications. Most off the shelf TV mounts are designed to be mounted into house studs versus an RV, meaning they come with 3′ bolts that would go through an RVs outer wall. MORryde considered problems like that and created a mount that is very secure, and RV Appropriate.

For more information visit: http://www.morryde.com

TV Mount Model: TV1-006H

The specific TV Mount we installed: http://www.morryde.com/products/64-extending-swivel-tv-wall-mount?return=%2Fproduct-category%2F1-tv-mounts
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Norman Gebhardt says:

Very informative and well done.

Life with Ken and Jane says:

So i am watching again to see just what you got me into this time> is that bedroom ? The new TVs are way cool. We almost bought one but now we go full time we are selling the tv we have….hey look on you tv…BULLET!!!!! MY DOG NAME WAS BULLET TOO….. he is gone now…first dog i ever had…no one warned me about the loss part….been over 4 years and i still miss him> he died 3 days for we went RV ing. , when i was on the chemo.. his legs stopped working…i felt like i lost my legs that day


Great video. Do you have any idea how heavy tv set up I can install in a typical RV with a TV backer behind the exterior wall? I have a 24 inch TV that weighs 7 pounds and a full motion TV mount that Weights another 7 pounds. The TV will be flush against the wall during transit. Well I be fine or is my set up too heavy?

Nivasi says:

nicely done

Homeboy says:

LOL, I wish i could have seen Laura face when you came home and said look honey what i just bought and it was a good deal. With a few adjustments i’ll make it fit. LOL Happy New Years guys.

RV NUT says:

Since I am sometimes lazy I know now who to call..

Jen McMartin says:

Happy New Year!

Don Lanteigne says:

Some RV’s have a thin metal plate as a backer, use magnets, small round ones about the size of a nickel, to locate the backer.

Roy Davis says:

Morryde does RVs well. They know what works and know that most RVs now use metal studs. I have never been disappointed with any of their product. Great install.

Jello Jello says:

It’s a really good mount we been using it now for over year and it’s very well-made & worth the money for sure. Nice install.

RV Fishing Adventures says:

Our wall has a backing board mounted in the wall to hold a TV mount but we’ve never installed anything like that. We did however, have to install an external backer board for our living room TV because there wasn’t anything in the wall. The TV provided came with a stand and no provision to mount it…. yeah I know… ??

Eventually we hope to upgrade our TV to a 4k so when we do we’ll upgrade the mount too. Good info in this video will help me when I install ours!


Tennessee Traveller says:

We toured the MORyde factory over the summer – very much a class act, they make great products, and seem to treat their workers well.

Life with Ken and Jane says:

There you go again making me feel guilty again…..i have a huge project. > solar system out at camp…jane and i decided to go full time and sell the house so we will be staying out there in the winter and travel…..that’s a nice mount…. we are just waiting to sell the Jayco to sell. I am writing as i am watching,,,,,,jane got home….great!!!! Jane just saw me watching this and guess what i am going to be installing !!!!! Wow that turned out nice

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