Samsung Q6FN 4K HDR TV review

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It’s a great time to be shopping for a new TV. From Ultra High Definition 4K resolution to HDR for amazing colours, and smart functions, you’re getting a lot of features in new TVs today. That’s the case with Samsung’s Q6F TV. Download the SmartThings app from Samsung on either the App Store or Google Play or from Galaxy Apps.

There are a few key features of the Samsung Q6FN. It’s a QLED TV, with 4K resolution, HDR and smarts.

In a nutshell, QLED is a Samsung term for OLED TV. Kinda. “LED” stands for light-emitting diode, which is the method of lighting the screen. The Q stands for Quantum Dot, Samsung’s technology for replicating billions of colours. Want to learn more? Head over to Blog.Bestybuy where I’ve put a lot more details about the difference betwen OLED and QLED.

QLED display technology is also said to have the ability to allow the panel to project light in more directions. This widens the viewing angle to ensure every seat in your living room gets an exceptional experience.

I thought the TV did a great job with viewing angle. While the best seats in the house are undoubtedly in the front, sitting off to an extreme angle on the side did not produce that shading effect or rippling that I’ve seen on some TVs.

4K resolution is the sharpest most detailed video you can get today. It’s much, much sharper than even 1080p HD so it looks hyper realistic; four times sharper, in fact.

When you’re watching 4K TV it’s akin to having something extraordinarily real in front of you.s so real, but you know it’s not so you want to reach out and touch it.

HDR is a relatively new technology that helps to better reproduce colour. and light. To read more about it in detail, click our blog . But just know that HDR, or in this TV’s case, it’s called HDR Extreme, delivers better detail, more subtle and realistic gradation, and more realism. HDR also has the ability to better show contrast without harshness, and without creating ‘black holes’ where you can’t see what’s happening in dark scenes.

4K HDR Extreme provides extreme contrast between the darkest darks and lightest lights, plus expanded color and depth. What will you see? More detail in those dark scenes and shady areas, plus brighter whites and brights without glare or harshness. The overall effect is indeed as Samsung describes it, “enhanced detail, letting you see captivating detail even in the shadows of dark scenes.”

It delivers. I watched some episodes of Netflix 4K UHD show The Rain, a dark, dystopian drama. In dark scenes, it’s possible to see shades of black that include blues and greys. Even in one particular scene where the power was out, the depth and clarity was outstanding.

There’s no denying the video quality of this TV. It’s stunning; bright, colourful, detailed, and highly watchable.

I watched several shows to test the TV’s mettle:
The Rain
Lost in Space
Seven Seconds
Luke Cage

There’s built-in smart functionality and streaming in the Samsung Q6F. Standard on most new TVs now is the inclusion of Netflix, YouTube and other online TV services, and they’re also found here too. There’s also Google Play, Amazon Prime Video, Cineplex, Spotify and more, including Facebook and Sirius XM.

These features are accessed by pushing the Home button on the included remote or your phone app.

Of course you can also connect your cable TV box, streaming device, like Apple TV, or Blu-ray or DVD player too.

The Smart Hub app is free and allows you to control your TV from your phone.

If there’s a feature I fell in love with right away, it’s Ambient Mode. Not unlike the Samsung Frame TV I reviewed last year, this TV allows you to view art, photography and soothing videos when it’s not playing TV shows or movies.
This is an outstanding TV. From its beautiful bright, vibrant picture, to its smarts, its aesthetics and the easy to use smartphone remote, this TV is the total package.

While I always try to lay out the positives and the negatives, I couldn’t find anything obvious or bad to say about this TV. If I were buying a new 4K TV, I’d happily put this one at the top of my shopping list.


LZ says:

QLED has very little to do with OLED. It’s marketed in a very confusing and somewhat misleading way on purpose because people now know that OLED is the best.

julianreed7 says:

Good review. Appreciate you demonstrating different kinds of television and film content (all in different light and dark scenes). Excellent presentation. What size is this model? 65 inch?

Hi-Fi Haven says:

As usual great review!

Terence Beebe says:

Hi Erin. Great content. I am looking to get a new TV and this was very helpful.

Mafgliha Ahmed says:

Best review on samsung q6fn!!! I like your honesty which is hard to find today in electronic world I hope you would be able to test input lag for gaming in the future!! Are you going to be reviewing more 2018 tvs?

Phil Brown says:

Who watches a TV from the side?

J Ken says:

which one would you rather recommend just between 2018 nu8000 65″ or 2018 Q6F 55″?

Music Is My Medicine says:

After A LOT of research. I mean A LOT. I settled for the 55inch Q6F. Not disappointed AT ALL. Worth every penny. Let me know if you have any questions about it 🙂

kamenotost22 says:

Which tv is better? Q6FN or Q7F (interested in 49 inch) thank you.

Jacob C says:

Great review however can you do this q6 vs the q8?

blkinvestor says:

Does the logo illuminate?

bill stone says:

2018 Hisense h9e plus tv is it agood one thank you

julianreed7 says:

I ended up buying this TV two days ago. Thanks again for your review. One of the most helpful for my purchasing decision.

BBnose says:

If Samsung can make the backlit on every resolution pixel individually and with dynamic brightness. That will beat oled.

Taylor Ellis says:

So.. is Q HDR and HDR Extreme the same thing then?

ReactorsWorld1 says:

No cons? Not even black levels? Since its an edge lit.. how are the black levels? Blooming? Light bleed?

Mohamed Diouane says:

Nice review Erin as always

Tomás Santos says:

What’s the difference between this model and the 2017 model?

Mafgliha Ahmed says:

Best tv you would recommend in a $1000 to $1300 range?

Mauricio Mda says:

I have to choose between this model and the Samsung Mu 6300? Which one do you think Is better for movies and tv shows? I’m not a gamer, so I’m completely confused

eddiekytia says:

Can you please tell me if the q6fn TV has a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack

Nosavez says:

Not sure about the viewing angles. Some say it is bad and others say it is good.1

ArthropodSpidey says:


QLED is NOT the same as OLED.

tiepabo says:

Hi Erin
Love to watch reviews
Cheers from Paris

Ramesh Rammu says:

Can you plz make a demonstrate video of q6fn for the world….

Nazmul Rabbi says:

QLED has nothing to do with OLED from a technological standpoint as QLED is just a regular LCD tv with LED backlight and quantum dot color filter.

Always VIRAL says:

Qled aint oled. Sony x900f is better

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