Vizio E Series 2018 TV Review –

Hands-on review of the Vizio E Series 2018 HDR TV

The Vizio E Series 2018 is a budget 4k TV with excellent low input lag and a fast response time, but only decent picture quality. In this review, we compare it to 4 other popular models.

Full review:

The E Series 2018 offers good performance, especially for gaming. It is best suited to a dark room with seating directly in-front as it has a high native contrast ratio so blacks appear deep but the image degrades when viewed at an angle. The TV has full-array local dimming to further improve dark scene performance, but unfortunately it doesn’t work well.

Model tested: 65” (E65-F0)
Should also be valid for the 43” (E43-F1), 50” (E50-F2), 55” (E55-F1), 70” (E70-F3) and 75” (E75-F1).

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Design (01:06)
Inputs (01:33)
Thermal (02:00)
Picture Quality (02:09)
Contrast (02:25)
Local Dimming (02:44)
Viewing Angle (03:31)
Reflections (03:48)
Peak Brightness (04:07)
Gray Uniformity (04:35)
Color Volume & Gamut (04:54)
Response Time (05:16)
Image Flicker (05:34)
Input Lag (06:01)
Smart Features & Remote (06:15)
Sound (06:39)
TVs Comparison (06:51)
Conclusion (08:13)


beebee says:

Vizio is shite

1955jc says:

Is Sling TV one of the preloaded apps?

CJHissle says:

So is this better than the TCL 5 Series or vise versa?

SrinivasaRao. V says:

Hai sir Vizio available in india

Anthony a says:

Hello please help

I bought the Vizio E43 F1 I love the TV but I can’t figure out the brightest and best settings for video games the stock game mode is too dark I can’t figure out the best brightness backlight contrast and color and the advance features also can anyone please help me? Thank you

Dave Budness says:

Should I get an E series of a P series, I video game PS4, and download movies, which are 1080. and watch my patriots games. that’s it,

Jon Hadick says:

Guys I own this tv and I’ll tell you it’s a amazing tv and I went through Samsung 4k nu7100 and sony e720 4k it is the best out of them I have the f2 no pixel problems and it comes with hdr10 and dolby vision which is OMG amazing so trust someone that has this tv its amazing no it ain’t like the high end tvs but I’ve had no problems with it so far it’s a cheap priced tv but it works just like a 600 dollar tv also I watched in my bedroom with bright lights and it still looks good

PajamaPantsMan says:

wondering if this is going on sale for black friday.

Lee Wilson says:

Good review as always

1-Step Fury says:

Thank you for the review. This is just what I needed!!

Miguel Rosa says:

Why is this model being compared to the TCL 6 series? Isn’t the 5 series the direct competitor?

B eyedubya says:

Thinking about getting this. I am coming from a Sharp LC70ud27u. It just died on me 2 days ago. I think it might fit what I need. Plus the price tag is great.

TheXGamer says:

Make a comparison between the Sony WI-1000X and V-Moda Forza Metallo Wireless.

Sam Jirschele says:

You guys know your stuff

kha kinh says:

Ways to download apps from outside to you TV E65-FO. Thanks

Louie Lamoore says:

Is it a good PC monitor substitute? If not, what TV is? Thank you.

Caliduchey says:

Such a nice tv EXCEPT IT HAS NO HDR

Zoomster says:

Do you recommend the vizio e series?

John Snww says:

Siri keeps turning on while watching this

Sean Johnstone says:

Selecting inputs is dreadfully slow and problematic. I will be returning mine.

Andres Skyler says:

Q7fn please review

The Aceman Santana says:

I’m planning on buying a Vizio 4k 65-inch D series TV my question is what’s the difference between the D and the E, which one will be a better buy.

멘토르석사 says:

Thanks for the review guys. Pro question: are low brightness SDR/HDR televisions such as this one good for use as a PC monitor? I would be basically be sitting two feet away from it, hence having overly bright would be overkill anyway. Is the reasoning sound that for such an application it is very much attuned?

Keith Graham says:

It seems that each tv has it’s perks. None is perfect and it’s a toss up either way. I’ll keep the E series that’s on the way. Yes it will always be in a dark room anyway, not on any angle.

Der_Dude says:

I´ve never heard of this brand in Europe.

Michael Ward says:

Ykur reviews aren’t really like what we would see there are so many TVs I’ve seen and other people that listen to these then notice in real life we like different TVs yeah these are tests but it still comes down to preference

mobgma says:

Your reviews are unreal.

Kekorock1 says:

I’m torn between this and the tcl 5 series. Help! 🙁

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