Sony X900F TV Review –

Hands-on review of the Sony X900F LED 4k HDR TV
Full review:

The Sony X900F is a versatile 4k LED TV that offers great picture quality. It performs well in a dark room with a high native contrast ratio and local dimming support. It can also produce bright, vivid highlights for HDR. Unfortunately, the picture quality degrades when viewed at an angle.

Model tested: 55” (XBR55X900F)
Should also be valid for the 49” (XBR49X900F), 65” (XBR65X900F), 75” (XBR75X900F) and 85” (XBR85X900F).

HDR10 vs Dolby Vision:

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Design (00:52)
Inputs (01:38)
Thermal (01:53)
Picture Quality (02:07)
Contrast (02:27)
Local Dimming (02:47)
Gray Uniformity (03:14)
Viewing Angle (03:24)
Reflections (03:42)
Peak Brightness (03:57)
Color Volume & Gamut (04:10)
Response Time (04:53)
Image Flicker (05:11)
Input Lag (06:03)
Smart Features & Remote (06:26)
TVs Comparison (06:50)
Conclusion (08:16)


JB3 says:

I’m subscribed for Cedric.

The American Soccer Guy says:

Damn, straight throwing burn in of oled in review now lol. Right call

LordVoldore says:

I will be using this as a computer monitor for 4k gaming, hows the input lag?

Carl Ségin says:

I heard the x900F doesnt have an external power bar like the x900e. Is this truth?

Der_Dude says:

For me the X900F is a downgrade compared to the X900E:

Only small improvements but…

Remote downgrade
Design downgrade
Contrast downgrade
Uses PWM to adjust brightness
Price upgrade

Ashwin ram says:

I find HDR to be better than Dolby Vision in Sony TV’s.Dolby Vision in Sony TV is more like a marketing gimmick.

Charlie Moon says:

Excellent professional review, I am interested in this model for gaming with Xbox One X and PS4 Pro. Does Game mode remove x motion clarity etc, and your comment “most content is 60hz and isn’t as clear as other tv’s” concerned me, will this affect gaming, motion blur etc. You recommend the LG oled as your first choice on website for HDR 4K gaming, is the oled still better for gaming (I’m following the burn in tests). Thanks for the brilliant reviews and website

MO says:


Marian Makula says:

That guy sound like gey , Cedrik have terble accent ….wtf is wrong with this company

psykosonikwarrior says:

The X900F looks like a really great TV. But the improvements over the X900E are marginal and I don’t really like the duck footed (or pigeon toed) stand. I would defintely go for the X900E.

Phil S says:

What is the better tv? 930E or the 900F ?

GrayGooseShotter says:

If you buy a tv in 2018 and its not an OLED then youre a dumbass

Brayant25 says:

I will upgrade my Samsung H6350 to Sony X900E. Am just watching the price of the 65inch to fall little less than the asking $1500 and i will pull the plug. I don’t wall mount my TV cos i prefer it on TV stand hence thex900e is a better option. Sony are known for small footprint TV stand and i understand the made the 2018 models with wider stand to accommodate their new sound bar but, not everyone that buys this TV wants Sony’s soundbar. I use a bose cinemate 15 and don’t need another soundbar. Good thing the isn’t much difference in overall build and picture quality between the X900E & X900F

SubZero8007 says:

Wanted to buy a new TV this year, but all 2018 models are just refreshs from last year models.
Waiting for next year then. New panels, VRR support (great for gaming) and HDMI 2.1.
And I really really hope the next OLEDs will be a bit more resistant to burn in. I don’t want to see my health bar in movies…

Joelster G4K says:

Nice review guys, so there is not much difference from last years x900e which you can still find for a very good price.

bee nasty says:

So…the 900E is still the king…

Flappo Spammo says:

those stupid feet put me off

may as well spend a bit more and get a 930e

psykosonikwarrior says:

Look how dim the OLED looks in that comparison.

nickxcore74 says:

Hi Rtings, How are the letter box bars on this TV while watching movies, do they suffer from blooming, or do they keep nice and black?….I only ask as that is my one issue I have with my Sony x930e.

progranite xl says:

Samsung Q9fn up next please

Mhendeb says:

Good review. I like the television comparisons in the end.

Raul Saavedra says:

Between 2:55 and 3:10, please note on the bottom-right quadrant, the bottom-right part of the LG B7 / B7A OLED panel. There is some sort of dirty darker leftover on the black from the white patches when they leave the OLED screen. It is shown only on the OLED, not on the others. Is that a Youtube artifact, or something that was actually left there on the OLED panel???

PS. Excellent pros/cons assessment and recommendations at the end of the video between the different models

john73555 says:

This is Patrick.
Cedric’s English cousin.

Whisper Status 74 says:

Where the hell is my boy Cedric??!!

Theshiznitman says:

I just bought the 900e a month ago and I’m glad I did. The 900f is the exact same TV with a better processor that allows for Dolby Vision. That’s it. You pay $300 more for the ability to watch Dolby Vision, thats if you can find content filmed and/or streamed in that format..

Ad Rose says:

Fuck SONY. Review the Samsungs.

Nankura Suking says:

Exc review

JustKnowz says:

A month ago I couldve sworn I was gonna go Samsung– I was just hashing out what model, thank God I did my reaearch and I decided on the X930E… was about to buy the X900E but then I read the specs for the 930e and the blinding brightness (love it) so I forked out the extra $500 and got X930E… I get it delivered next week! Wooohoooo

Irbizz says:

Best comparison i’ve met on youtube. Well done. Looking to see new lg sk9000 from u

MO says:

Nice review. 1000 times better than Quantum Rapunzel’s ghetto review. Fair and balanced.

justin halen says:

why would you buy this when the x930 is alot better and looks better and the same fucking price

Pro Instincts says:

Stand is ugly.

Michael S says:

I went for the X900E because of a $700 (Canadian) difference in price and the lack of any substantial upgrades. Also, Sony just fixed the Game mode shutdown issue via a firmware update, so the TV is now perfect.

Classic says:

The stand looks fucking hideous

The Technoclast says:

Wish I lived in Montreal then I’d apply for a job at Rtings. They seem like good folk doing the world a great service.

Thomas Lagershausen says:

It would be very, very nice if you could say something about the speakers in comparison to the 900E. Is there an improvement, or is the sound more or less equal to the 900E?

killerpwned89 says:

At the price of $1,499 for a 55” X900F vs $1599 for a 55” LG B7A OLED. I would argue to just spend the extra $100 for that OLED. I was going to get the X900F But went with the LG B7A it’s an amazing TV. Picture quality is out of this world and the only argument I ever hear is “Oh with OLED you gotta worry about burn in” to an extent yes but from 2017 and on the technology has vastly improvement and unless you really stress the tv a lot on One imagine for hours and hours upon end you won’t need to worry about burn in.

I haven’t had any problems at all whatsoever just the best picture I’ve ever seen in a TV. Not even imagine retention which that is a sort of like burn in but it goes away within a minute or so after the tv is off.

Overall both TV’s are great if you are going for the 55” I would just say spend that extra $100 get yourself a LG OLED they develop some of the best OLED panels and if you really can’t get over the worry of burn in people seem to argue about or you just don’t like it then simply return it.

Alberto Toffoletto says:

All nice and all… but next review bring back Cedric, i am kind of worried for the guy.

Srinadh Reddy says:

Theon greyjoy.. is that you?

dknight xs says:

Rtings review in simple words “its not a oled”

Mafgliha Ahmed says:

Where is cedric???!!!

My Gadget Reviews says:

Great review always, but can you please stop bouncing up and down when talking!

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