Samsung MU8000 2017 TV Review –

Hands-on review of the Samsung MU8000 LED 4K HDR TV
Full review:

The Samsung MU8000 is a capable 4k LED TV that offers good picture quality. Most content will do well on this TV, and it supports modern features such as HDR. Unfortunately, it can’t display as many colors as other TVs in its class, and picture quality degrades at an angle.

Model tested: 55″ (UN55MU8000)

Should also be valid for the 49″ (UN49MU8000), 65″ (UN65MU8000 ) and 75″ (UN75MU8000).

Note though that the 49″ (UN49MU8000) is a 60Hz TV.

Design (0:39)
Inputs (0:54)
Thermal (1:07)

Contrast (1:13)
Local Dimming (1:28)
Gray Uniformity (1:47)
Viewing Angle (1:57)
Reflections (2:09)
Peak Brightness (2:20)
Color Volume & Gamut (2:36)
Motion Blur (2:46)
PWM Dimming (2:54)
Input Lag (3:10)

Smart Features & Remote (3:19)
TVs Comparison (3:33)


محمد الرشيدي says:

Sony use on tv x-realty pro help you for old videos or tv show or sport samsung not have only give you great video i hdr

Luciiffeerr says:

You fucking suck

patrickteche says:

This tv for $650 or x900e for $900 both 55?

Jay Malaviya says:

Not proper review. MU8000 comes with 2 stand sizes 55″ and 38.5″ so you can put this tv on smaller table as well. Also with almost no bezel and best cable management system it is one of the best looking tv in the market.

Utkarsh Singh says:

Great detailed review! Thumbs up.

Aatif Azio says:

Please review TCL C2 model

Djordje Petrovic says:

They really destroyed the 8000 series compared to the last year-s models.

Jake Smith says:

Getting a TV within the next week probably.
Was considering an OLED, but would prefer to spend less money. (Don’t have a TV as of now, I just watch things on my 3440×1440 monitor lol)
As of right now I think it’s between the Samsung MU9000 or Sony X900E, which are both about ~$1200. What do you guys think?

suparobb says:

i have one command on samsung mu8000 55” …, but now i dont know whats to do , cancel the samsung for the sony x900e 55” ????? pls help

Kenne English says:

The build quality is cheap because its plastic? What Tvs are you seeing that arent made from plastic? lol

BigPat1133 says:

I upgraded from a 1080p tv to the mu 8000 this past july and honestly have no regrets. A lot of reviewers want to knock this tv on viewing angles but i have huge living room and the viewing angles have been fine. If you don’t want to blow the money on going QLED I highly recomend this TV.

Paul Bauer says:

Anyone know the length of the base on the 49″ model?

sebaawad says:

Hi i am from argentina. I wanted to know what would be the south american version of the tv samsung 55mu8500, since that version does not exist here. We have the 55mu7500 that i think could be the same. Thanks!

Damien Gambill says:

I know there are other better tvs out than this one but I have a large room and want a large tv so this model is the only tv I have found that has an 82″ for only $3800. Every other set over 75″ jumps to $6000+. Hopefully it’s worth the $3800 for the 82″

Karin Blum says:

I need help…my country brings lame models here…I searched and searched but I can’t find the Samsung ks8000 or the Sony x900e which sounded like the best ones for 4k hdr…..what I could find in shops is this one MU8000 and some never-heard model Sony xe8096…and also LG sj800y….I need a 49 inch tv….can’t have bigger, so….which one is better for gaming? And I care a lot about the picture quality…
Please I need help with this 🙁

Usama Qadeer says:

One suggestion
Remove the captions please
We understand you fully

theseekerndestroyer says:

If you have to pay that much attention to a tv, you must have no life at all.

Nima Javadi says:

Dude you must have a Grudge against Samsung. In YOUR demo the local dimming Samsung looks the best and you still vote for Sony. The viewing angle on the LG is the worst again in your own Demo and you call it the best. Unless you watch TVs side by side at home and try to compare minor details everyone will be satisfied with all these TVs.

Jason Melo says:

is it native 120hz?

محمد الرشيدي says:

I see the challenge to be in the HDR Sony better.

Jonasz Przybycień says:

Anyone knows how is TCL P607 called in Europe?

Dynamic Voltage says:

So here’s my take on the MU8000 vs X900E. I want to Best Buy today and they had both on display. I was pretty blown away by the MU8000 and incredibly disappointed by the Sony. It didn’t even look 4K if I’m being honest. Yes, it could be the lighting in the store, the settings they used, the video they’re playing etc. but I’m going to trust my eyes before I trust a bunch of nerd tests with white boxes over black backgrounds that I’ll never see. So I’m going to get the MU8000 because I’d hate to get the X900E home and find out it looks just like it looks in Best Buy.

Bl00dyBlue559 says:

This is supposed to be a review on the mu8000 but this guy made it to a sony tv sales video…..

It may not be so says:

Thanks for proving Samsung is a POS!!

محمد الرشيدي says:

Samsung will force you to use the HDR1000 in all programs while Sony estimates it does a traditional HDR or HDR developer

Gorilla Jones says:

This review is full of shit. He didn’t even know that the stand can be moved to two different positions. Also this TV goes up to 82 inch SMH.

OLED TV’s burn in. Not good for gaming!

Brian Smith says:

Have a look at the price of the non OLED TVs. Samsung is a better deal. Or wait for an OLED.

Mikko Haavisto says:

I’m addicted to the accent! Also this might be the best review site I have yet come across.

Karin Blum says:

Do you think it’s too bad for the eyes to sit 1.8 meter away from a 55 inch Sony x900e tv? I can’t find the 49 inch one only the 55 inch but I can sit away from it maybe 2 meters at most…so I’m asking other people’s opinions about it. What do u think?

Bruce Cao says:

Sounds like this guy is being paid by Sony. Not a reliable review and comparison.

hanen Yan says:


Aaron Ramun says:

This review is garbage. The series 8 has a great picture

desi roti says:

Love these guys they do a very good in depth review. Please can you do 4k tv gaming review, would be helpful.

Dalbir Singh says:

please review mu6470

Makenshi Critiques says:

im getting confused, this tv is called MU7000 in the uk?

iGalaxyOne95 says:

i have a question, in germany, the 900xe is 250€ more expensive than the mu7009 (that is the model in germany, but is has the same specs exept the 120hz panel, we get 100hz)

Gregarious Solitudinist says:

Every review this guy does he up-sells a pricier TV. The Youtube salesman. CLICK. goodbye.

Mr Cat says:

sony x800e or samsung mu8000 at the same price, for pc gaming(i use tv as pc monitor).

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