Samsung NU8000 TV Review –

Hands-on review of the Samsung NU8000 LED 4k HDR TV

Full review:
The Samsung NU8000 is a great TV for a range of different usages with good picture quality and HDR support. It also has great motion handling, and very low input lag for gamers.

Model tested: 55” (UN55NU8000)
Should also be valid for the 49” (UN49NU8000), 65” (UN65NU8000), 75” (UN75NU8000) and 82” (UN82NU8000).

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Design (01:00)
Inputs (01:27)
Thermal (01:53)
Picture Quality (02:02)
Contrast (02:25)
Local Dimming (02:43)
Peak Brightness (03:09)
Viewing Angle (03:29)
Reflections (03:56)
Color Volume & Gamut (04:14)
Response Time (04:31)
Image Flicker (04:50)
Input Lag (05:17)
Smart Features & Remote (06:23)
TVs Comparison (06:39)
Conclusion (08:01)


incyphe says:

you are doing god’s work

C4LIBEE says:

This channels content is absolutely insane tbh, unbelievable… good job guys, my GO-TO source from now on.

Stacy Hilt says:

Can anyone confirm if the 49” variant will support Freesync?

Miko Rossi says:

Thx !

naruo JP says:

Hi , to read the movies in hdr on external hard drive, how to enable the hdr . thank you

Osama Ahmed says:

Need help . I am going to buy new TV . For gaming . Which one is better sony 900e or Samsung NU8000 ??????

nathanwynn19 says:

What settings did you use for calibrating the xbox one x on the Nu8000? Also what settings did you use to calibrate your TV. Did you use Rtings settings

Rasmus 999 says:

Samsung q7f 2018 please)

Otávio Módolo says:

I see a lot of reviews of this TV but nobudy tested freesync at 3200×1800 (quadHD+). This is a very comom internal resolution for games and TVs do support this output on PC. How this TV behave in this resolution? Freesync works?

qrayz says:

I went and had a look at dozens of TVs and this is the TV that stood out to me. It had the WOW factor i was looking for.

karthik cs says:

Why don’t you use ‘worst picture clarity’ word to sony x850f…??
When both lg sk9000 and sony x850f using the same tv panel, you should say both has worst picture clarity. Isn’t it..?

izri1 says:

”Gaming Mode” creates a horrible picture and even sound. Why can’t they just make a tv with a standard refresh rate in ”all modes”. What’s so difficult in creating a tv with let’s say at least 10ms refresh rate? Why do i have to select ”game mode” in order to play a lag-free game ?

Pantheus says:

Awesome review and host. You just helped me make my purchase after 8 years with a palsonic!!!

1Grandhustler says:

Nah I’ll keep my Samsung KS9800 78″!

Ab. Su. says:

MU7000 or NU8000 for HDR Movies?

Alexander Zelenko says:

Not talking about prices: Samsung QE55Q6F, Samsung 55NU8000 or LG 55SK9000?
Thx for review anyway 🙂

jec str says:

Can you please also uplaod default service menu settings for this TV? Thanks!


Hello I live in Germany and I would like to ask if the SAMSUNG UE55NU8049T is the same model? Thank you

Jesse TT says:

The tickin noise television! WOOHYEAHH

Gab H says:

Thanks for the review, just ordered the 75″ for $1440 from Samsung EPP. I hope I won’t regret replacing my 65 KS8000 for it.

john gatora says:

Thanks fr you review… I have a question, I recently boutht this Tv but When I running games with the option on Led Clear option activate…the screen flickering a bit but appear a shadows blue and red behind of the images (are very distracting in the dark scenes)…do you think that is this normal.?..maybe fr the interpolation?.. I Dont KNOW if is normal for the processing or maybe the tv have a problem….if you have any idea… Thanks. (its only happens on this option activate outside of this option all look great!!

Ethan Shaddinger says:

Which TV would you reccomend more for using as a pc monitor, this one or the tlc r617

xmortal says:

Hello. Can you use 4k 444, 8bit hdr and vrr at the same time. Or do you have to sacriface hdr for the vrr?

Rafael Azevedo says:

how this compares to ks8000?

Bob Vergara says:

Does anyone know how this compares to the “ks8000” model?

Yusuf says:

55nu8000 and Galaxy Phones hasn’t TURKISH bixby voice search . Don’t buy it.

J Ken says:

Which is better for gaming just between these 2

nu8000 65″
Q6F 55″

HalfNelson 1973 says:

Can anyone tell me the difference between the 65un8000 and the 65un800d? I’ve been looking all weekend and can’t find an answer. Samsung support is no help at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

alihassan alihassan says:

i purchased today 55NU8000, I am very Glad .
Now i connect my PC (2K ) which has Nvidia Graphic Card GeForce 9400GT (Older) , which has maximum resolution 1080P 60 Hertz , Display look fine on my NU8000 , but the problem is i have only two options in picture mode ( Standard & Dynamic ) but NO (Movie & Natural Mode ) and also when i checked in Standard Mode , HDR is also Grayed means i cannot select it . strangely i have already enabled HDMI UHD COLOR all ports . and play 4K video on my PC to send signal of HDR content but TV doesn’t recognized and unable to switch HDR Mode .

Joseph Vegas says:

The Sony900f is the best tv of 2018 as far as price and value for money.

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