Samsung Q7FN 4K HDR Smart TV Review| Ep.443



Adam V says:

Enjoy your input on these TVs. I’m trying to decide between the Q7fn and Q8fn. Is there a significant difference between the two. I’ll be using the unit mainly for watching football and gaming. Thanks!

Marcus Mizerak says:

My last ks8000 had severe judder and panel had green lines flashing after a few months of use. Beautiful tv though. I could of gotten a second one upon return but I just got the tv I was also looking at when I 1st bought that 8000. Got the X930D and I’m a Samsung guy, LoL

soka RIKA says:

Do you any information about Q8C which edge lit

mireaux says:

THank you very much for the great review my brudda. I had some issues playing sports games (football) on my PS4 Pro with DSE on the pitch. So I brought the Q7FN back. Do you think that I will have a better screen uniformity with the X900F? I really don’t know which one is better. I dont care about menu’s and stuff, I just want the screen to be sharp without that ugly banding/DSE/ whatever they call it.

angelg796 says:

In your opinion how does QLED compare to OLED?

ReSultZ says:

Edge Lit passsss

Jose Burgos says:

I like the new format mans keep it up q8 Samsung or Sony 900e I like bright good motion ?

Bryan Stith says:

QA, since the new update to KS8000 (which is hard to find) and your gushing over it’s better specs… does the Q6, Q7, Q8 or Q9 compare (as they are easier to find)?

Ram Raj says:

Is the q7f good at upscalling, since most of the contents are still 1080 p or less. If not please do recommend a midrange tv that can do a good job.

Rickard Hagstrand says:

This one or 900f for light to ambient lit room (never completely dark room), mixed usage (never gaming)? Thanks for your time!

Yaroslav Chernyshov says:

Do you think that lg c8 oled is worth buying? I can get it for 1050 new.

Chris Newton says:

Another great video man

Brooklyn Don says:

I would rather keep my Sony X900E 55 inc TV I can not lie my picture is very great on my TV unit

Dylan Whisnant says:


Bryan Stith says:

Also, as I’m not too keen on Best Buys “professional” tv calibraters… u recommend a place that reviews tv calibraters (for a persons local area)?

Nikos Poulos says:

Best rv for gaming.

bouchy85 says:

There’s a 49” KS8000 for $999.00. Should I get it or wait for 2019 tv’s??

Quantum Apotheosis says:

*See **** for Q7FN photos!*

Rob Hewitt says:

This or the ks8000?

Zaezel says:

Q7FN or X900F for movies and night time viewing?

xmortal says:

Which would you recommend. Q6fn or q7fn. 6 has better contrast and input lags. 7 is brighter and better colors. And does the 6fn has brightess enough for hdr to pop, In your opinion?
For gaming and movies.

Lalo G says:

Any suggestions for a sound bar? Planning to spend around 400-500 for one.

Señor Papi says:

Is $700 a good price for the Q6FN 49”? It’s on sale right now?

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