TCL Roku 4k HDR 55 inch smart TV (Walmart)

Get it on Amazon for $369:
Exact Mode#l: 55S401


Anthony Quenzer says:

Better be in the dark room because the glare on this TV sucks but in a dark room it is amazing

Brandon Rutledge says:

Ethernet will give you a more stable connection and most of the time the fastest internet that you have capable, instead of the weak wireless signal which give you less speed.

ETS ETS says:

It’s a piece of Garbage

Béni Saf youcef says:

TCL E6700 TV 4K frimware

Jeff Kopp says:

I just bought this tv an hour ago and can’t wait to set it up. My kids got the 32 inch model for Christmas and I was thoroughly impressed. Then our living room tv just crapped out the other day and so that’s why I picked this one. Good review!

Bolinha Boladão says:

Hello my name is Paul what is TV beautiful?

Alex Castillo says:

So far would you recommend this tv??

Melissa Nunez-Marcello says:

in 10 and have this in my room for my ps4

alex castillo says:

What are some good picture settings for hd cable with spectrum, anyone? ?


I jerked really hard on the front screen of that TV,I was fucking awesome!

Kaliyah Thomas says:

How much did the tv weigh?

DjSmileyofLasVegas says:

Just got for 300 at walmart the 4k looks great u can see shadowing on black part of menu but when picture or video on cant tell but with roku and 4k for that price and 3 year warranty for 36 cant go wrong.its the s401 model is it good or just a previous year model.after a month the shadowing went away and it looks good now

racing ape says:

I still use ethernet iir has better connextion and better connection speeds.

defender of the good says:

The fuck is a TCL?

Uniform13 says:

Best budget TV brand on the planet. Lowest/best input lag for games…less lag than Samsung etc. So nice buy.

InputMapper says:

Ethernet is oldschool?!?!?!

Angela Kellsenweter says:

Does it have smart view?

John Mcdonald says:

I have the exact the, and I absolutely love it. I have my Xbox One X, and Playstation 3 hooked up to it. Plus my cable box, and I must say my One X looks amazing on this TV. For the price you would be silly to pass it up.

Dandiarsenal Wins says:

Is there a gaming mode for consoles

Jose Ruiz-Romero says:

Jose ruiz romero

Manu Vegas says:


- - says:

It would have been helpful if you showed how you attached the feet and also a close up of where you plugged it in the back. And dude, no one wants to see your underwear, really. Forget the electronic toys, clean up your place.

Haley Nicole says:

I love mine I have the 32 inch one. Very impressive!

dirtyfred1 says:

Thanks for the video. I am waiting on my TCL model 55S495 to be delivered from Amazon. It’s a 2017 model and I think I paid $379. for it. I am glad that I will have a friend come over to help me as I’m an old man and this is way over my head. You chuckled about a VCR but I have one that I am planning to connect to mine as well as a Blue Ray player. And an external sound system as well. If I get all that stuff up and running, I will be a happy camper. As long as I can watch TV from my cable company, I will worry about all that high tech stuff later..

GUSS 2.0 says:

Does it have game mode option when u on the ps4?!?

Cat122 says:

We got this on amazon for $360. Love this TV!!!!

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