Samsung Q7F QLED 2017 TV Review –

Hands-on review of the brand new 2017 Samsung Q7F QLED TV
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Full review:

Model tested: 55″ (QN55Q7F)

Should also be valid for the 65″ (QN65Q7F) and 75″ (QN75Q7F)

*We reposted the video because there was an error in the input lag measurements.

Design (0:39)
Inputs (0:55)
Contrast (1:17)
Local Dimming (1:27)
Gray Uniformity (1:42)
Motion Blur (1:50)
Input Lag (2:03)
Viewing Angle (2:18)
Reflections (2:32)
Peak Brightness (2:44)
Color Volume (4:02)
Smart Features & Remote (4:59)
Conclusion (5:15)


therealaltaego says:

Is there a difference in performance between the Q7F and Q9F?

Messi says:

I love this tv but one question this tv can turn on the samsung logo in the bottom ?? Because i can’t find in settings

Joseph Campos says:

Out of all the reviews out there that do reviews just to get free stuff, I really appreciate your honest, highly technical professional, and unbiased reviews. you got my vote! keep doing what your doing

bodhisattva99 says:

Nobody talks about reliability which, to me, having to spend all that dough on a TV, is ALL THAT MATTERS! Which TV is the MOST RELIABLE!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Not the best warranty. The best built! Who builds them TO LAST??????????

Mac22 says:

We know the blacks are not as good as Oled. The black level on lcd panels should be reviewed against other lcd’s. I want to know if the blacks on this Samsung are better than the blacks on the Sony lcd. Oled has better blacks than lcd, we know. Thanks for the review.

therealaltaego says:

I think I finally settled on this TV over Sony’s 930E and LG’s C7P. My question is… But what’s the difference between the Q7F and Q9F?

Wayne says:

Can OLED TV good on handling HDR better than Samsung QLED?

OliverfromDenmark says:

Fine review but wow you have the weirdest accent i’ve ever heard

Shawn Mc says:

I’m blown away at all the testing you guys do. Now this is a real review. I was about to buy a QLED but now I’m getting the LG OLED this weekend. Thanks for the REAL info.

Killer Rec says:

I love you guys!!!

MichaelKch007 says:

“Unbiasedly” a firmware update could benefit both LG & Samsung. Both have their pros and cons. But until price comes down be prepared to pay $15K -$20K for an OLED larger than 65″. To me it’s kind of a bad analogy.

SovetUnion63 says:

Why do not you tell in detail color measurements for OLED? Why is so much attention on color for QLED?

AP3XBOX says:

What’s the difference between the 65″ Q7F & 65″ Q9F?

len ibanez says:

I love GSP’s review on this tv.

Prathap Singh says:

Sir which tv is best for gaming ps4 pro and Xbox one x real time true 4k n HDR please help me sir

Rizki Akbar says:

Love all your jobs guys ..

Christian Moran Doile says:

I think I buy this tv in 55 “I have a distance of the wall to the sofa of 2.40cm would I use it?

youssef elkihel says:

Is there good benefits for tv

kim nas says:

dont buy Samsung Tvs trust me.

vec vec says:

Qled is a misleading marketing term used by Samsung to suggest that Qled like oled. In reality Qled is just cheap LED LCD technology under a new name.

Arvind Kumar says:

Cedric/RTINGS Team – i have one important question, none of the TV reviews tell anything about lip sync problem wherein Video is played before the Audio irrespective whatever sound settings you change on your TV. I feel like I just wasted a large amount of my savings by buying a hefty 55inch Samsung KS8500 series TV. I thought this issue is only with Samsung, but i discovered it is prominent on all TVs having 4k including Sony, LG, Phillips, Vizio etc. —– my humble request, please have one dedicated video on discussing the lip sync issue and possible ways to mitigate it across various models.

Stephen Parker Jr. says:

Should I get the KS8000 or KS9000?

Jayashri Venketasubramanian says:

You have an outstanding channel! It would be amazing if you could go in depth into all the parameters you assess TVs by, including colour volume!

iplayloud2 says:

Are you from Belgium? Your accent is like JCVD.

