The Best OLED TV for Under £2000! (LG OLED B7 Review) | The Tech Chap

The LG OLED55B7V is a stunning TV and a big upgrade over 2016 models – with higher brightness, lower input lag and new Active HDR. This is the best OLED 4K HDR TV you can buy for under £2000. Buy US: | UK:

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George Garner says:

I love the stand

Peter Hoare says:

A brilliant review, thank you!

But, please learn to pronounce the letter ‘H’ as it should be! It is not ‘Haitch’ but ‘Aitch’, the ‘H’ is never pronounced!

Paul Sergides says:

Thnx , nice video with plenty of info, getting mine Friday

Grant Smith says:

Just bought one but baffled as to what are the best settings to get best out of tv ???

Jõseph Wølf says:

what the name of the movie at 8:13 ?

uktech says:

What about screen burn?

Alonso Villegas says:

Can someone please tell me the best settings for the b7 for the best picture quality

ahmed abdelazeem says:

great video bro plz which is better LG oled c7 or b7 ?

l34052 says:

Maybe its just my eyes but the colours did look a bit overblown or neon like on that TV.

CapitanTaco2018 says:

I have the 2018 Samsung Q7FN and I’m taking it back today. I got it 2 days ago and it’s terrible compared to OLED. I thought it was FULL ARRAY but its EDGE LIT and I paid $1730

mehrdad salahi says:

Does this TV also Support UHD PC gaming?

HasHasDre says:

i know this is an old video but anybody can help?

how long is the stand in inches

M M says:

0:56 and 1:39 WTF

lazerbeak2125 says:

does this tv give off heat?i’m in a smaller room and I need to know,,thanks!

Joosua Anttila says:

Yes the tv is good and all but holy shit he played Crash Bandicoot!

EastAngliaUK says:

I like to watch news channels and worried about screen burn but seems a very good TV.

Xi Le says:

My *LG OLED 4k TV B7* supports RGB colors for 4:2:0 (HD blu-ray movies), 4:2:2 (4k blu-ray movies, and 4:4:4 which I don’t see any movies available for it. I do see some high end cameras ($15 thousand dollars or more) support shooting cinema videos with 4:4:4.

DJ Venvm says:

You just sold me this tv, getting it, HDR FTW

Kenneth Hung says:

Tks for the useful review. got a question for you , how much quality of this LG OLED b7 TV 2017 would deteriorate if it is a display at a store for 8 months, 10 hours a day? I am looking to get the 2017 model and the display unit is 1/3 cheaper than brand new 2017 same model, is it worth it to get the display or get brand new better?

mrFloki says:

1300eur price now, oh boy gonna wait bit more for even lower price

Arslène Loualich says:

A nice video, what do you think of the LG OLEDC8 now it is out ?

Sascha Reihl says:

Did anyone get banding by gaming, netflix/ tv.

S G says:

Can’t wait to get one! Brilliant review btw!

Mo Shak says:

Anyone using this OLED as PC monitor? What’s your experience with ”burn in”?

THE LeGeNd says:

Definitely getting this in December

procekim says:

nice review, now this tv is on sale. so very tempting to get one. But I wonder if it is capable to process 120FPS footage?

sebbivism says:

Can you adjust the white temperature? I feel this is too blue:ish. I want white to be white and not “cold white”

Jamie Cannon says:

For the record i have Zero issues with 1080i Interlaced on Sky TV UK .

Nawaz Waseem says:

What we really need is for OLED to be more reliable rather than brightness increase.

James Bond says:

Enjoy the burn-in!

MrMetaloholic says:

damn . why they make so thin tvs. damn i hate that. you may ask why.. because seems half of these todays oleds have crappy software and the thin profile makes the install, return and repacking a pain in the ass.

TheDigitalcrack says:

How are reviewers still claiming OLed are good for gaming? How can you be good for gaming if you limited to only certain games or your will get image retention and burn in? This is a joke and a shame that most of the respected reviewers on YouTube have allowed themselves to be paid off to say such things.

momo tube says:

What’s its response time ?

iTaito says:

can this tv be wall mounted?

tds_Michi says:

not even a year later its available for less than 900€

j says:

even better value right now

zero15388 says:

1299 at curries at the minute… might have to get one

Demonwicked says:

is the button between netflix and amazon the one for input selection ?

storm white says:

Wow man great review. Truly enjoyed it.

Hamid 2018 says:

Too expansive

Andreas Zetterqvist says:

Any plans for doing it for the 2018 models?

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