EASY WAY HOW TO HANG TV ON WALL MOUNT REVIEW In studs and drywall, How to find stud in wall using studfinder, TV installer video tutorial Samsung LED Plasma Flat screen flatscreen flat-screen TV slim wallmount television video service tutorial guide review, check out my tv install kit wall mount- and toggler toggle bolts-
more tech on note: sometimes i use 6 togglers 2 in left beam and 2 right Stud beam and 2 in drywall in the middle, tilt motion but arm motion wall mounts not recommended.


Panda pook says:

what size toggle do you use?

Ares Pro Gaming says:

can someone tell me where my mounting arm holes are? I have a westinghouse 50 ” 4k

shahid abid says:

3 mins an and my boss calls… still on the phone… should I hang up on him???

Derpsickle says:

you are not supposed to place plasma tvs face down…. or up…… at all.

LiftOrGTFO says:

This guy looks like Mac from Always Sunny. Great video my dude.

WhiteSoxCollector says:

Anyone else watching this imagine the tv falling right after he gives thumbs up and how funny it would of been lol … good video by the way dude kinda gave me a little confidence to go ahead and mount my 60 inch

Jordan Lapid says:

Is it okay to attach your tv on the wall mount a little more to the side? I am attaching the mount on the studs bit for the TV to be centered I need to lock the TV a little to the left.


Izzy Productions says:

trying to find studs …only 1 ?

Madhadsman says:

Where do you get the spacers?

Pra The Ocean says:

Did a good job of self performing-filming. Good work, really appreciate it.

Elegant_Projects says:

I don’t understand how people are confused by this this is very informative of actually thinking of mounting my 40 inch TV.

Mohammad sayeed says:

too much shaking of the camera

Fabian Ludena says:

Get someone to hold the camera mate.

Joeyarhino1 says:

Dude, you are hella hot!! Oh, by the way, your video’s not bad either

Donna Ruggles says:

I couldn’t have hung my TV without your video. BIG thanks!

mickeytussy says:

Awesome video helped out heaps

Izzy Productions says:

old house…plaster who knows whats behind there? is is safe to continue

MrBean21320 says:

My problem is I can’t tell if I have brick or cinder block behind the fire place.

Juan Bejar says:

it’s upside down bro

alireza sabetzadeh says:

Thx Mate

Castle of Costa Mesa says:

Thanks for showing me! I learned something! Cheers!

Greg T 77 says:

I’d love to watch your video but I keep getting sick because of the terrible camera work.

Monique Simpson says:

Thanks posting this. I have the exact same problem. My studs are NOT 16 inches apart. I already drilled into the dry wall on one side and into a stud in the other. Thanks for the tip about the toggle bolts. Now I know how to fix it. Love that Spiderman move at the end! lol 🙂 I would try that, but don’t think I have that kind of core strength, lol.

KENNETH Pryor says:

Hey Dude just want to thank you for the video it took me and my son about 1/2 hour to get his 60 inch mounted. There’s no need for anyone to have someone do this for them if they watch your video again thanks.

Neurosurgeon MD PhD says:

Crystal clear explanation. Awesome.

Oscar T says:

I’m been using this Vid For a Long Time just because he Mentioned all the tools need it for the job

Ramon Castro says:

so whats with the wood screw. nice explanation of the first 3 screws but not the 4th and final wood screw. i think you just screwed it into the drywall? i was waiting on an explanation of That….THANKS AGAIN partner

Ken Fountain says:

great video thanks bro .

Alex and Kim Wadsworth says:

I live in Tampa! Come over to my house and install this please!

crochet homemade says:

should mention magnetic stud finder only works on steel studs in wall

Rocket 65 says:

Maybe you could shake the camera just a little bit more so we can completely misinterpret what you’re telling us.

shahid abid says:

can I just use 2 screws on the wooden stud???

Tampatec says:

wall mount- and toggler toggle bolts- *these links support my tech channel
more tech on

smart led hd tv says:

I know tv brackets have sizes for different wideness of what they are to carry, but what of the strength, are they all the same, or some are stronger than the other.

Advanced Computer 2017 says:

You should have someone doing the camera work, i got dizzy watching you flop the camera all over. Otherwise you prob did a good job but i will never know only made it about 2 minutes into video had to quit watching!!

Scott Hucks says:

camera moving around too much, will try to find a better video.

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