Xiaomi Mi TV 4 – 55″ HDR 4K Smart TV Review

Xiaomi had introduced TV in the Indian and they launched the Mi TV 4 which is a 55″ 4K HDR 10 Smart TV and I have been using it for the last few days I share my thoughts on what I liked and what I didn’t like about the Mi TV 4.

Xiaomi Mi TV is sold in India via flipkart https://goo.gl/ecQYpg


Azeem M says:

How is SD channels upgrade to 4k?

K Vig nesh says:

So it does not play 4k videos ?

AKHIL M.S. says:

What about the AV port .. picture quality is good ?

Ranju M.s says:

without set top box review is useless

Srikanta Das says:


Soham Naskar says:

I’m planning to buy this tv tomorrow.. Should I go for it??

Raghuveer Dasari says:

I am small private employee buying a tv is big thing for me Please answer my question pleaseit will help me take decision ….. Set up Vu 39 or Vu43 full hd… I will buy amazon fire stick for connectivity… And can i connect Phillips 2.1 sub woofer which i have already…… Compare Picture clarity, connectivity, sound effect or should I go with mi tv 4 55 inch…… I know size is big in mi tv but i am looking nice tv experience for long time…..

Navneet Choudhary says:

Ranjit sir which one would be a good deal buying an Vu tv or a xiomi tv??

Mehul Parmar says:

Can we install Amazon prime???

Joshi Raghavan says:

What is d use of 4K panel if it cannot play 4K videos?

H S says:

I dont know just bumped into this channel so i dont know much … isnt this guy a Xiaomi Mi fan boy … or may be he gets paid by them … but isnt it too obvious ?why dont you cut it down a little so it doesn’t look too obvious….

Kuldeep Rawat says:

How is gaming console experience in 4k settings???

Rahul Swamy says:

Does it work with Apple TV?

saumil76 says:

Hey @Geekyranjit Thanks for the review!…have you heard anything regarding the after sale service?

Eshaan khurana says:

Does it provide 4k hdr content with PS4 pro?.. are the frame rates good?

Samyak Jain says:

Is it possible to connect Bluetooth earphones to it?

frank reynolds says:

Can this TV play the new HEVC h.265 x265 videos (1080p) via pendrive? anyone tested?

SMART CA says:

Does they issue tax invoice..or only retail invoice

Imperial791 says:

Its hd not hechh d

Kumud T Mishra says:

Ranjit sir please do the unboxing video of Nokia 6 4GB Ram variant

Please do it so that we may know if it is good or not

Surendra Puri says:

please review 4k gaming via Xbox one x on mi tv 4.

Devendra Date says:

@Geekyranjit please start doing laptop unboxing…

Daily Tech Needs says:

i have been following your channel for years now. seen pretty much all of your video. but disappointed with this one. 4K TV REVIEW and you haven’t tested any 4k content! not even gonna start with panel technology , hdmi port version etc.

aditya chaturvedi says:

@GeekyRanjit Please try downlaoded 4K videos via USB. Try and download 4K HDR 60FPS videos and play them. This would show the real quality of the panel. I tested my TV with a full blown 4K HDR movie which was freakin’ 65GB in size.

Ranjan Prasanna says:

There are so many Youtubers reviewing this. MI is spending a lot of money on ads and marketing

Pritam Kumar says:

Sir hindi me bhi ek review banao

Vinay Raj says:

Playback issue on the Youtube app is not due to lack of bandwidth. I sideloaded the latest version of Youtube TV app and the 1080p playback does not stutter when using that app. Also, the reason no 4K playback on Youtube is because all apps on the TV run @1080p not 4k.

ravi suryawanshi says:

Show us tv with different viewing Angles so we can get exact idea of quality….

Pankaj Patil says:

Does this TV have overheating issue?

manish kongari says:

indian firetv doesnt support 4k content either

Abhishek Jadhav says:

How can i use any audio accessories wgich uses 3.5mm audio jack cable

Tanay Patel says:

I have this tv and it heats while playing 4k HDR

Tanay Patel says:

While playing 4k video from pendrive it heats my pendrive like hell and it destroyed my card reader

sunil soley says:

सर.. मेरे पास इंटरनेट कनेक्शन नहीं हैं। क्या सिर्फ सेट टॉप बॉक्स के लिए ये टीवी सही रहेगा.. ??

Mudit Paliwal says:

Can we compare it with sony’s picture and sound quality…the one that cost for ₹50000…BRAVIA Internet/Android TV

Rishi Aher says:

What about the 4k upscaling?

Ajay Jana says:

Sir please go gym and make yourself fit

vatsalya mishra says:

Gaming review of tv plzzz sir

Leela Vathi says:

Stand length how much

Prashant Kumar says:

TV choti lag rahi video me

sandeep kumar says:

Can we connect Chromecast or Amazon fire stick ?

Bhuvnesh Wadhwa says:

Mi TV 4 which is a 55″ 4K HDR 10 Smart TV

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