Westinghouse 55″ 4K UHD Smart TV Review

First off, this was an excellent purchase. As an avid user of all streaming media, and having my own YouTube Channels, as well as having to direct and edit Music Videos, I needed something at a UHD 4K level that wouldn’t drain my pockets. After days of research and comparing different Makes and Models under the $500.00 price tag, this was an excellent buy.

Considering Westinghouse has been in the industry for over 130 years, and was the first company to introduce the Quick-Start TV’s. (The older tube TV’s had to warm up before being able to show a picture.) I knew this was the choice to make, and after receiving my unit, I was not disappointed.

I’ve seen uncertain viewers with negative ratings only because they’re not doing what they’re supposed to do. You don’t buy a new car without adjusting the rearview mirrors or adjusting the drivers’ seat. Same goes with high-end TV’s. You just don’t “Plug and Play” with factory settings. Every environment has different lighting surroundings, as well as acoustic reflections.

My advice is this, adjust the Levels of your Bass and Treble in the Audio, and adjust the Brightness, and Color in the Picture to your liking. Set the Sharpness 5 to 7 notches less than the full setting. Make sure your Screen Temperature is set to Normal, not Cool or Warm. If I say any more, I’d have to charge you. 😉

Yeah, do some work. You’re investing in a product that you’re supposed to enjoy for years to come, make it worth your while.

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Solomon Johnson says:

Hey Felix, just wondering, isn’t it supposed to stream 4K right out the box? Or is that incorrect? When I hit the display button it says in the corner of the screen “1080p”. Any suggestions?

Ryan Collene Iloveyou says:

Great tv

Chris laubach Killquick911 says:

Does it support hdr for PS4 pro

ERTC2011 says:

Bought the 55″ UHD 4K TV. The only negative about this TV is I cannot go into the menu to do the calibration when watching youtube. Reviews of Stuff could you please post your settings again. Thanks!

Ryan Caldera says:

What settings would be best for gaming?


i got the 50 inch version if you wanna play games you gotta buy a better hdmi cord other than that it runs great.

james hudson says:

Target has it for 250 this year.

The True Blacks says:

just got this for $250 from target

Sean Nixon says:

I just bought a Westinghouse 50 inch smart LCD For under 300 so as far as I’m concerned it’s a hell of a deal that works great

Alex Calinescu says:

I got this tv for only 179$ and it’s a bit buggy on the smart apps. is there ways to do a software upgrade.

Dubie Turner says:

How do i screen mirror with this tv

ThE PrEdAtOr says:

got my kid one for Christmas for 300. hopefully he likes it.

pmoney reno nv says:

does anybody know if this tv has hdr high dynamic range

Debbie Ryan says:

This is not a “smart” tv you can not download apps nor can you get on line. It however is Wi-Fi compatable to the apps it comes with. That is it. I have a smart tv I can download hulu and any apps I want and can get on line like a very large computer.

Ashley Ramsey says:

How do you download more apps I want to add sling to the tv but don’t know how

Anthony J says:

I got the 50″ version of this TV and it does have a great picture and decent sound but gaming is unplayable on it. even in game mode the input lag is pretty noticeable.

Abyessal says:

hey just want to know if your tv is still working good,target is selling it for $249.00 for black friday,so it on my radar.

Cathy Stacy says:

Can you do screen mirroring from your phone with this tv ?

Dubie Turner says:

How can i screen mirror with this tv

Jonathan Stringer says:

I’m having major issues connecting my xbox one s to this tv. I have changed the settings to put out cdmi 2.0 instead of the 1.4 standard. My xbox is still telling me, when on the 4k tv details page, that it is not a 4k tv and nothing will work on it. I’m currently using the cdmi cable that came with the box which for most, seems to work. Is it just the tv?? Thanks for any help.

ThorDaBeast says:

Would this be alright for watching shows on DirecTV or catching the football game? Old tv is about to go and have the option to buy this from a friend

El Duderino says:

One i have the Picture is fine but no sound had to buy a sound bar tried everything

Retro Fan says:

This is the T.V I’m getting. It’s due to arrive on Thursday. I can’t wait to try Braveheart on it.

Allison Byerly says:

Hey can anyone please tell me the distance between the feet on the stand?

Catalin Gheorghiu says:

Check out great deals for Westinghouse WD55UT4490 55″ 4K Smart UHD here: https://goo.gl/ZJ2Wcu

Patrick Boutet says:

Than you for your comment i go to purchase one this monday on boxing day thanks

Juliette Aguilar DeLuna says:

I’m having trouble programming regular tv channels. Can you help? I bought the same tv from best buy.

Clorox Bleach says:

its trash

Jayvon says:

Is this the WE55UC4200?

Renisha Abbitt says:

I wanted know your setting for the tv

mike8pow says:

Can you mount the tv

TheRipint says:

Does this TV support HDR10 gaming? I have it plugged into the Xbox One S and it displays that supports the 4k UHD but doesn’t support the HDR. Any reason why? Do I need to change my settings or cables? Please help. Thanks.

jared struyde says:

howis this tv with the ps4pro?

Pipelyon says:

What a deal. I paid $400 each for 3 small 40s” HD years ago.  This is a deal. Thanks.

Ernest Lawson says:

I just ordered it from best buy but I got the 70 inch for 999.00. I was worried because some people are saying it is not that good. best buy has the 65 inch Sony 750D for 999 and 65 Samsung 6290 for same price… which one is the better TV

Max77 says:

Has there been any software updates?

Jesse V says:

Ordered online today on Best Buy Black Friday for $250. Thanks for review

Pipelyon says:

How’s the upscaler work when you are feeding it Dish or direct 1080  or 720? Is it still a better picture than 1080 or the same?

TomGreen 99 says:

Can it cast from phone?

Gold Member says:

I have the same tv and i made mine look sooooo much better, you just gotta change the settings

keith mcinnis says:

Hey i was wondering why i cant find this model on there site is thete a difference between this model and this one WE55UC4200

Killatunga says:

Damn good point about the car analogy

S Collins says:

either homey works for westinghouse or this is a decent t.v.

po dunc says:

got it at best buy for bottom line total of $380…12/1/16

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