Fastball Phone Mount Review: Does it Work?

Fastball is an As Seen on TV item advertised as “Possibly the World’s Best Phone Mount.” Today I put it to the test. But it here:

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Gary McDonald says:

Can be purchased at Walmart for half the price in the “as seen on TV” section for half the price.

Blessed Girl says:

I’m trying to find a 10 ft braided lightning cable that is durable. I have gone through 3 anker brand that are suppose to be best rated and they fail quickly. Can you do a review on some please?

Neil Dougherty says:

don’t use the phone in the car works best it kills more people than drunk driving

Yusuf D says:

OMG , just put it on!

Mitchell Horn says:

You should try the other one, it’s a lot thinner phone base. Find them at Love’s all the time

ET Vapes says:

I’d be a little concerned about the magnet that close the phone

Jacob Is Craving Sushi says:

*I’m gonna have to use my other car*

Cody T says:

ULTRA then I died laughing

studivan says:

Total garbage, I’m not sticking that hideous back on my iPhone, you do have to put that thing in your pocket you know.

Fat Man in a little boat says:

Bought this because of your review, have only had it for about a week, I am very pleased with it so far, have one in my car, and one in my truck.

Bearkatstarkey says:

Review the NATO mount…I think you’ll like it

Wzardsarecool says:

Lol this is trash. Just get the amazon basic one that can attach to any surface. Comes with an ACTUAL ultra thin metal plate that you can attach to your phone that’s not a magnet so you won’t kill anything in your pocket, and the mount part is just as flexible. Not to mention it’s $10 with same day shipping

Jon West says:

I have one of these. It did great for 2 days then it fell off outta the blue while I was driving… However I do live in Florida and it fell off on a day that was 103 degrees

Toxic angel says:

you can put some tape to remove texture ….

Dr evil says:

Magnets and electronics don’t mix

beautykilla28 says:

Hot daddy

Captain Sparks says:

Nobody is going to read this comment 🙁

ET Vapes says:

If this leaves adhesive behind gorilla gunk will remove it

Michal Korejtko says:

leaving phone in your car over night isnt really smart idea

Valdarious says:

lol, comes out the next morning to find it stolen

6laderunner says:

I appreciate the review, but why would a magnet stop holding during the night? It’s not like glue or adhesive. It’s a magnet. If it holds, it holds. It’s not like it suddenly becomes less strong when there are no disturbances.

julian carlo mojica says:

a lot of kardashians really arent flat wink wink LOL

LurkerDood says:

Why not try it on a textured surface? I bet it sticks just as well!

j baumun says:

What should the ambient temperature be for adhesion ?

Angel says:

I’ve wanted to try this but didnt know if it was any good ..thanks to you, I now know it IS good. Thanks a ton!! Keep up the good work, love the vids!

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