Sony 32 inch Smart TV Review! – BRAVIA KDL-32W700C (inc. features, apps, web browser)

In this video, I’ll be reviewing the Sony BRAVIA KDL-32W700C, a great value 32-inch (80cm) Smart TV. You’ll see its features, apps (including the internet browser), design, remote control, and more!

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My notes on the BRAVIA KDL-32W700C:
– Let’s start with the basics – this is a great looking TV. It measures in at 32 inches, and the bezel is relatively small – just 0.4 inches or 1cm. The minimalistic stand is also a nice touch.

– The panel is 1080p, which is really all you need at this size, and it’s high quality, producing sharp pictures, vivid colours and good contrast. It has 178 degree viewing angles, which most likely mean that it’s an IPS.

– The sound is quite good – it’s a step above most flat screens. The bass reflex speakers can apparently output 20 watts, which I find hard to believe, but they do get loud and the audio quality is surprisingly decent.

– In terms of inputs, you’re getting component and composite inputs, if you still use those, an Ethernet input, and four HDMI ins – three on the back and one on the side for quick access.

– Now, let’s talk about what you will notice when using this TV. First, say that you wanted to power it on and watch some free to air broadcasts. Well, this works just as you would expect it to. The only issue is that the TV does take a little while (around 15 or 20 seconds) after you switch it on before it will really do anything – so you can’t change channels or launch an app for about half a minute. It’s slightly annoying at first, but you get used to it.

– Another cool feature is the PVR – you simply plug a USB device into a port on the side of the TV, it’ll then ask you whether you want to initialise the device, and once that’s done you can simply press the Record button on the remote. Do note, however, that the device (flash / hard drive) you use must be more than 32GB in size.

– Now onto the Smart TV section. It’s simple enough to use – press the Home button on your remote and you’ll see this nicely designed interface centred around five tabs – Channel, Movies, Album, Music and Apps. These offer a choice of both locally stored and internet content. Navigate to the music tab, for example, and you can view music videos from VEVO or MP3 files stored on a connected flash drive.

– You can connect to the Internet via Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

– I hear you asking, “But what about the apps?” Well, there’s quite a few of them, to say the least. You’ve got your big names, like YouTube, Netflix, and, if you live in Australia, catch-up services like ABC iView. Then there’s TED, Billabong, CNBC, the Huffington Post, CollegeHumour, I could go on and on.

– There’s also a web browser (from which you can surf Google, etc), but the experience isn’t the best. You can do a bit of casual browsing, but it’s a simple fact that most websites aren’t designed to be viewed from a distance.

– Now most apps, like YouTube, are thoughtfully designed and have good 10-foot user interfaces – they’re easy enough to use while sitting a good distance away from the screen. That is, until you need to type some text. There’s no keyboard on the bundled remote, so you’re forced to navigate an on-screen layout using the D-pad – and it can get pretty painful.

– But on a more positive note, the TV has so many features and settings that it’s easy to forget its minor issues. I’d recommend the BRAVIA KDL-32W700C, especially since it comes in at a price of under AUD$700.

MUSIC CREDITS: “Strange Precident” and “Magic Marker”, both by Silent Partner and both from the YouTube Audio Library.


kisho bhar says:

how to format ext usb HDD for recording ?
what is max, 2 TB or more ??


Informative review, thanks for that, i want to know that how long i can record program using USB? and what about its motion rate?

The Shadow Man says:

Any problems with backlight bleeding ?

Paras 911 says:

does? it can atechade to wall?

Muhammad Yusuf says:

It’s very helpful and great review ! Nice

Mark Ward says:

Great review are you able to watch films and tv shows you have saved on a portable hard drive on this tv.

Martell Tha Cool says:

Great review. Question: is it full 1080p?

Disabler says:

great review. the tv seems terrible though lol

Onica Brown says:

hi great review
in your video I saw Google on yr browser screen how did u get there
I’m stuck with the Sony screen please help

Vipin Thomas says:

@HandyAndy The TV is really good. Your review and camerawork is awesome. Deep voice too..You should create more reviews.

MrTallBrat says:

Oh by the way where is the “record” button on the remote when I want to record a program using the USB device? Is it the play button at the top under the pause and stop button?
Thanks again!!

Carlos González says:

Well …I got to say in order to skip that typing issue there is an app for ios and android which allows you to use your smartphone as a remote control and then use it as a keyboard to type in …go to your appstore and look for Video & TV SideView app …Also I have no problem using my portable hard drive to watch movies

Pubudu Udawatta says:

I have the same 32W700C Bravia tv made in Malaysia. My question is I don’t see a Recording button in the remote and I cannot record live tv to usb. Did I miss something?

Michael Holdcroft says:

hi andy, how do i set keyword please and what is it for.

MrTallBrat says:

Hi Andy..thanks for the review. My question is does the Antennae input on the lower bottom on the back of the set has to have a adapter?. I’m trying to hook up my outside real tv box I bought to watch tv in case my cable went out. I have no directions on how to hook up this box.

hanumanji1961 says:

Thanks for the excellent review.

Apacaveli Tha Don says:

Does it have pip feature?

Sushil Chandel says:

The Nice TV

Rimzan Hassan says:

Great Review.

Abdul Karim says:

very good review
i encourage this type of review as there are very few people doing full hd tv reviews now a days for small size tv
i encourage u to do small size tv reviews
u still can go deeper into the review

ItsJamesBOI says:

Lispy cunt

Subraj Thapa says:

very nice review go ahead.

deepak kumar polepalli says:

Thanks for the review. Andy, Sony provides TV slide view app which can be used on your smart phone to control your TV. This is easy to handle and key in.

Top Skills says:

Do you think the PVR will work on Sony KDL-32WD757 ?

And does it record to 1080i or 1080p?

Abdulrahman Kroomi says:

That’s a really good TV in my opinion

kisho bhar says:

ok seems as usual sony is all about money etc… so for many countries in asia,
they use Different remote, with NO RECORDING button or capability

Adrian Tabone says:

Hi thank you for the review. Does it have play store?

Asrar Chowdhury says:

Great review. Thanks from Bangladesh.

Antonio Mrmacovski says:

where can i find the web browser?

Yin Yang says:

My Sony´ KDL-32 W755; No Web Browser, not Smart!!! New update; Opera
URL-search not works! USB activated in settings; no Keyboard and Mouse
Support! 2017!?? Omfg! Kenn ich persönlich So´nie bei Sony ausser dass
es keine tastatur unterstützung bei Sony gibt bei 32zoll, jetzt mein 3.
Sony 32 Zoll tv in folge, und jedesmal nur ein rudimentäres bis total eingeschränktes SmartTV/Internet nutzung!!! ;(

zeus1117 says:

How far do you have to sit from this in order to not notice the pixels? Im planning this as a PC monitor. 40″ would be too big and too close of course but around this size should be managable on a desk, put as far as possible, so around 1m. Is the full HD resolution still too low from that distance? The price of this now here is like if i would buy another 24″ good ips monitor, also full HD.



Guneet Singh says:

good video m8 what about the input lag ? looking to use this with a ps4

Ranjan Panda says:

very bad tv don’t buy, screen mirror delay, hard disc not support, video files not support

Generation Serah says:

How do u get onto the web browser

kisho bhar says:


James Pascal Potter says:


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