Samsung Q90R 4K HDR Smart TV Review| Ep.551



Brian Stepp says:

These companies are sticking it to us. PERIOD

Blue Clouds says:


FackeddTV says:

Agree at that price there should be NO panel lottery. Every panel should be cherry picked by samsung to ensure it’s getting the best possible picture. Not Acceptable imo.

Andrew Wang says:

Does it support iTunes yet?

Derek Myers says:

Wow…that blooming. Terrible.

Hel_ Lover says:

Nice video man, tell me which video i have to watch to get the best game picture settings and best picture setting for hd and hdr for the q9fn? Keep up the good work. My q9fn gotnin yesterday. Loving it but still fiddling with the settings thats why im asking

Kim Ridgwell says:

If it so bad why on earth do you buy a new model every time one is released? Way too ‘Picky’

andrew sanders says:

Hello, just curious if the blooming will be on the q80r? Didn’t know if you had seen or heard anything.

Tomek Żyła says:

Thank you brother for your work and review. Greetings from Poland. 😉

Ram Raj says:

One connect box for the flagship?,, man it’s true,, models without the saves space like q8fn and does the equally better job,,if not, better..thats my

Hamed Alfaraj says:

hey quantum thx you for your honest reviews . can you help me i just got sony x930e 55 inch and i want dolby vision and the better motion . but i did not update my tv because im afraid it will cause some downgrade to my Picture Quality .is there new update after the bad one you talk about it before ?

gboys ytber says:

I guess Samsung removed Premium on their “Premiums”!

Murchy Murch says:

May as well buy a freakin Vizio P Series

Marc28031984 says:

The one connect box is so big, cause it contains all the inputs and the power outlet

Those are 2 pretty big circuit boards that are usually in the back of the tv.

But anyway, yes, Xbox One like size is pretty damn big.
But then again…all electronic parts are in there and some fair amount of heat is coming from that unit.
(By the way, do you know if it has a fan in it?)

Damn, I’m totally with you.
I was so hyped for the new tv lineup..and now this…
I’m disappointed.

I don’t know what has to happen to make Samsung wake up.

Stanley L'enfant says:

Thx man ! You’re the best !
Do you think the Q9FN for $2300 is a really good deal?

Benszg says:

Samaung cunta that nerf their own products so u buy new ones /spit
LG rules

635574 says:

Its 2019 and the thing they missed in their marketing: ITS THICC

Klash716 says:

So is the build quality and the specs of the Q9FN better than this TV? You think even with updates the Q90R will never be as good? What about if you just got a bad panel? I’m a gamer but I also watch a lot of Netflix. Too scared to get OLED so I thought this would be the best thing to get.

Jeremy says:

Went from a HiSense h7c to the 55″ Q60R and couldn’t be happier. Don’t see the bloom issues with this one like I was seeing in yours there but that might have something to do with it being edge lit maybe.

At any rate, the Q60R was a pretty big upgrade. Loving the freesync with 1440p@120hz.

Alexandr Frund says:

Quantum Apotheosis Well what I was told about the Q90 is that the HDR10+ is the new Standard on the 2019 Qled TV

Bleex says:

No Dolby Vision? Pass.

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