Amazon TV Wall Mount Service Review! $120 for Parts, Labor, Installed!

Did you know Amazon does service jobs like TV wall mounting? Yea I paid $120 for a wall mounting service ( This includes the wall mount, labor, cord cover and so happy my heavy Samsung 65″ J6200 Series Smart TV ( is finally mounted on the wall.

Amazon link to this service:

Two guys came over and gave me suggestions on where to place the TV as well as the height. After some brief talk we finally decided and they where in and out in 45 minutes. Im tying this while laying on my couch admiring my TV.

Also for an additional charge they can give you the TV mount that extends outward and can move left to right. Also there is an add’l cost if you want to hide your cables behind the wall.

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Shawn says:

Since it’s so close to the wall How hard is it to add more devices to it? If I wanted to add a dvr or other device how do you access the hdmi ports or rca jacks?

James Henifin says:

Hi, Check out amazon coupons that go up to 90% off

Dexterity x says:

Were they electricians/local contractors or just two random guys signed up with amazon?

Jagger Loco says:

Thank you for makin this video and leavin the link and everythin.

Diana says:

This is not a bad price.

Ling Tuo says:

You are very lucky to get real professional services. We have a similar Samsung tv too and ordered the amazon service. Not only did the guy showed up 3 hours late, he brought his girlfriend together. So my husband had to help move tv. He just literally put the bracket up and hang the tv there. No hiding cords and no alignment. And they charged $70 more. Very pissed!

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