We bought Walmart’s CHEAPEST 4K HDR TV Hisense 50H6 review

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fbody23100 says:

The sound issue is easily fixed with a sound bar. I’ve owned a cheapish 4k 55inch in my living room for 2years now and never used the TV’s Speakers.

Michael _Howto&tech says:

I love TVs with shit speakers. You can upgrade your speakers with a sound bar, you can’t upgrade your screen.

angry li0n says:

8:51 my dad got this tv and it did the same thing so he returned it

HackerBilly The Best says:

If anyone does get this TV. I recommend searching around for the Model before it.
I ended up buying the Display Model for this TV at my local Walmart because it has 3 HDMI ports, Component and AV, and VGA in. While the newer models only have 2 hdmi ports and AV.
I would highly recommend trying to find it first.
A friend and I both bought the Hisense 50″ same day and I was upset to discover the model we got was different than the Display and so I went back and got the display Model(much more worth it. Especially for $82)
It’s still a Smart TV and basically the same TV just more Ports.
We also have had the TVs for a few months now and no Hdmi port problems yet.

Stijn Van Nevel says:

One hdmi port is not a problem dude. Just buy a hdmi switch so you dont even need to switch on your tv

Big-G NY. says:

Stop being cheap..get Samsung or LG.lol

Robotron 2084 says:

If your listening to your TV speakers, your peasant to begin with.

Kebm says:

Hey umm nice umm video asshole how about next time you umm put the umm “pls subscribe” at the end *after* you umm prove your content is umm actually worth my fucking time, which umm it actually might be if you umm bothered to write a script before umm sitting in front of the camera and immediately telling me to subscribe when I don’t know who the umm fuck you are

NatureMan says:

Stupid music annoying

Jack Makackov says:

None of those games are in 4k or 60hz those consoles are upscaling and running 30 fps

ShiroTheSorrow says:

I bought the 50 inch and have no complaints, when I plugged my Xbox one x, it automatically switched to 4k resolution.

computerkid1416 says:

This would be more than acceptable for something like a guest room.

bggills says:

lol what? At this price point of course the sound won’t be any good! The more expensive higher end tv’s have shit for sound!

mralan1969uk says:

When I worked on Mississippi we called Walmart ‘Wasda’, exactly the same shop as Asda in the UK, except the nutters over there sold guns…

Jim O'Callaghan says:

Wow—->Like the HDMI port, that “kinda’ stopped working, and the fact that this is a low-rent TV, like the HDMI port, this review also didn’t work for me…AND the review was sorta’ low-rent, JUST like the TV! …IMO, should change the name of the channel to Review Challenged.

Wade Bluebaugh says:

I wonder if Game mode turns off the motion rate and that’s why it looks better than most when playing games and also accounts for the better latency.

Scott Jefferson says:

I bought the same tv from best buy 2 years ago and it hasn’t given me any trouble. First of all, don’t buy TVs from Walmart. Most of them are low end. Hisense is not a bad brand. Just don’t buy them from Walmart.

ProseColored Glasses says:

I own a 1080p Hisense TV, and it’s actually pretty decent. I’ve had no complaints and I’ve owned it for… oh jeez, like five years pretty much now.

Angel Gd says:

Yeah well my RCA tv after two years blew it’s video card, never hardly used it. Piece of crap to quote Neil Young. It can’t be any worse than that, I have tv’s from the eighties that still work. Do you know why? no bells and whistles. If it only lasts 2 years it isn’t worth it, but it will be just outside the manufacturer warranty. Cough, “mean time before failure”.

Ian Morris says:

The background music very annoying why put music in the background at all? I’m leaving very disorienting

Nubyrc says:

Connect a PC to the TV and see what it says the hz read I have one of these 120 motion rate bull shit TV’s. It’s 60hz even game mode.

This motion rate is reading mix frames, and that is not even a real thing just a bullshit excuse the customer support idiots will tell you when you call them

Michael Holm says:

I bought the 55inche version of this same tv at best buy labor day sale it was $323 and some change with tax

the exorcist says:

Hisense TV suck ass I bought one lasted 11 months and it took a big shit fuck Hisense fuck you people that make them I want my money back you cock suckers hate them almost as bad as I hate Nike

AlphaApple says:

Is this a Smart TV?

