TCL Roku TV Review – 32S3800 Smart LED TV

TCL Roku TV Review – TCL 32s3800 32-inch 720p roku smart led tv
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Today we’re reviewing TCL’s range of Roku TVs. Now the unit we’re looking at is the 32inch version. It is also available in 28, 40, 48, 50, and 55 inch screen sizes. Now it’s interesting that screen sizes 40” and above display at a resolution of 1080p, while the smaller sizes display at 720p. And this makes sense, since you definitely need more resolution with larger screen sizes. Roku also offers a 4k variant, and that’s available in 43, 50, 55 and 65 inch screen sizes. I’ll put links to all those variants below, so feel free to check them out. For this review, we’ll be looking closely at the most popular 32” version, but all these TVs are very similar, except for screen sizes and resolution.

The TCL Roku TV combines a regular LED HDTV with a Roku streaming player, all in one unit. Now you don’t need an external streaming player or stick anymore, and because of that, it simplifies the wiring and setup. You don’t need to plug in a streaming device or find a place for it next to your TV. Just Plug the Roku TV into the wall outlet, connect to your home’s wifi network and you’re all set. It also has your traditional set of connectors like 2HDMI ports, RCA ports, a co-ax cable input and even a headphone jack. So you can also use it much like any other TV by hooking it up to your cable or fiber optic tv connection or a even a DVD player. It also has a usb port, so you can playback media from a USb stick.

The TVs entire Interface is much like a Roku player, apps are lined up as tiles on a screen. The major difference between this interface and a Roku player is that you have the option of choosing your input source, right from this main interface, since the TV has no other interface. Navigating through your options is done using a standard ROku remote, which has all the familiar Roku navigation and quick selection buttons. The only thing that’s missing is the wireless headphone port you find on the remotes of some ROku players. But at this price point, under $200 for the 32” version, I really can’t complain. You can also turn your smartphone into a remote by using the Roku App. This makes searching for stuff, much easier than using the provided remote.

In terms of apps, you get all the apps you’d get with a regular Roku device. And that App Store has a ton of apps. You have all your most popular apps: Netflix, Youtube, Amazon instant video, HBO Now and Hulu are all available and they all work really well. You also have a deep selection of apps ranging from ESPN to CBS All access and even PBS.

Video streaming from Youtube, Netflix and Amazon seemed to work pretty well and there were no issues and the TV didn’t hang or freeze at any point. Before I bought it, I was a bit concerned that this version of the TV was 720p, especially in an age where everything is moving to 4K. But frankly, when I began using the TV, I was pretty impressed. The resolution was more than enough for a TV this size and the color reproduction of the display was really good. The audio quality and intensity was also pretty decent, as you can hear in this clip.

Now there are lots of smart tvs on the market, but what makes this one unique is that it comes with a proven platform, the roku. Not only does this mean that you get almost every app on the planet available for TV, its also really important, especially in terms of updates. And this means that each time the Roku platform or apps get updated, you get those updates too. The issue with other smart tvs is the lack of long term support. For example, if a manufacturer stops making that model of tv, you’ll most likely stop getting further updates. Soon enough, apps don’t work as well as they did and your smart tv becomes just another tv. With this one though, you buy into the longevity of Roku, and not the TV manufacturer.

Its stands are stylish and more than sturdy enough to keep it firmly planted on a table. You can also wall mount it using a standard VESA mount. I’ll leave links to some mounts that’ll work, in the description below.

So should you buy this? Absolutely! TCL’s Roku TVs are amazing value for money. They are very simple to use, are built on the stable Roku platform and it just works really well. And to top it all, they’re priced very inexpensively. I really can’t recommend this TV enough! I’ll put links to all variants of this Of the ROku TV below, so feel free to check them out.

If you own one of these, tell us what you think, in the comments below. Hope this was useful. If it was, please hit the LIkE button and subscribe for more reviews. Thanks for watching.


J Imoobe says:

Is there a browser

JAI ROC says:

Hi Are subscriptions needed to watch things like Facebook and the other channels? Also is roku tv free or is there a monthly fee for usage? Hope to here from you soon

lukester says:

Good review probably gonna buy now thanks for the information c:

Linda Kilbourn says:

Just bought this tv, but it keeps saying there was a problem connecting to the Roku server (error code 001) It is hooked up to my wireless network. What can be the problem? I keep entering the code the tv gives me, but no luck. Do I need a Roku box for this tv to work and play my netflix account?

Acacia Marie says:

Can i mount this TV to my wall ?

bgully123 says:

Can’t wait to get the 32″

Savage Eagle says:

Is it good?

Assil Ksiksi says:

Excellent review. I had to subscribe to be frank! Keep it up 🙂

omer hayder says:

Does ps4 work on it

Margaret Tate says:

Thank you for this review, my husband just brought me one and I can’t wait to set it up. I want to get rid of cable tv will wifi work good with this? I hope so, I will try it once I get home. The information you provided was detailed and precise, I will keep checking for updates.

Redo Krine says:

is it full HD or hd

spring 12 says:

how do you connect it to wireless headphone

Joey Turner says:

I use this tv as a monitor for my pc,but the text and pictures are blurry!Can you help me with this?

Remanutd says:

can you connect the tv to the Internet through an ethernet cable? and can you connect your ps4 to it?

Eddie G says:

Anyone know how good the input lag is whilst playing on a PS4? How good is this for gaming?

Eliezer Sanchez says:

work in venezuela????

Keith Steward says:

I just got one. Great tv, better than my vizio and easy to setup. I was going to hookup a soundbar but this has great sound.

Joey Turner says:

Can I hook my pc up to it???

Rose Garcia says:

Thank you so much… Purchasing…

Killervector 2 says:

Can you connect an Xbox 360 to that tv

Alt Trigger says:

are u indian

Jetgeorge says:

Will a PlayStation 4 work on it

Al's Channel says:

Hello I was wondering do you need WiFi in order for the tv to work I mean I now you need Wi-Fi for all app it has in order for it to work but do you need Wi-Fi just to watch normal tv tho and I do have cable but I’m just wondering cuz I don’t have Wi-Fi plz get back to me ASAP thank.

charity s. says:

does anyone know if this tv has a browser option? i’m looking to buy one of these but i use websites like viki and dramafever to watch kdramas.

VIC- G says:

Could I put kodi on it?

Patrick Chamberlain says:

Cable TV is in a small box…really wish it was full screen..trying to figure out that part..great TV for the money..135 usd Walmart

GL Trevio says:

do it come with google play

Froilan Ash says:

How to change channel? There is no number buttons

Justin Cullen says:

Very helpful probably will get it soon

Afrikaanse kindsoldaat says:

do you think its good if I want to connect it to my macbook and to my ps4 and how much ms delay does it have?

Kiing Izzy says:

I have this TV good tv

Muni Tamil says:

vu 32 k160 TV or tcl roku which is best ?pls clear me

Tiago Soares says:

maior merda a qualidade de imagem

LinixPlayz says:

what is the resolution? and not no 720p I mean like 0x0

meihlan Montesdeoca says:

You Live In Texas

Rahmat Sofyan says:

Thanks, your video help me so much..

I will buy it soon..

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