Toshiba Fire TV Edition 50″ 4k TV Review | Everything You Need to Know

Toshiba Fire TV Edition 50 inch 4k TV Review, Everything You Need to Know!

It’s a 4k Smart TV from Toshiba that has a Fire TV built in! You can do anything that you could do on a Firestick or Fire TV without the need for any devices being plugged into it, or having the need to own a Fire TV separately. It’s amazing because I only have one chord hooked up to the TV and that is just the power cable…which gets rid of the tangled mess of wires that was once behind my TV.

The TV in the video is the 50 inch version, if you want to check out the other sizes and read some more about the TV here are the affiliate links (Amazon):

43″ :
50″ :
55″ :


Sy Nur says:

Will bluetooth headphones work on the tv?

Taylor Pinyan says:

Does sling tv work with this tv?

Gao Xiong says:

How do i search on prime video or even when i want to get and app?

al bryant says:

for the life of me i cant find where to change the picture or sound like a remote would have in the menu HELP !

tim boomsma says:

Can you program a different remote to control this TV? More specifically a TIVO remote?

Joe Malham says:

Thanks for info. Question: can you live stream without any additional hardware??

Aubrey Congdon says:

I got a 32′ one on amazon


How do I connect my Xbox to it without using HDMI

Erik Saenz says:

I bought the same type of tv except its insignia hopefully the picture looks great

Cynthia Lyman says:

Hi. I just recently bought the 43″ to replace my previous Toshiba with Chromecast built in. I’m looking to block ads on this device. Can you help? Thanks.

Valdrin Behluli says:

Hey buddy, just got this in the 55″ today. When I go to my regular cable tv that I have linked thru HDMI 1, I am unable to get the full screen when I watch, its only partial and boxed off with borders on all four sides, am I able to get a full screen with HD when im watching my regular tv channels?

Smuk Plays says:

Does this tv need to be hooked up to the internet at all times to be able to use it?

Discount Finder DF4U says:

You Can guys now buy Toshiba Fire TV Edition 4k TV , Free Shipping + Save up to 15% off and save $50 “Arrives before Christmas”.
Shop now 🙂

warddan2002 says:

I am looking for a “tv” to be used in a conference room at work. Main function would be to be able to have my computer screen show up on the tv. So, I’m having a meeting and want to a PowerPoint presentation . Can this tv do that? Can I do it wirelessly? Do I need an HDMI cable hooked to tv and my laptop? Any answers would be very helpful. Thx

James Stone says:

Do you have to have wifi for it

Jack DaRapper says:

Just got the 55 inch

Colin Stienke says:

That’s hit me they don’t make anymore they only make the 43 the 55 in the 60 I think

Carol Bowers says:

got mine on Monday 50 in. 399 awesome.

trvnquility says:

Do I need a *Prime* account to use Fire TV? Or am I able to use my non-prime, standard Amazon account?

Copblock312 says:

Ca. You install APK?

gotica76 says:

No have the option in the tv

Dj Diddles says:

Is there any delay when gaming? I’ve played on TVs where they’re perfect and then I’ve played on TVs where they have a huge delay.

Colin Stienke says:

Just got one at Best Buy now $140 with tax 43 in Amazon Fire TV

Jason Roussin says:

How is sound?

David Williams says:

How do you get alexa to work with Smart Home devices?

Colin Stienke says:

130 on black fraday

downcastvermin0 says:

Anyone know the best picture settings for this TV?

alfalfafalafelmafia says:

If you are using only a Roku stick, do you have to scroll down to the HDMI to get to Roku each time you turn on the TV?

martez752 says:

can you pause live tv with a usb adaptor?

Ahsan Shafiq says:

I bought this one no app is working every time asking for payment any one can help

Wola says:

Can you use the the bell fibe app

ReD ReaVeR says:

Can I plug in my hard drive and read my music and movies?

Jesse Chavez says:

I’m having trouble connecting the tv via hdmi to my computer. There is “no signal” even thought its connected correctly and I’ve extended display on windows. Anyone figure out how to get your tv to read your computer ?

missalyss says:

So I’m wondering how you set up voice control through your echo instead of using the remote with this tv.. It’s said to be possible but I can’t find any info

harrisdawg69 says:

Does this TV not have screen mirroring????

Kit Phoutasen says:

I can’t get this tv to connect to my echo dot. Anybody know how?

NextTimeTech says:

Here is the exact models on amazon…
*43″ :*
*55″ :*

Daniel Contreras says:

Can u get kodi and jailbreak

Brian Elling says:

If you or anyone else can answer this I would be grateful. I tried to use a “flash drive” ( USB mounting style ) or “memory stick with an “MP4” file on it and can’t find out how to access it in any menu option. So I found a thing in the menus that tells me how much memory is left on the flash drive, but I have no way to access the content on that drive. Can anyone tell me how to access it? AND so I “formatted ” the drive. I used the function on the T.V. to format the flash drive now ( I knew this would happen ) the movie is gone. When I mount the flash drive back to my PC my pc does not even register that the flash drive is inserted, What is the deal?

Ninja GameZ says:

If a TV has a feature for extra memory does that mean it’s compatible for online use?

stone cold lance says:

is this tv HDR 10? ALSO IS THIS TV 8 bit or 10 bit?

Mark David says:

Does this TV offer Display Mirroring like the TV Stick does?
Thanks for the Review!

Aviron Gitlall says:

Does it have youtube?

Carol Bowers says:

how to make the picture full screen.

Javan Bahramov says:

How to use this smart TV without Alexa in a regular way, because of the user’s age

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