Sony X930E 4K HDR Smart TV Review| Ep:434



Kasim Bajrami says:

I got this TV like 3 weeks ago I’m blown away!

Kevin V says:

Do you think the price will drop lower than $1099? Also 900e are out of production? Can’t find them in Best Buy.

sammy orta says:

Several months ago i asked quantum which sony tv i should purchase he adviced me to get the 930e No regrets this tv has a amaziing picture. Built quality A+++++++++++++ upscaling A+++++++ contrast A+++++++++++ Brightness A+++++++++ colors look natural not over saturated i am going on 3 months owning this tv my money well spent great purchase

Marty W says:

I just don’t see judder. I keep the motionflow on True Cinema. Perhaps that is not best for gamers but I don’t do game. Nice tv.

Vishav Singh says:

Can you please make a video about the best picture settings for movies, TV shows, sports and HDR gaming for X930E? Would really appreciate it.

AzureFlame says:

Thanks man.

Daniel G. Perez says:

I really wish you wouldve kept the 900F dear Quantum. Even with the settings that you gave i would’ve never in a million years known that tv was capable of such beautiful color, picture, and motion. Thank you for your excellent reviews and calibrations.

Don Mckinney says:

Dude-what’s the name of the “song” in the background?

bob morane says:

just 1.5 years too late lol

Oaktown 650 says:

930e or z9d?

Brian Sullivan says:

New to the channel and the FB page. Where is the best place to post questions and to get your set up suggestions? Thanks. The videos are great! Really enjoy the honest opinions!!

Varun Patel says:

I am debating between Samsung q8 and sony x930e do you think the price for samsung q8 on amazon($1500) is worth to pay little more or should i buy the sony which is obliviously cheaper??

soka RIKA says:

What is the most Vibrant color tvs right now

Juan Iboa says:

I can’t make up my mind. I like everything I’ve researched about this tv and I’ve watched all of Quantum’s videos regarding this 930E. Watching movies is the use I will be giving it but also my 6 year old loves playing switch and I will get him a Play Station Pro for Christmas because he is moving into big boy games soon.
Long story short, I think this TV will be great for me but not so great for gaming.
Thanks for all the info on this TV. You saved me hrs of more research. Shout outs from Cali!

Adam Quarmby says:

Hi  Quantum Apotheosis  I just wanted to ask if you think it’s worth upgrading my ks8000?. As I have watched alot of your videos and you have said it is still a good t.v and I am now running cal night.
But would also love some tips on getting the best picture out this t.v with cal night and day?.
Also is there away to reset ks8000 service menu setting back to default?.

fistablazin says:

Well I’ve made the purchase. Thanks for helping me decide. What do you suggest on a blueray 4k player?

Lazarrez Velazquez says:

Really close to getting this tv its 1,099 at best buy

Dzintars Roze says:

Hey man i have a problem could you please help me i have samsung Q9FN and when i watch anime or my xbox menu when color mix in with like green and darker tone green i can see liek lines its hard explain like the whole color dosnt mix in with shadowing and thanks for your video’s best on youtube

Dre Humble says:

Hey Quantum…thanks for the advice you gave me and ended up getting the 930e 55 inch model…and I wanted to ask you more about YouTube not being in HDR..and I did notice when I tried to cast YouTube content from my phone to the TV…it would look very blurry…and actually looks better on my phone..which is the Samsung Galaxy 9+…so my question is even though I can’t view HD YouTube content…is there a way to improve the resolution/quality of videos anyway?

David Ovidiu says:

I want to buy a 55” tv for movies and games, What should I choose between a samsung q6fn(1000£) ,sony KD55XF9005(1200£) and samsung nu8000(770£)? I watched all your reviews about them but i can’t fully decide…I want to keep the tv a few yearsand by the way apreciate your work.

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