How to Mount TV or LCD to Wall!

Here’s a tutorial on how to mount your TV or LCD monitor to your wall for those of you who don’t know how.

I highly recommend getting arm mounts, which cost pretty much same as regular wall mounts but you can easily move them around. Regular tilt wall mounts suck as sometimes it’s hard to get to the back to the back of the TV (for connecting your gaming consoles) and it’s limited in viewing angles.

Here’s some wall mounts I recommend (that I have used before personally):

For 12″ to 27″, try VideoSecure mount:
For 23″ to 49″, try Cheeta mount:
For 32″ to 65″, try Cheeta mount large:

To install your TV or LCD to wall, you will need a drill and stud finder. You can also use drywall anchor but for bigger monitors or for more secure mount, I recommend finding your studs.

You can get a stud finder here:

I didn’t use a level in this video because my walls had alignment lines but you can use a level to also make sure your mount is 100% even. For larger TVs, that’s highly recommended.

Larger TV or LCD may require 4 screws instead of 2 btw.

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DickHead69able says:

Nice! Good for making the most of office space.

jordan de castro says:

somebodys fart….lol

magnus pym says:

Studs are set on 16″ centers…

unpolarize says:

Would dry wall screws be a bad idea?

Grant says:

8:46 fart

Abdou Ch says:

Hi zedomax, I m asking if there’ll be a cm12 (Android 5 Lolipop) rom for the I9100 phone ?

Stefan Atzlinger says:

No slow mo intro 🙁 xD cool vid

Eclipses Mendez says:

Dude no joke but i think it will better if you read the Manual. lol

p savela says:

FART @ 8:46!

Rebecca Reid says:

Does it come with the screws or do you have to buy it separately ?

Anirban Santra says:

what is the screen size of this monitor?

rafael diaz says:

NICE ! Thank you you got the job done.

Kris Maag says:

you mounted the tv properly…but the tv might have broken during the process (9:03)

Mr59coconut says:

Good job. Thanks

ZesarMad says:

Just a suggestion for the wall screwing though, use an impact drill instead of your regular drill 🙂 it helps a little to prevent screw stripping and requires less force to screw.
In other words, it’s easier to screw.


Mister Average Gaming says:

You know this nigga has a cushy life on youtube when he doesnt even bother to change out of his PJ’s haha. Great video Zedo 😀 Hopefully getting a couple mounts pretty soon for my setup!

Surdulica Svuda Polizete Mi Muda says:

Whats with the intro 😀

Trigger Predz! says:

How many inches was that tv?? answer asap

Squidward Tortellini says:

Thank you so much for this video. I was having a hard time mounting my TV until I saw it.

Alpha Tarawally says:

thanks man im going to do this in my dorm if im allowed

David says:

Jesus Americans have houses made out of cardboard 😉 

Elnejo86 says:

That was a weak ” high on android” into bro don’t go changing on us bruh

April17th says:

what size is that monitor and where did you buy it

Mohammed Molla says:

what if your entire wall is wood?

Austin Haskins says:

Why are me and Zedo built exactly the same? Holy shit dude, what are you? Two feet wide or so?

Ryan Devenuto says:

This vid helped hella thanks bro ham

Farzane Ahmadi says:

It was very useful.

Jason Elliott says:

Thanks max I needed this one always thought this was way harder

Lui Vlogs says:

Stud every 4ft…
I’m surprised his house hasn’t collapsed yet. It’s every 16in from the center of every stud m8.

The more you know
good video though I’m not gonna lie it helped.

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