Why is EVERYONE Buying this TV??

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What’s the best 4K TV for the money? 2,500 Amazon reviews can’t be wrong: this 55” flat screen TV from TCL is only $400 and comes with Roku built in!


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Title: Laszlo – Supernova
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Scott R says:

blah, you suck

Matthew Walker says:

I got a 55′ tcl 4K tv on Black Friday for 378$ at Walmart, and it’s amazing

Jeremy gobin says:

Its a decent tv but my Walmart still has like two pallets of them left from black Friday

Rogue4891 says:

How is the receiver for ota tv

Hero Hour says:

Can you mount this onto a Wall???? Please, I need your help.

brydon10 says:

I can’t stand that soap opera effect either. You say you can’t turn it completely off? It makes me wonder about this tv.

DRBTempleRocker says:

Just bought this exact TV last week. It doesn’t have the nitty gritty high quality details that you get with a $2,000 TV, but it works and it works well. Also the speakers aren’t too terrible. Most flatscreens have truly shit sound. This sound is good for what it is. I’m a very happy camper!

Scott says:

I have a older 48″ TCL in my bedroom and it still works great! Picture has always been good, no complaints.

Shifty Haque says:

5:08 THENKK UUUUU *mouth foaming gratitude*

Blake Burns says:

Anyone have this TV and can tell me about that soap Oprah effect? Specifically on console games

kushal sinha says:

I’m seeing this brand from childhood. As we have an electronics shop. It was formerly known as Thomson.
A legendary brand.

Joseph Jackson says:

We have 3 in our house. Two 32 inch in the kids room and a 65 inch 4K smart tv in the living room. I love the picture quality and it looks great when I play my Xbox One S.

Humdinger 4K says:

I have a TCL tv for years now.

Roidweiser says:

66.666 repeating, of course LEEROY JENKINS

Other TechLead says:

Sorry, not buying a crappy Chinese company’s TV.

Run E says:

just spent 449 euros on a LG 55 inch -__- .. I had no idea TCL was a respectable product

ickess says:

I’ve had a tcl tv for years. Been great with no issues

Buckarooskiczek Productions says:

33% chance you’ll either have a fantastic picture quality or have to return it twice. Walked right by a stack of returns to pay an extra hun for my Samsung at Best Buy. No regrets. At. All.

Bob Smith says:

Does the spying electronic circuitry come standard or is that an option?

Jubeidono2012 says:

TCL sponsored this video?

big monster says:

Hi bro i need tv 43 4k for game help me bro

Born2RiffRock says:

I work Walmart electronics. I sold 6 – 65″ TCL TV today. I ran out could have sold 2 more. It’s a killer great TV and BTW we sell great brand name sound bars along with speakers with wireless subwoofer. So come to walmart and let me help set you up with all you need for a great entertainment experience and keep in mind these are Roku built in so you have the wireless streaming aspect of your purchase.

Store 6887

Christen Smith says:

I love my TCL Roku TV I had one for years. I have the newer 4k version in my bedroom it actually puts my LG 4k TV to shame.

Gerardo Gonzalez says:

We have 3 TCL in the RV and in the basement and bedrooms in the house. Only exception is the living room where we went with a better lg

Mizzvanity says:

I’ve had a tcl for over 6yrs and still works great

Kylo Ren? says:

I got an HD tv in 2008. I’ve been waiting 10 years for a really big upgrade. I wanna go 4K, but I want a good tv with Dolby Vision support that’s gonna look great for another 10 years. I don’t wanna pay an outrageous amount though. Is the TCL 6-series a good pick?

ImNotYourMineman says:

Nice body pillow

Stefan Lewis says:

Linus, any chance you could do a review of each Roku TV, and highlight which ones despite “cut corners” have the best picture quality, sound, and features.


Anthony Z says:

So love the review. I’m not looking for anything spectacular, this is for my 10 year old daughter’s room. As these come with Roku built in, can you still use an amazon Firestick or Chromecast with them?

kam2244 X says:

But buying this means not playing the Samsung panel lottery. What fun is that? /s

Aqua God says:

In 2007 i purchased my very own tv .
40 inch LCD 1080p 120hz for $2600.00
Still operates perfectly till this day. Was it expensive? Yes.
Was it worth it? Hell ya.
I’ll never stray from samsung. EVER

cirmothe9 says:

Yoko daki @ 7:11

KurtMan Giggles says:

If you didn’t have those ridiculous dual ear piercings I may give a shit about what your saying.

nick williams says:


HAZOX says:

How did I connect my jbl soundbar 2.1 to my TCL 55’, it just tells me that I need to purchase a ROKU speaker……tf?

agirlyman says:

I’ve had mine going on 6 months now and it’s an gorgeous hd 4K TV, movies and games play, and look beautiful.

don’t worry says:

55 inch with a headphone jack heh

Mike Kind says:

Not everyone can afford a Samsung, Sony, or LG. And there are people like me that can care less about the picture quality. As long as you can see and read everything clearly, it’s fine. I am also not a person that has the time to sit hours in front of a TV, so why should I spend a ton of money on one… It’s as unnecessary as buying an expensive kitchen if you never or hardly ever cook.

icecold723 says:

Big hi-tech quality tv for more than half the price compared to their branded counterparts.

lala land says:

Please revise spectre tv brand. Thanks

Daniel Dougan says:

Who puts a 55″ TV in the bedroom? My living room main TV is only 40″.

Scott W says:

420 maybe it’s working so well – refresh rate?

Kamal Hussain says:


How do you have over 7 million subscribers and can’t spell correctly?

Jason Arsenault says:

TCL 65″ Class 4K (2160P) HDR Roku Smart LED TV (65S4) for $400 or Sharp 65″ Class 4K Ultra HD (2160p) HDR LED TV (LC-65Q6020U) for $500 Which one is better for price

polar bear says:

My TCL died.

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