Louie Ramos says:

The Best Budget TV .is LG 40 UJ6300 under 500 Dollars.

Jack Fisher says:

Let me review it for ya, retard!! Number one, STOP USING FUCKING GAME MODE!!! What is the fucking point in buying 4k HDR tv when you cant use it without making shitty picture to avoid input lag! Yes retard it is called input lag not fucking latecy! If the TV is supposed to be used in Gaming mode then throw it in the fucking trash bin. It is not a fucking Gaming TV. It is TV that makes shitty picture only so you can play your fucking game! That is the review nothing more nothing less should be added. And you should messure that input lag because some of them fancy Shitasonic TV with their ghay ambient light have so much latency you can make a fucking samwich before your move kicks in!

Dan Man says:

What do you expect for $299? A TV with good sound? You’re dreaming mate.

Michael Holm says:

Dude update your tv I had an old tv where the HDMI went out an updates will fix it 100% of the time

jublywubly says:

Doing some research, it turns out Hisense has been around since 1969. I don’t think they’ve been around all that long in Australia; perhaps a few years. A sales rep once told me Hisense TVs were being sold under a much more well known brand, until a few years ago (I’ve forgotten the brand). Although, that may not be correct, because there doesn’t appear to be any reference to Hisense being directly sold under any other brand. They do have partnerships with other companies, though.

I just wish they didn’t lie about the resolution. This T.V. is not 4K. It is UHD. The downloadable spec sheet actually says: “Screen resolution 3840 x 2160”. That’s UHD. 4K is 4096 x 2160. The term “4K UHD” is nothing more than a deliberate lie.

David Devas says:

Dont know much about tvs’ shouldve put a disclaimer

K Beats says:

I own the H7B 55″ model. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it so far. No issues with the hdmi 2.0 ports.

loose taco says:

Give me boots, ur pants, and your bike.

Matt Jones says:

LG make a vast majority of screens for all TVs on the market, hense why there are a lot of ‘cheap’ make TVs with similar screens and quality

Mohaned SIFER says:

It looks like crap

Gerry K says:

These sets are CHEAPLY MADE, there throw away types, once it breaks down, their done.

Jaggsta says:

Walmart best place to test stuff can always return it for full refund

billy jennings says:

I got mine from best buy 2 years ago. Best buy I found. 5 year warranty filled out on TV itself during setup. Better looking than my hd smart lg.

Name Doesn’t matter says:

You’re a dumbass cus hi sense is the biggest tv brand in China

Jpof Gwynedd says:

The thing about the HDMI port you talk of at around 9 mins… It’s called a fault on the unit, and you need to return it to the store.

Jack Fisher says:

Seriously!! Skip the fucking bull shit and stop wasting peoples time! Half in to your video and you did not even start reviewing the fucking TV!

Bailey Pfistner says:

I have the 55”

Rohan says:

I bought the 49″ one for 219 at Walmart. Not a lot of people knew about this or had reviews but it’s really good for the price. I bought this cause I was gonna buy Xbox one X and hence 4K. I got my fare share of bugs like the TV wouldn’t respond to remote or the buttons behind it if kept on or off for really long time. Called Hisense and they said to reset the TV. Haven’t faced issue since then. I would definitely recommend 49″ one for 219 if you wanna buy a cheap 4K TV. You gotta do some stuff to turn on HDR10 though. Lemme know if anyone faced similar issues or need help 🙂

Hashan Gayasri says:

I used a Hisense 55″ 4k “HDR-ready” TV (k3300uw) for a few months before switching to a LG OLED (55B7v). Frankly, for SDR content – the Hisense was really close when the TV s were side by side. And can’t really complain with the LG being 3x as expensive. Never expected HDR to be as good as in an OLED anyway. So I’d buy the Hisense anytime if I was budget constrained.

TL:DR- Hisense is probably the best budget brand out there for TVs and you’d be hard pressed to find better value for money from any other brand.

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