2 ways to hang TV on wall mount into stud and drywall review

2 ways how to hang TV on wall mounts into studs and drywall review, locking wall mount here- http://amzn.to/2qcQWZU and toggler toggle bolts- http://amzn.to/2qan1SN
more tech on Instagram.com/TAMPATEC How to install flatscreen TV safely and secure using snap toggle bolts in drywall rated to hold over 70pds per bolt works on concrete, stucco, metal studs (metal drill bit needed), plaster walls, all items drill, screws, snap toggle bolts, stud finder, mount found here-http://goo.gl/uWgeAq
on concrete, brick, stone walls i recommend masonry Tapcon screws kit.


smackdye says:

hey TampaTec, i have a 55″ Lg tv with a wall mount that sits flush, i bought the 80 lbs toggles, but im a little scared to use the 80 lbs, do you think 6 of those will be secure enough, or should i get heaver ones?

Kream says:

Why can’t I used toggle bolts on 55″? Would it be possible to use it on a full motion mount?

Emily Elliott says:

What kind of wire cover track did you use? Any particular brand. Everything I’ve found is ridged and requires a snapping mechanism to close.

Michael DeMar says:

Thanks for your time and expertise. I appreciate it, brother!

rnci says:

Wow cheers for the video, I’ not even using this kind of wall mount but found it especially informative with the drywall/plasterboard anchor part. Great video!

concha152 says:

Why can’t u hang a 55 tv?

Kody Marshall says:

technician for 10 years but still calls a bolt a screw rofl rofl

Zack Ingraham says:

This helped a lot. TV in the studio is hung. I used Toggle bolts all around. They are weighted for 80 lbs and the TV probably weighs 20. I used 4 of them so I should be good. The only wrinkle was the insulation in the wall. I ruined 1 bolt fighting with it. Then I just ran the drill through several times and got it out of the way. Worked like a charm.

leo perez says:

Great video

DameDiabolique says:

This video was extremely helpful. Thanks!

Mikey Salvo says:

l m a o @9:16

Howard Moore says:

any mounting fastners you use should be able to hold five times the weight of the tv or dont use them. I dont trust toggle bolts in drywall when i hag canets if there isnt enough studs to mount the cabnet i will use a few zipit fastners and constructon adhisvive i dont want to have to apoligize to a custermer after he cabnets fall off a wall loaded with her china lol

MArthumeous Hamavet says:

I honestly subscribed before video ended. not that I wasn’t impressed but I just like you immediately those arms and cute look omfg thanks for the tips

Chuck Gary says:

Dude u need a cordless drill

CaptainJwalker 1 says:

I wall mounted my first tv using this video as reference! THANK YOU!

Alisha Morash says:

so, for a 55″ if I shouldn’t use the snaptoggle bolt, what should I use?

Logan Adamantium says:

Excellent…well explained! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

dave williams says:

I’ll need to do this soon, a great, easy to follow video. Thank you!

vacationboyvideos says:

your so cute….come hang my TV’s please

Michael Pyle says:

Video is full of studs. Lol


handsome guy!

WorstCaseAce says:

if i mounted my tv too high can I lower it and use the same studs and what do i use to repair the stud holes just putty?

ainanui says:

thank you

Tampatec says:

locking wall mount- http://amzn.to/2qcQWZU and toggler toggle bolts- http://amzn.to/2qan1SN *this supports my tech channel, thx

fighterace2688 says:

Mount, slide it in, and jiggle it, instructions clear

Tseten Dorjee says:

Very good Thank you!!!

Selin G says:

what do you do if there is an hole hole behind a plaster wall?

Patricia Bennett says:

I’m over in St. Petersburg. I am having an issue with getting my television level. How much would you charge me to hang one for me?

Bulma Sanders says:


Godzilla Hårddisksson says:

I just have one question: Da fuq is a stud?

Steven Cantu says:

Where can I find the wire management strip? I can’t seem to find one like that just other more complicated ones.

marco salgado says:

Would they hold putting a tv on a slant facing downwards on drywall?

Megan and Devon show Hi says:

Really helpful video, thanks for posting.

ckeanu2 says:

Thank you for this.

Vijay Bojedla says:

excellent but please include what parts to buy, and usually comes with the mount for novice diy guys, so we do not
have to make multiple trips to hardware store.. thank you very much for the video

Nikon Junkie says:

Thanks so much for this video. I wish I would have found this last year. I returned my TV mount because both bolts weren’t hitting studs. Didn’t think they made drywall anchors that held that much weight.

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