Samsung QLED Q6FN TV Review –

Hands-on review of the Samsung Q6FN (Q6/Q6F) QLED TV.

The Samsung Q6FN is a great 4k TV, with low input lag and FreeSync support. In this review, we compare it to 4 other popular models.

Full review:

The Q6FN offers great performance across a range of different usages. It has low input lag for gaming and supports more advanced features like FreeSync and low input lag interpolation. Unfortunately the local dimming doesn’t work well to improve dark scene performance and the image loses accuracy when viewed at an angle.

Model tested: 55” (QN55Q6)
Should also be valid for the 49” (QN49Q6), 65” (QN65Q6), 75” (QN75Q6) and 82” (QN82Q6).

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Design (01:26)
Inputs (02:12)
Thermal (02:39)
Picture Quality (02:46)
Contrast (03:04)
Local Dimming (03:22)
Viewing Angle (03:59)
Reflections (04:16)
Peak Brightness (04:36)
Gray Uniformity (04:58)
Color Volume & Gamut (05:18)
Response Time (05:34)
Image flicker (05:54)
Input Lag (06:14)
Variable frame rate (06:49)
Smart Features & Remote (07:31)
TVs Comparison (08:05)
Conclusion (10:32)


Tom Alba says:

It’s weird that Austin Powers is reviewing TVs

Omar Niño says:

Why no one connect box? Even the mu8000 has the one connect box.

Daniel Miller says:

If you could get a 75” Q8FN for about 10% more than a 82” Q6FN, which would you go with? Dark room (no windows), sitting about 11’ away. Mostly for movies.

Jesse TT says:

For gaming the NU8000 is the best value for the money

Alex Maddox says:

I was in Best Buy and they had a nu8000, q6f and q8f next to each other playing the same demo at the same time. I couldn’t tell a difference between the nu8000 and the q6f and the only difference between the nu8000 and q8f was the black levels…. but it wasn’t great enough for me to want to buy the q8f over the nu8000…..

Bud Bundy says:

any personal custom calibration settings for xbox one x ?

Ali Al Iraqi says:

But not full backlight☹

mng519 says:

Definitely disagree about the sound. Mine is plenty loud and theater like. Not sure what he’s talking about.

Bryan White says:


donominik says: you guys are the best!
Once again great review.

Nicky Wilson says:

So is this edgelit or back lit?

Junaid Jainoodeen says:

Is there uhd upscaling in the q6fn model?

Bryan White says:


Peter M. says:

Well, it seems like Samsung or nothing per the website for free-sync support and gaming. BTW, is presenter playing a character, like the guy from “Something about Mary” (Tucker). Thank you for the information — nowadays they should offer a certification in TV features at the University.

Sweat Pants says:

Omg this whole time I thought his right arm didn’t work

Bryan White says:


kickerduke says:

Very clear and useful review. Keep up!

Travel CH says:

Hello, bro. Help me plz. Whats better choice between 49q6f 2018 or ue55nu7500uxru “r” for playing xbox one s? Price equal

DC8FD says:

Excellent Review!!

Adrian Parra Peralta says:

Greetings I am writing to you who are experts in TV’s to make me a humble opinion, I’m going to buy a TV of these is the Samsung UN43NU7100 new model vs the UN40MU6290 which is better ??? please help.

Kyle Stansfield says:

Can in the audio output settings…. switch this TV to PCM-Stereo????….. The speaker system I am using will have static across if set for 5.1 or Dolby/DTS so need to have it switched to PCM-Stereo over the optical cable…. let me know thanks!!!!

miecio 70 says:

Just 60hz refresh rate

Andres Méndez says:

Samsung Q6F is good for footbal soccer ?(neon sport hd -direc tv) help and 49 or 55’

Nations!!! says:

What is the width of the stand?

Bryan White says:


Matheus Oliveira Jorge says:

Please make a review about SAMSUNG QE55Q6FAMT (2017 MODEL) I need to know about input lag.

xmortal says:

Can you use vrr and hdr at the same time?

Murad Aljabari says:

When i watch sports on this tv it looks very weird kind of slow its not very smooth or clear like the ball or the players move step by step. how can i fix this please? i heard something about motion auto something… mine is on “auto mode” should i change that to “custom” or leave it in “auto.”?

steven wentling says:

We bought this tv.


Great review I own the Q6fn itx a great TV for the money in my opinion

Mauricio Mda says:

I have to choose between this model and the Samsung Mu 6300? Which one do you think Is better for movies and tv shows? I’m not a gamer, so I’m completely confused

Steve Lam says:

Should I buy this TV in a 75 in or should I buy the 2017 q7f for clearance price?

blkinvestor says:

What about the ambient mode that supposedly allows you to see through it….

Abir Iqbal says:

Can you guys do one on the Q6f 2017 model?

superultraboy says:

Wow…this video literally compared all of the tv’s that I was considering. Thank you so much!

Chris G says:

You guys going to review the Hisense laser tv?

Jason Giles says:

Vizio P Series Quantum ASAP…

Ip Singh says:

Plz. Show the complete VIDEO review of SAMSUNG 55Q7FN QLED TV 2018, I really like your videos and recommendations. Still waiting the q7fn video rivew Thanks

Bryan White says:

HISENSE H9E PLUS NEXT PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hiro Nito says:

I’m sorry…but your shirt arent the blackest black on my screen.

AJKchief39 says:

If I had seen this yesterday I would probably have gone for the cheaper NU8000… I bought the Q6 knowing nothing about it and in doing so burnt a huge chunk out of my wallet. All that said I watched a film on it last night and it was superb, i’m glad i spent my money on it 🙂

Kishan Jariwala says:

Mam Samsung NU7100 or
LG UK6360…
Which one i should buy….
I’m very confuse…help me…

Xdo D says:

Are you guys also doing a video on the new Q7FN? I would really like to see that after your written review.


Great review… Appreciate all the information and details!

SciEntist ! says:

I think your doing a review on a 49″ q6fn . ..
Reason why is that I own a 55″ q6fn 120 hz samsung tv and it has a one connect box. So I feel you should redo the review video on what actual model you are displayed and talking about

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