Samsung SMART TV 50″ – Review

In this video I will be reviewing my Samsung SMART TV.

Samsung SMART TV:

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rudy59960 says:

is there plex on th TV?

Rajul Yam says:

hahahahaahha yu really are a shit man ! hahahahahaha

dearis says:

0:44 oh no…

Kaushik Kar says:

like white stuff  RACIST

Shoban Ravi says:

You like white stuff ok ok

Aaron Balderas says:

And mine come with 3d options and with 3d glasses and a touch pad remote

Jose Belardo says:

Are the white ones sold in stores?

choulyoung park says:

You know ..You know You know You know You know

valentine tesha says:

how well does it perform when it comes to gaming by hooking it up to say the ps4 or xbox one??

Walter E. Kurtz says:

He sounds like Serge, from Beverly Hills cop.

David Allen Maddox III says:

Isn’t that the Mini?

Aaron Balderas says:

Yea yours kinda sucks cuz I got one today and mine has a motion and voice I can use on my tv

Nick Simeone says:

“I like white stuff”

Joe Messa says:

How can u enter letters to login?
trying to enter Hulu

Darnagian says:

Who the hell buys a $1000 tv because its white

gixxerboy555 says:

what is the type?

sivasandoz says:

Is it just me, or does this guy sound like a combination of Forrest Gump and Borat?

Big Hugeo says:

tvn har väl inget aux uttag?

rik baltik says:

are you dutch

Lee L says:

“I Like White Stuff” lol

james harris says:

what is this TV like for gaming? I’ve tried to find information on this TVs input lag and i cant find any info on it.

Alonso Placido says:

Is there pandora

Oleg Kovalev says:

The niggers will be crying racism after you bought that tv bc it’s white!

blackthanos says:

No, you have to say it with more authority. “I LIKE WHITE STUFF!!!”  LOL!

Shawn Connelly says:

One of the huge disappointments with this TV is that, inexplicably, the universal bluetooth is incompatible with any of the Samsung BT keyboards. 🙁 I purchased the Samsung VG-KBD2000 keyboard and it will not pair with this TV… despite having no troubles pairing with my iPhone and Android tablet. I can only guess that Samsung is using some non-standard BT handshake… maybe?

Can anyone recommend a wireless keyboard that actually works with this TV?

aldy quete says:

is it touch or only with control remote ? 

Najee Jackson says:

Pause bro, you like white coloring on objects. That what you meant to say.

Randy Mon says:

Thank you so much for this.

3 Week Diet says:

This seems to be top of the line for Samsung 32’s. Perfect for my condo I think sometimes people get huge TV’s that over take a room. This is hardly the least expensive, but it does perform, and looks good.

Miguel Hernandez says:

He likes white stuff

TayTay BeyNippy says:

It Looks Small For A 50 inch Maybe It’s Like The Camera Making It Look Smaller then what It Is

physiques says:

Anyone else feeling sea sick???

LiftOrGTFO says:

How do you change the background of the Smart Hub? I like that watery reflection effect.

Real Deal says:

The new samsung still have this design but is now equipped with a quad core processor. I think they are a bit quicker these days.


im fuckin choked my samsung 50 inch doesnt have espn scorecenter app what the fuck is this bullshit

PJ Butler says:

After a month of operation, I now wait on a replacement. Screen went out and after various troubleshooting recommendations were tried. Amazon is next day-ing  a replacement. Last TV I had a picture go out, it had tubes


so swedish

Najee Jackson says:

Pause Bro, you like white coloring on objects. That is what you meant to say.

Saptarshi Paul Choudhury says:

it doesn’t look like 50 inch tv

Najee Jackson says:

Pause bro, you like white coloring on objects. That what you meant to say.

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