Top 5 smart TV systems (CNET Top 5)

If you’re getting a new TV, don’t bother getting a dumb one!

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Omar F Rodriguez Morales says:

Finally CNET recognises Android TV as a option in the market

Aria H says:

Roku is the worst of them all, what are you talking about?

Skibble Dazzle says:

Don’t like android tv

Eric Walker says:

I disagree, Android TV and Samsung are both better than Roku. Also, I’m excited for bixby coming to Tizen.

DarklingGolem50 says:

i would just go to Panasonic FireFox OS

leingakpa laishram says:

this top 5 guy is annoying

Marco Sawyer says:

LG WebOS is wayyyy better than Samsung and more fluid.

Barhoom Ny says:

is tcl a good smart led tv ???

Nick says:

Make a top 5 list of dumb TVs.

Agent700 says:


SuaveLlaveBlog says:

Am I the only one not surprised with Roku being number 1 just going from the recent tv reviews they have been doing? Roku is cool but you don’t see high end manufacturers using it.

FastLikeUNO says:

I like Samsung’s smart TV because of some of the little cool apps you get like solitare, rumikube, tetris, and others. Im also used to the interface but I wish I could point the remote at the screen like a Wiimote and have a cursor.

Mohammed Jitarayah says:

There is no Apple TV!!

hunter_finn says:

Seriously what is so great about roku that it beats android tv?
To me it seems that app selection is almost identical from those big companies like Netflix or Hulu, but just to give you example you can’t install kodi mediacenter on roku.

No kodi means no place in my mediacenter.

Sebu T says:

Looks like Chet has whitewashed you. Either that or you using some bleach compared to your twitch days

imlegitcusimthaish says:

Android TV should be top of this list consodering all of the apps you can download from the Playstore or side load when you don’t want to actually watch TV.

llSmurfll TM says:


The Last Pilot says:

All these videos show how you can get youtube but none show how you type in a video title they just show picking from the icons displayed on start up. I had a Samsung until the you tube app got dropped. Typing was not easy had to slide cursor over on screen keyboard.

John Salazar says:

I would prefer a dumb TV. We only use our TV’s as monitors so if I could get a flat screen with external electronics (seperate brick for power and inputs that gets hidden) and no tuner that would be awesome.

What’s the purpose of a smart tv nowadays? Everyone has an AppleTV, an Amazon FireTV stick or similar device any of which render a smart tv worthless.

SulforaphaneMeUp says:

The biggest issue I have with some of these apps for tv is that some don’t work very good at all if you don’t use a mouse or have a touchscreen device. Some apps like youtube are useless on tv.

SocAnxDis says:

I got lg b6 2016 .. expensive but I like it

yoshimitsu411 says:

Firefox OS on Panasonic TVs?

burgos2008 says:

zack tard

BenClark06 says:

I miss firefox os…

Blood Angel says:

If I could buy a decent new TV without smart features, I would. They are slow, inferior in every way to a dedicated box, and add needless expense that a lot of people do not want and will not use.

David McIntosh says:

How many more OS systems for tv can there be? Maybe 1 or 2 more. Not hard to pick 5 when that’s about all there are. Ha.

Mr Random says:

IDIOT you forgot APPLE TV!

Aaron Glisson says:

Apple TV doesn’t have the Amazon video app and no one even uses Apple TV

Vylkeer says:

My fav is Samsung’s Tizen OS.

Bil Shaw says:

iyaz, ditch the $5 tshirts buddy, i am sure your salary is not that bad

Fintan says:

The best smart tv is a DEAD smart tv

SeKToR says:

If you want to get a smart TV, just save thousands buy a plain tv and build a micro pc for your TV. Enjoy the best setup that crushes any smart tv dreams they could be.

AsianGamerBro says:

Come on. No contest. Roku was always the best!!!!

Mr. Mackey says:

I want a good dumb TV and then just add the Nvidia Shield

abdul reeyas says:


Gen. Griviouz says:

how smart can david be he’s a jets fan

Some Guy says:

But I want a “dumb” t.v.

Taofiki Gafar-Schaner says:

Apple BURNed. haha oh well the consumers dont care. they are locked into the ecosystem and have minimal choice. sounds great huh?

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