Vizio 50″ 4K Smart TV – Unboxing and Review (P502ui-B1E)

Vizio 50″ 4K Smart TV under $1000? Incredible price! Unboxing and Review of the Vizio 4K smart TV.

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Back injuries(JUSTFORUCLOWNZ) says:

@techsquare how to turn off the narrator the vizo tv

coffeeblak86 says:

I know its 4k and all that good stuff but the build looks cheap. I love my vizio m series. I have a 60inch but in between either getting a 50inch m series or a 50inch p series for my bedroom. I love the m series though.

1747CT says:

which is better, LG or Vizio? getting one soon and can’t decide which one to get.

john cruz says:

Is this a good one to buy?

camille cox says:

Whats the difference in comparison between the Vizio 4k ultra hd and the LG smart tv

lude4u2nv says:

Does it do mirracast??

vitoria castro says:

Hello i don’t know how to go to google that is impossible?

Charles Flores says:

How do I make it 1080p? Or 2160p? I have the Vizio E50-E3. Please help!

Roy Reno says:

Ugh advanced warfare gameplay. I’m cringing. Probably worst cod game to date.

SaltLife says:

is the D series good?

Focuristic says:

Hey can you make a tutorial about how to set it up like with the wires

Maten Films says:

Does this TV have HDR?

Justin Cardoza says:

I nave a vizio te butaca its not he and i have call of duty Advance wafare

ThisIsTurok1 says:

What a great review, a full minute of testing.

Colton Hanson says:

What Hdmi should I plug my ps4 into the yellow or white

TechTNT says:

i really want that tv

Kelmo Kelmo says:

i got the d series 50in 4k, when i buy tv’s i buy Vizio. i have a older model 47in flat still works great, although u can’t see the button on the controller anymore…

jermayne16 says:

can i relay my mac book on the tv without an hdmi cord

tupac alypse says:

I have this tv and it worked fine up until a couple days ago. When I went to play xbox on hdmi 5, the screen became incredibly dark. I did a factory reset and the problem was temporarily fixed, but returned after a couple hours. Have you encountered this before?

Focuristic says:

Cause I can’t get it to turn on

eric rosales says:

Hey could you help me out with the color settings you using!!

Brandon Parish says:

$420 for the refurbished model shipped from Walmart today. Just picked one up.

Petya Kapust says:


Burning Experience says:

Shes beautiful!

ColdProductAisle9 says:

What instrumental is that? Where could I get it if I may ask? Great video as well, man. I’m trying to decide on a tv right now. Either a higher quality larger Samsung 1080 or a Vizio 1080p or a smaller sized 4k.

justin campanelli says:

Does this tv do 4k at 4:4:4 60hz

JM Autums says:

Hello, my boyfriend and I are about to buy our first tv together, and we want it to be a badass one! We saw this tv and were wowed by how great it looks. We just have one question, is this tv one that you can mount to the wall and also one that u can mount on an entertainment center that is big enough for this tv? Thank u.

Lee Rees says:

What’s the viewing angle like, basically all I want is HFR 4K for upcoming movies such as avatar 2. It’s confusing as I can’t seem to figure out what the next movie standard is going to be, some say its 48fps and others say 96fps and from what I can tell no standard has actually been established. The hobbit was shot in 48fps so I’m guessing that movie would play on this TV? I think it’s great the industry is finally addressing the problem of jerky low frame rate movies, only taken them a century to do it 😉

UnboundGodz says:

Just got this TV, if your a gamer and you plan on gaming on this… Be warned, it will feel strange at first if your use to below 5ms!! However it looks amazing.

john Sherman says:

That was a very good review!! The video quality was excellent and the content was as well. I learned a lot and now think Visio is the way to go for me!!

Matthew Coleman says:

Absolutely awesome picture. 120 hz really does make a difference in my opinion (I’m a gamer so I tend to notice small things).Was a good price with a good name like Vizio I know I could trust. Had it for over a month now and it has been fantastic. Amazon has great price:

Tys Dasd says:

Do i really have to switch HDMI ports everytime i watch 4k video to gaming?

Kendall Handan says:

4k gaming and no headphones? Nope

Rob Poe says:

How do you fix the problem on video freezing when Youtube app is operating.

Jose Carlos Correa says:

Hello very nice video, have you used it for pc gaming? How about 4k and input lag on pc gaming ?

DengrayKai211 says:

im planing to get a 4k capable gaming rig titan x can i use this as a monitor? Im getting a big tax return in the spring 🙂

STxFTW says:

can anybody tell me what is “clear action| ? thanks in advance.

Jashua Ponce says:

how much was it

Angel Zelaya says:

is the B1E good for gaming? Im getting my new apt soon and need a tv for my cable and ps4 (gaming) is it a good tv and a decent size in person?

Alexander Torres says:

9.5 ms is amazing for a tv 🙂

SAMBSA says:

We get that for 60€ :DDD Really!

monkeypro3270 says:

Do all of the HDMI ports support 1080p 60Hz?

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