How to Hide Your TV Wires for $10

ATTENTION: In many areas, it is a code violation to put your power cord in your wall as I did in this video. Putting Audio/Video cords in your wall is fine but, for power, adding an extra outlet may be required by code so check out my video on how to do that!

Want to make the whole process easier? Check out my video using a kit to install this:

Annoying TV wires hanging down from your wall-mounted TV are a thing of the past! With just two $5 plates, you can hide them for good. Step-by-step instructions and links to products are at

Project Difficulty: Easy
Project Time: 30 Minutes

• Low Voltage Cable Pates:
• Swiveling TV Mount:
• Stud finder:
• Good:
• Better:
• Best:
• Drywall jab saw or utility knife:
• Phillips screw driver:

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pr3t says:

This only works if your house is made of wood… useless in the netherlands, every house here made of bricks

FortressSlayer53 says:

My wall is made with concrete so doing this means i have to destroy my wall

Andrew Rogers says:

Haha I got an old house with drywall.

Leigharyck says:

I know nothing about electrical stuff. Why can’t you just plug your power cord into a surge protector and call it a day? (After the power cord is run through the wall)

Thomas Anderson says:

why is that TV mounted so high?

V T says:

what about bugs in that hole you just opened the door to hell

Bathysphere says:

Ok, I understand that running a TV power cable behind the wall could be a code violation. But what about just coaxial and other audio/video and signal type cables? Thanks.

JCS says:

Two of those and like 5 holes on the dry wall later I can officially call my attempt a failure, THERE WERE STUDS EVERYWHERE!!!

Steven M says:

Great job. Thank youuuu

Maria Q says:

Great job!!

Obi Wan Can Blow Me says:

I was exited until I found out my walls are made out of hard cement or some hard shit

Morgan Bev says:

Walls in your place are so different from where I’m at. Here we use cement block and concrete. And of course paint…

gus barba says:

Beware in California standard framing bays may have horizontal blocking at 4ft.

OriginalNoseBleed says:

In UK my houses is made of brick hard enough to get a nail in the wall never mind a hole lol

Varun Verma says:

Bad idea even if the code allows it or if you’re just throwing away HDMI cables. Just think about making life easy for mice/rodents and other creatures to enter behind the drywall.

will holsey says:

Oscillating tool with the qbit single gain bit works much better and faster than a utility knife

Newton Daring16 says:

Haha i can’t cut my wall plz help me cuz, my wall made by bricks….

Old Timer says:

Wonder if using white plastic shallow rectangler pvc bout 2″ wide would look good running all the wires through it, it would save from having to cut couple holes in wall.

LRN2DIY says:

BE ADVISED: While running your HDMI and other A/V cables in the wall is fine, in many areas, putting your power cord in your wall is against code. If that’s the case in your area, please see this video on adding a separate outlet for your TV.

Vex Q says:

I tryed to do this job naked and my dick got stuck In the bottom part u showed us when flipping plate upward for cords to go in at the bottom end.boy wrong cord dropped in I put baby oil didn’t work Vaseline didn’t work lotion didn’t work Vicks Vapor Rub didn’t work I even tried Preparation H didn’t work.finely I got a picture of Donald trump kissing his tranny wife and my dick got supper limp and got my cock the wall hahaha I don’t give a fuck I’m my family already here

Aris Houwing says:

So the tv that high is for the giraffe pets you have?

Power Nerd Pro says:

That’s also a very good spot for spiders, bugs and so on btw!

eduardo Callejas says:

How did you run your wires to the bottom? Did you just dangle them until you could see them? Great video thank you.

Dream Weaver says:


Davey Marquez says:

Great work thanks for the tip

Serr Kocc says:

yes sure and everybody can cut walls with a knife haha

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