The Semite says:

Yes, do a video on color volume and HDR vs HDR10

tracer073 says:

What’s the better alternative to this for a lot less money?

dknight xs says:

all i see in your review is “oled is better”
not here for a oled comparison.. and i thought you guys were professionals lol

maikel madsen says:

Please new review with a great condition tv .

maikel madsen says:

No news for the polemic of nits??1500 in specs but rtings(yourselves) rated 780 real nits for hdr in 2 q7f …samsung engineers says looking for the problem…sorry for my bad english

maikel madsen says:

Im from spain and i want to buy a q7 or q8 curve…but im not sure for your review and the nits problem…i want to best hdr experience and the effect of auto deep enhancer in curve models

V Mann says:

Very good video! Really liked it. Although my heart is broken because I bought the same TV today only …. sob sob sob.

Please suggest which is a good TV to buy?

Once again, congratulations! says:

Update 06/22/2017: Samsung got back to us regarding their investigation: “The result of the investigation into the lower peak brightness found on the 55Q7 sample by is; Damage to the sample in shipping resulted in a lowered peak brightness. The damage effected the performance of the light guide plate, and this lowered peak brightness by 33%. (the sample picked by Rtings offers 782 nits, when measured based on 10% window peak luminance. An actual figure according to measurement by Samsung is 1160 nits.) Due to the defect caused by the damage, the product fails to meet the specification standard and its peak brightness was compromised.”

It is hard to know how widespread the issue is, but our 2 units that we bought, shipped weeks apart, were affected by this. Therefore, you should expect a variance of brightness on the Q7F depending on how smooth the shipping/distribution went with your unit. This variance of brightness may not be noticeable to the average consumer however, unless you put them side by side.

Also worth noting that even with the numbers of expected brightness that Samsung provided, it wouldn’t affect significantly our overall scores (you can check our scoring formula by clicking ? next to one of our ratings/tests, or you can also check our review of the Samsung Q9F which is similar but brighter), so it doesn’t affect our recommendations since with the current price, it isn’t competitive and falls short of other TVs.

STRICTO1 says:

Love the accent! This guy is to TVs what Arnold is to the gym.

joaquin perez marti says:

que le pasa en la boca?….. jejejejej

The Silencer says:

Wat was da name of the da samsung tv with glowing logo pls help

Kevin Ford says:

Samsung is crap. I was a huge Samsung supporter up until about a week ago when my 4 year old Samsung hdtv caught fire and started smoking. Samsung refused 2 make it right. Beware of Samsung products

Rob Bird says:

TL;DR: Overpriced TV delivers middling results. Buy a Sony 900E.

ceonid89 says:

the coolest thing is that QLED, as a self-emitting tech, only exists in lab at the moment, and patented by LG…
Samsung called their LED TVs QLED, only because their patent is called “Samsung QLED”. Calling apple an orange.


Freaking great review!!
Thanks brother!!!

StrongBad says:

i consider buying a Q7F or Oled B6d wich one is the better choice they both cost the same

thanks for ur help 🙂

Ahsan Munawar says:

Bomba Clad Blod

Harry Scott Elliott says:

QLED SUCK!! I have had nothing but problems with these pieces of crap!! Game mode flickers red lines and movies have green flashes! I had two and decided to go Sony! BEST DECISION EVER!!!

StateBiscuit says:

Just came across this channel. Savage stuff! Subscribed!

em1ownerify says:

happy i went with the 55inch ks9500. actually a great tv

JumpmanJay209 says:

75inch Q7 or 82 inch mu8000? Please help there both on sale for $4,499.99 right now on best buy. I don’t know which to get.

Homie Bro says:

holly shit, i can tell these folks are very financially invested in this channel.


Hi super video, the Samsung Q7F is brighter than the samsung Mu8009 and the image is better

L0L247 says:

I didn’t know you guys had a YouTube channel. Subbed.

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