Samsung MU6300 LED 2017 TV Review –

Hands-on review of the Samsung MU6300 LED 4K HDR TV
Full review:

The MU6300 is a better than average 4k Smart LED TV. It’s not very extravagant, but it provides decent picture quality and a good set of features. Its input lag is noticeably better than average, making it a good choice for gamers. Picture quality does, unfortunately, degrade quite rapidly at an angle, and it could be a bit brighter to better accommodate well-lit environments.

Model tested: 55″ (UN55MU6300)

Should also be valid for the 40″ (UN40MU6300), 43″ (UN43MU6300), 50″ (UN50MU6300), 65″ (UN65MU6300) and 75″ (UN75MU6300)

Design (0:47)
Inputs (1:09)

Contrast (1:23)
Local dimming (1:36)
Peak Brightness (1:48)
Color Volume & Gamut (2:01)
Viewing Angle (2:15)
Gray Uniformity (2:23)
Judder (2:36)
Motion Blur (2:50)
Black Frame Insertion (3:02)
Motion interpolation (3:12)
Input Lag (3:32)
Reflections (3:46)

Smart Features & Remote (4:03)
TV Comparison (4:18)


JohnyFel Pang says:

Planning to get the ku7000, so i wanna ask if theres a difference from ku7000 to mu7000? i will mainly used it for games on a ps4 pro..

deku scribe says:

the last tv we bought was in 2009. It is old and worn and we are ready for a shiny new tv! i am strongly leaning towards the Samsung UN40MU6300 40-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV. For the price, it seems to be a very good tv set. I hope I am making the right choice!

Le O Nardo says:

I love it. Once you get the settings right it is beautiful.

Andy Vecc says:

9 for games 7 for movies 🙂

Chris T. says:

Based on Rtings excellent and through reviews I got the MU6300 40 inch as a monitor for my PC. I have to say it’s pretty amazing.

Daniel Bugueño says:

The MU6300 has 10 Bits or 8 Bits .. ??

bradley sweat says:

so I want around 40-45in in size and I got around 500 budget witch one of these fits and is best for my budget (and there is not shifting for anything I’m stuck AT 500

dr3yec says:

Where is the Samsung MU6100 review?

Henrique Anselmo da Silva says:

Hi! Im from Brazil!
Which is better for movies and games? Which has less judder ? I’m in the doubt between sony sony kd7005 ( Brazil ) and mu6300 ( Brazil mu6100)
Help me please! Thanks for good channel

motaro OO says:

just came here to see cedric lol.

다비드글렌 says:

which is better mu6300 or ks8000? thank u so much god bless

Jose Alvarez says:

Sholud i buy the KU6300 or the MU6300??

ShaggyIzKool says:

I got the un55ku6300 and i love it. Hdr looks cool. Not the best like high end models. But it looks great for me. My kids love this 6300 samsung

Y. Waine says:

Pls TCL C807 C Series !!!!!!!

JubeJube says:

so the picture quality is good but the hdr isnt . is there one that doesnt come with hdr? thats about the same price

aya a says:

just fait tes videos en francais!!! Oublis l’englais!!!!

Larry Larry says:

is this dual voltage? like 110-220v ?

postnet92 says:

Just bought this TV for my room did I make good choice


Que opinión tienen sobre el TV LG 55SJ8000 ?

SuperNova says:

Fucking hate you french fuk…. im half french so i can say that … just speak french

zach daquila says:


ApxuBbI says:

There is article update from 21.09, it says that 43MU6300 likely have IPS. Here in EU/RU we have 43 (UE43MU61XX) that seems to be VA (, + some review articles says that their TV have AMVA panel named – 43L6AUOVM. Sorry about posting it here, because there is no way to add info in commect section.

Felipe Machado says:

hey, can you please review the LG uj6565? I cant find anything about it anywhere!

Brad says:

should i get this TV or the MU7000, they’re both very similar

Don't Worry About It says:

How about a review on the MU8000, because I’m looking into buying one but not too many reviews available.

Eddie R says:

I have a chance to buy the Sony XBR75X850E and the Samsung UN65MU8000FXZA, which is the better bet for picture quality?

James Matthews says:

I just picked up the Samsung MU6500. Is it the same as the 6300 just with a curved screen? Do you guys have a review posted for the MU6500?

Wheezyweasel says:

Le sang Québecois est fort en toi. lol 😛

Ebuka U says:

Anyone know how wide the stand is?

メキシコ人 says:

Difference between mu6300 and ku6290?

Giwrgos Chatzipetrou says:

Do you recommend it for a use with ps4 pro?

Monkey Man says:

For 12 feet watching distance which type(HD,Full HD or 4K) 55 Inch LED should I buy.

jaykob says:

Out of the two settings (Judder Reduction/LED Clear Motion) which one controls Black Frame Insertion and which one controls Motion Interpolation?
Also, great vid guys, love your website and YT channel!

Eli double dub says:

Do you know if the remote for this TV uses a bluetooth signal? I have a programmable remote that will not pick up tge samsungs remote signal. Thanks.

JAMEZ says:

Eille sa parait tellement qui est pas anglais

Aaron Barkley says:

I had quite a few issues with the 65″ x900e.

Zebedee Coleman says:

TCL P series is the way to go in this price range it’s better then my ku7000 that I bought last year way better

ms81 says:

can you guys review the MU9000 please!!!!

bruce e says:

I hate you, i was going to buy this at costco 50MU630D but you,you…..

Eswar Kumar says:

is the mu6100 the same as mu6300

bruce e says:

Most of what you speak of means nothing. Do you really think human eyes can tell 10 billion colors or even sharp pictures specialty eyes over 30. Come on already with ths crap, i see this in costco and it look the best. The open viewing angle sold me.

Ye Yint says:

PLS TCL C2 SERIES !!!!!!!!!!!!

Speedy Handyman says:

His accent is unacceptable. He shouldn’t be a presenter. Put him to wash dishes.

Azard Fazahir says:

Is the mu7000 same as this?

Rafael Teles says:

I quite don’t get it this “difference” among games and movies. A game has naturally more resolution and motion, if the TV performs well on this scenario, why it got worse on movies that runs at supposed low resolutions and less movements @_@ The impression I had is that games are more “demanding” than movies, idk

Raymond Wai says:

hello, i have a few question about samsung mu6310 ,what is the different between mu6300 and mu6310? I have google it but i cannot find enough information about the mu6310. Can you tell me more about it?

360Minecraft says:

is it hdmi 2.0 or 1.4

Amit Marcovich says:

Hey guys,
which Samsung tv will be better for sports broadcasts ,
The KU6300 or the MU6300?

Oblivian Zo says:

i like ur content,i wanna ask some question..wheres better beyond samsung ku6500 vs ku6600 vs mu6300 for gaming tv (ps4 pro/xbox one x) ? pls answer this question cuz very important for me 🙂

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