Monoprice Full-Motion TV Wall Mount Review

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sultan Merchant says:

to install arm it require pre drill to fix screws?

stryk187 says:

Currently have 2 27″ BenQ monitors on this PC mounted on my desk using a single-arm, dual VESA-mount desk mounting unit that I got from Monoprice ~2 years ago for around 40 bucks. The sumbitch hasn’t drooped, slid, moved, shimmied, weakened, cracked or broke since the day I installed it. For $40 I was surprised at the quality of the metal and the craftsmanship. Even though Yes it’s Made in China, it’s not flimsy cheap-ass thin metal, it’s actual heavy gauge power-coated steel. My 2 27-inch monitors are in the exact same position I mounted them in 2 years ago. I couldn’t ask for anything more for 40 dollars. Hell, I could’ve gotten _less_ and still been happy with the purchase. They also have good HDMI cables and all kinds of A/V doohickies and thing-a-majiggers that come in REAL handy. Stuff like 90-degree right-angle HDMI adapters (and USB too), etc. and they have these TOSLINK extender things that I’ve never been able to find anywhere else EVER, even expensive high-end audio stores with overpriced “audiophile grade” sucker-bait bullshit.

Luis Magana says:

gg Timmy

Trystian Sky says:

Congrats on the new house.

I love Monoprice. I found their site about 12 years ago, and have saved a ton of money on great quality HDMI, USB, and other cables, in addition to a couple solid-built monitor desk brackets. So long -Best- Worst Buy.

Let us know how that wall mount works out.

wooo weee says:

and finally, make sure you mount your tv at eye height from your seating position.
So many people put their tv’s above the fire place, even if they don’t have one…it bothers me to see that. You can’t sit back far enough or have a big enough screen in a home to mount something that high.

2redline says:

+5 to -15 degrees according to their site

Ron Jr says:

Thanks lets see if this works

sultan Merchant says:

not good installing presentation.

Anthony Flores says:

I purchased a cheetah mount from amazon for around the same price and it looked no where near the quality as this one. The thing sagged horribly even though my tv was well below the max requirements. They sent me an upgraded one and even then I had to re-drill the holes to put it together because none of the holes lined up then had to buy new hardware because the screws wouldn’t tighten and felt like pewter… It would just warp.. Wish I knew about this mount earlier.

james howard says:

good video, but why did you mount the TV so low??

iamsito6 C says:

Hey tim what size was that Lag bolt is it hex metric & drill adapter too

Jorge Castro says:

i just bought one, i installed it. but im having trouble moving the tv around.

Riddler356 says:

got one of these last november, and i love it, it works for my 49″ toshiba.

donnapony says:


I don’t know the brand of the mount on my TV which came with the house when I bought it four years ago, but it suddenly tilts down and I don’t know how to fix it or what the possible problem could be. Any ideas?

TimmyTechTV says:

Sorry for the tiny echo, time to buy a lav mic!

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