Xiaomi Mi TV 4X Pro Affordable 55″ 4K HDR Smart TV Review

Mi TV 4X Pro 4K 55″ is the new affordable 4K HDR TV from Xiaomi that supposed to have a 10-bit 4K panel with new direct LED back lighting and I share my experience in this review and divide it between pros & cons.

This Mi 4K TV is sold online in India via flipkart https://goo.gl/oYegys

My review of the earlier Mi 55″ 4K Pro TV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdsyQjcw6Q4

My review of the Mi Soundbar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTcWbsjuGII

Tech Specs for Mi TV 4X Pro https://www.mi.com/in/mi-led-tv-4x-pro-55/specs/


Akhil Kumar says:

Can you please tell if we see SD chennels from our set off box ,it will work fine or blur a lit bit inn 55 inch tv??

Rohit Gupta says:

Hindi dataya kro

Simanta Thakuria says:

If I use this for ps4 pro 4k…will I get the quality of the game I play

Рахат Лукум says:

Ola, matrix – IPS or VA, RGB or RGBW?

PRADEEP reddy says:

ranjit can please connect ps4 to this tv and review it

Saurav Das says:

Can we play mkv file in this tv

Subhasis Mahata says:

please do some research before use technical terms, don’t make fake noise like other doing without proper knowledge…. UHD-1 3840 × 2160
and 4K-4096 × 2160…so it’s not a 4K TV . hopefully you kept it mind on next videos. … Have a great feature ahead.

Pratheep Kumar says:

USB 3.0 ports is not available. How to play 2k or 4k video from hard disk or external devices. Won’t there be video lag if we play like that…?

Arun Adsule says:

Excellent tv..MI..the King….

Azhar Malik says:

Sir, I need to say you something personally so plz ur Facebook Id

3D Drawing Academy says:

nice video.hit like

Ankush ghosh says:

Sir can you please make a dedicated video on mi 4c pro

Avadhut Bane says:

I just bought the 55inch 4x pro… and the screen looks ultra delicate… is there any screen guard that i can pick up… pl suggest

Sudipta Majumder says:

Does it has USB 3.0 Port ?

Manju Nath says:

Hi Ranjit…Great review.. Can you please let me know best 55 inch TV below 50k..confused with vu or iffalcon or mi or marq

atul saini says:

Sir i m confuse betwen two tv plz advise me which one tv i select..between mi 55 inch 4x pro and sanyo 55 inch ips led tv

aashish waswani says:

Hi ranjit sir.
I want to buy Samsung N5370…plz give me some suggestions for buying smart or nonsmart.. And m i right now that i buy N5370..

Mohammad Imran says:

Sir ji need help wht about old TV mi TV 4 55inc not able to play 4k from day one. any solutions
Xioami done big fraud with 1st TV launch 55inc 4k completely not support

ysr_ _ _ _ ____ says:

Third k liked by me

Aditya Chaudhary says:

Do a give away, help these sad T.V’s get a new home.

Technology fun Gamer x says:

My tv is kharab and I can’t play fortnite

noyz23il says:

Does it have functionality to mute the TV

kartik phadke says:

Hey do an comparison video mi tv 4 pro vs mi tv 4x

Green Spaces says:

Livetv button should be on the remote .

Aditya Menghi says:

Hello Sir,
I want to purchase a 43 inch Full hd TV with good picture and sound quality, My budget is less than 21k , you can suggest me both smart and non- smart TV .

Anindya Ghosh says:

Sir mi wale installation me bara nakhra karta hey please make video on this topic whether rumours or fact.

varun vibha says:

Where did you buy from?

Abinash Pal says:

Does Android TVs get regular updates directly from Google, or, it depends on the OEM…..

jeevan bagauli says:

Ranjit ji! Please make a comparison video on ‘mi 4k 43″ (or 55″) tv’ and ‘marq 4k 43″ (or 55″) tv’.

Padmavathi Kakollu says:

Where can I get extra remote for this product pls

Abhishek Kshirsagar says:

Picture quality is as similar to LG and Sony ?

Kaustubh Vaidya says:

@ 0:03 You’re Name Is Not Raanjith it’s ranjit

Abhijeet Singh says:

I hope Netflix and prime video would work with casting feature?

John Cena says:

just one question what is the reason of MI tv being cheapest as compared to SONY ???

Zum says:

Whats the input lag on this? how would it play games ?

Ovesh Lala says:

Xiaomi ke led ke box pe Manufacturer tcl overseas electronics

Winner Singh says:

RIP LG Sony and Samsung

Satish Kumar says:

I am planning to buy 55″, could you please suggest new new one is better or old one

Awritrojit Banerjee says:

can it be used as a pc monitor?

Geekyranjit says:

Watch this video if you want to know what are the major differences in smart tv’s and other various options among TV’s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYNyGwChQrU

Sudipta Majumder says:

Hi Ranjit,
I do have a question for you ? MI didn’t reveal the panel type what tey are using in this TV. But what do you think what is the panel type ? is it IPS/VA/Paper LED?

Ovesh Lala says:

Xiaomi ke sabhi led tcl brand bnati hai…..

sharath bavu says:

Is this better than Samsung or Sony tv…im actually planning to buy 55” tv….which one will you suggest the best in terms of picture qualuity and reliability..??? Which tv u will suggest in Samsung for 55″..!!!!

gaurav chakravarthy says:

Sir ! Your videos was really good !
We can download Amazon prime and Netflix from play store right??

Saurabh Kumar says:

Can’t we just sideload Netflix?

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