TCL Roku TV: The best Smart TV app experience for the best price
Our favorite Smart TV suite combined with extremely aggressive pricing makes the TCL Roku TV a phenomenal value despite its so-so picture quality.


Christian Forever says:

I’m Going To Buy The 55 inch 4k Version

Ojeda Otero says:

cuando dish brego con contro se daño se ve hormigueo

Rolando Rodas says:

Does it have facebook

draco the kitty cat says:


andre s. says:

who makes TCL tv’s ?

Airris Horn says:

how do you put Xfinity wifi on the tv

J Imoobe says:

Can I browse on the web

Heather Adams says:

just bought one…good price

Pranshu Dubey says:

Anyway to configure colors in service mode? I have a 4k Android Version and miss calibrating the colors. Otherwise with minimum backlight (my preferred setting in dark), I get inky blacks and great (uncalibrated) colors. Another issue with their Android TV is that it’s configured at 1080p resolution instead of native 4k I have bought

quenzer Anthony says:

How many apps are on the tv ?

E Melloz says:

so far I like it .

Ed Lima cr7 says:

can i install WOW TV on it??

J RS says:

We’ve had our TCL for going on 2 years and until recently had no issues.. But now it doesn’t seem to want to work with the antenna TV we have always used. We put on a roof antenna and still can only get about 3 channels with 2 bars. The other’s are black and come up as “no signal”. Is this our antenna or the TV? Any suggestions??

Jay says:

Can this TV work with wireless headphones?

Demetreo Bernadac says:

so i bought one of these and the fps look horrible help me

JAKUSHLY fart says:

So if I connect my phone and I have an app that has movies can I play the movies on tv? Can anyone help me?

samonge12 says:

How do I enable the USB port?

suga, suga says:

Mom just bought this for black friday

E Melloz says:

i got a 55inch 4k tcl roku tv for 300.

GrypheonSteele says:

I have the 43 inch 4k

Cora Sobus says:

We bought a 55 inch TCL- Roku TV S-Series/55US57 which freezes up all the time they walk me through to fix it didn’t work. Now they tell me they need the serial number before they can send anyone out well guess we’re it is under the wall mount in the middle of the back of the TV(smart design) as far as I’m concerned right now I would never but another one you pay for what you get. Junk.

Adrian Torres says:

Wireless internet??

Hugo Quintero says:

can you watch regular tv on it or only roku content?

Nancy hagins says:

from a dvd player…

murraynet1 says:

Could someone tell me which app I need to operate the TV with my iPhone … can’t find the remote and someone told me you can use the phone instead of remote, but I have no idea how to find that app … ? simple language for a person with very little knowledge of apps and such … thanks. 🙂

Densee says:

I can’t take off the thing that says “Tech specs” it’s really annoying

Steve Humphries says:

Appears that this is only for streaming without an ethernet connection. So you have to use wifi? Not good for true 4k data. The cost does appear to be cheaper. You have to have internet and wifi only. I think this is for 2nd TV only not the main one and for me, I need the main TV without a need for internet. Plug a 4K movie into a 4K DVD player into a 4K TV. It not the same as 4K streaming!!! And I think its a rip off to say that its 4K …

Felix Coney says:

Can you download spectrum app on this tv

Asa J says:

How do u fricking connect a ps4 to this thinn

nona smith says:

does it hook up to Wi-Fi how do you get on the apps

Niki Fults says:

how do you hook up an rca sound bar to this tv? I have been trying to do this for hours.

Linda Belanger says:

do you need just Internet for service

Quensland says:

*TCL 40FS3800 40-Inch 1080p Roku Smart LED TV (2015 Model) 30% off .*

instantsiv says:

Is that the dude Meadow Soprano dated? The one Tony didn’t like?

Nancy hagins says:

I want to watch movies from a dvd…how can I get to work on the tlc roku tv?

Leandro Alves Da Silva Alves says:

Como faço pra baixar aplicativo na smartphone tcl

21 Rose says:

How does that work for games quick I’m at target now

Gavin Morris says:

How do you get rid of the bullcrap pop up on the left of the tv

JoshuaR says:

got the 55″ 4k UHD so far so good $379@walmart. grabbed the last one they had in stock, selling like flapjacks.

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