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There are different types of wall mounts that offer varying motion options for your TV. Depending on the placement of the TV you may choose to have a flat mount a tilting mount or an articulation or cantilever mount. Each mount has specific benefits as listed below:
1. Flat/Fixed
This type of mount will keep the TV snug against the wall which allows for a clean look from the side of the TV. You will see no wires from the side view and the TV will remain in a fixed position as close to the wall as possible
2. Flat/Tilt
This type of mount will keep the TV close to the wall but allow for up to a 15 degree tilt. This is a great benefit when the TV is to be mounted higher on the wall such as in the case of mounting above a fireplace. The user can tilt the TV down in order to reduce glare or to make the TV easier to see from seating below.
3. Swing Arms
This type of mount will hold the TV off the wall in an increased distance from that of the flat or tilt mount. This mount will allow the user to swivel or pan the TV from side to side in order to increase the viewing angle of the TV. This is a beneficial option in a large room that has more than one group of seating that may be utilized in watching the TV
4. Articulating/Cantilever
Like the swing arm this type of mount will typically protrude a few inches off the wall. The ability to pull out and pan the TV up to 180 degrees allows the TV to be viewed from 2 different adjoining rooms. Another use for this type of arm would be when installing the TV in an armoire or entertainment cabinet the user could hide the TV inside when not in use and simply pull it out when its time to watch TV.


Bill Murry says:

Everything was good except the fact you did not use washers

DjStiv3 says:

lol how comfortable are you with laying the tv flat and pushing on it to screw in? oh man fuck that. Ima be paranoid. its guna crack and fuck up. You have to be careful with tvs now. Plasma lcd led whatever, you have to HANDLE carefully let alone laying flat and dicking with it

Chegge says:

whoa so THAT’S how you use carpenter pants… this man is greatness

Michael Singleton says:

If you find out that the tv might be too heavy for you, or do not have the right tools to mount your flat screen, connect with us, we would love to send out one of our experts to install that tv for you.

smply amzng says:

Yeah..I’m just gonna call someone

laura johnson says:

straight to the point

Beretta96Dan says:

That stud finder must need a calibration.

Brandon Lam says:

he did that shit in 7 minutes…..

Sarah A. J. says:

Hey this company in Chicagoland too! Maybe a good idea to collaborate 🙂

Gail Gray says:

Dizzy from the camera moving too fast

bdegrds says:

I will get quotes for someone to do this, then balance the extra cost vs doing it myself with tremendous stress, sometimes I will pay a premium for piece of mind

Nick H says:

Can I do this with only a screwdriver?

Adil Lambat says:

Hang my tv

Sizzor jack says:

plain, simple and, smart.

Nikolaos Chatzikyriakos says:

Excellent job and complete.

Ben Blackburn says:

the man just pulled out an impact and said it was “a little loud” like the bracket was a little heavy after he’s done about 20,000 tvs he’s so humble #sacrifices #murica #manup

abhishek sonik says:

suprr experienced

mrferris says:

Looks and sounded like he completely missed the stud on the left when he drilled through the Sheetrock. I didn’t hear the stud finder beep on the left stud either.

Ali Umair says:

this guy has been mounting an avg around 55 TVs a day

Kelly Smith says:

he can get it 100

Eduardo Alexandre says:

Thank you

Douglas Abram says:

why did you find the stud if your not using it

Czar Zenana says:

American quality wall?

Alissa McColl says:

did you drill the holes into regular drywall or into the studs?

sunnymariposa21 says:

but where is the connection??? no plugs?? no wires pass through the wall????

Midnight Raiin says:

whats the point of finding the stud , if your gonna use wall anchors in sheetrock.

Viper Slide says:


Hello, the fasteners you are using in the wall are call what sir please? Thanks


James Pearce says:

What type of connectors are those. They look simple to use.

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