Samsung J6200 Series LED Smart TV Review- The Good & Bad!

This is a review of the good and bad of the Samsung J6200 Series LED 1080p HD 2015 model Smart TV. This TV comes in several sizes
UN40J6200 40-Inch, UN48J6200 48-Inch, UN50J6200 50-Inch, UN55J6200 55-Inch, UN60J6200 60-Inch and a UN65J6200 65-Inch which is the one in this video.

Refresh Rate: 120CMR (Effective)
Dimensions (W x H x D): TV w/ stand: 54.1″ x 34″ x 13″, TV w/o stand: 54.1″ x 31.5″ x 3.7″
Inputs: 2 HDMI, 2 USB, 3.5mm jack, optical jack, RCA jacks (no Bluetooth cabilities)

Mine came preloaded with apps such as Hulu, Amazon Video, Netflix, HBO Go, Youtube, etc.

Samsung Smart TV J6200 Series-

Four bad things about this TV:
1- You cannot watch glare from sun
2- No bluetooth capabilities
3- No swivel base
4- Get error message when powering on TV and trying to open app. The message says, “Preparing the TV… Please try again later.” I have to wait about 30 seconds until i can get into my app. Very annoying but learned to live with it.

If you have questions or need assistance (screen mirroring) just comment and ill try to help.

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AttitudeEraKid408 says:

I have the same exact model what’s your picture settings?

rosuadlTsi says:

Have you tired playing games on it? If so, how’s the input lag?

Ethan C says:

I have this tv, and my model has noticeable clouding at the corners, and two horizontal lighter backlight “bars” that go end to end across the middle of the screen, which is super annoying and noticeable during anything with vertical camera pans.
Any issues like that on your model?

Dee Smith says:

I think the lag with the app is the TV acquiring the Wifi signal, try using the ethernet connection.

John Adams says:

4K resolution (instead of full HD) in same series model now cost only about $45 extra.

richcinti says:

Do you experience the same app lag issue if you had closed the movie out and closed the app out then turned the tv off?

Syed Imad Akhtar says:

how good is the motion smoothing on this model and how good is the game mode?

Hasan Dib says:

I really want to get this tvPlease can you tell ne howThe ps3 .ps3..will look on this tvAnd what about 1080p movies by usb how also they will beIs the gaming experience will be great with this tv…The 65 one….
Thank you

Irving Ortiz says:

How do you use YouTube for it? Cuz when I go to the app it won’t let me browse wit the remote?

mrrobvs says:

Can you confirm that this has a cablecard slot on the side?

Palmer Palmer says:

It I’m sitting about 10 ft away what size would you recommend for this same model?

velox731988 says:

New drinking game. Every time he says “here” take a shot.

fantom58 says:

This TV only has a dual core processor, maybe that’s why the apps are slow on the uptake. And does it come with HBO Go?

Ariborne R75 says:

does the TV run at 120 or 60 mhz?. I wanna use for gaming

ILuvTrading says:

I finally got this TV mounted on the wall from Amazon for $120 a great price:

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