Samsung Frame TV Review

If you’ve heard about Samsung’s new Frame TV you might be wondering if it lives up to the hype. The TV is a 4K resolution set but it’s got another amazing feature that allows it to blend in with your decor seamlessly: Art Mode. More:

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The TV is ultra thin at just about 2″thick and comes with a black art-style frame around it. Different detachable magnetic wood frame options are also available.

The Frame uses what Samsung has dubbed the No Gap Wall Mount. The two piece mount comes with the TV, which is a huge deal, if you ask me. The back of the TV hides a recessed cavity where one half of the mount is screwed securely in.

The second piece of the mounting hardware affixes to the wall, and gets screwed into the studs.

Another amazing aspect of the Frame TV is the Samsung One Connect box and Invisible Connection which means you’ll see virtually nothing when it comes to cords and cables.
All that’s there are a small power cord and the Invisible Connection fibre optic cable.
That cable runs from the TV to the One Connect box which can be hidden out of the way. this is where you’ll connect your components like game consoles, DVD/Bluray players, sound bar, streaming device and more.
Art Mode is what sets this TV apart from other televisions. When the TV is not displaying video, it goes into Art Mode.

Here you can select high quality, high resolution art prints or photography that lives on your TV all the time.

The free art available on the TV is high quality and beautiful, and I found several pieces that worked perfectly for my decor. It’s also possible to subscribe to even more art from Samsung. For about 8 bucks month you can get hundreds more pieces so you can keep changing your look.

A light sensor adjusts the screen’s output constantly so that the art is always visible in its best light. Got sunlight streaming in and filling the room? The art looks realistic and bright.

You can also enable the motion sensor. This will power Art Mode fully off leaving a blank screen, but when the TV detects motion in the room, your art will pop back up.

With the amazing art properties, it’s easy to forget this magic art portal is also a TV. An Ultra High Resolution 4K TV with built in HDR to boot.

I had the TV for a couple weeks and watched numerous programs and movies on it:

4K is an amazing viewing experience. It’s impossible to accurately describe what seeing hyper-realistic video is like, but if I must try, watching 4K video on the Frame makes me want to reach out and pet the sloths, snag a line drive, and otherwise get up and walk into the picture. It’s a fabulous party for your eyes, and the drinks are on Samsung.

Streaming is built in to this TV, so you can access YouTube, Netflix and even surf the web from the TV itself.
The TV comes with a small white remote, or you can use your smartphone whether it’s Apple or Android.

Does the basic black bezel not do it for your decor? You can purchase different color would look frames for about $200 USD each from Samsung.

The frames come in four pieces which are perfectly sized to wrap around your TV. They snap on and off in seconds with magnets. The concept is actually pretty genius

Normally when I wrap up a review I try to provide some balance about what’s great about the product, what needs improvement, and what’s just downright terrible. I am really struggling to find anything negative to say about the Frame TV.

The art mode is amazing and I would put it in my living room for this feature alone. The fact that it’s also a deliciously detailed 4K TV is just the icing on and already amazing cake.

It goes without saying that the 4K picture is stunning and realistic. With the HDR support for more accurate color representation and that her light replication, there’s just nothing bad to say about the picture.

I think the TV is very responsive and switches quickly between modes.
Even the basic speaker in the TV is pretty good. If I were going to have this TV permanently installed in my living room, I would definitely take the extra step of getting a proper sound bar for it, but for right now, I was actually a little bit impressed at how good it sounded.

Even the Samsung smart view app seems to be much improved since my last review with a Samsung TV. It connects quickly and easily every time so I am able to control the device with my smart phone there’s no lag and it’s nice having the extra option of a smart phone remote.

I think this TV is a genius concept. For the Home theater junkie you get amazing picture, and for the designer/decorator in the home, art mode just makes this TV blend in beautifully. I really can’t find a downside to the Samsung frame TV. I think I’ve pretty much decided, and so has my husband, that this is going to be our next television. And yes, it’s going right up on the living room wall.


Bugbunny Boon says:

voice feature sucks

nounix 3 says:

where can you download more colors (eg black that’s not included in their palettes) and more images and animations to customize your qled tv?

JimmyDew says:

Does best buy take it off the wall and patches it too?

Dinesh Kumar says:


AlmostWontCount says:

I can’t wait to get this TV

Coretltd says:

Good review. Just ordered ours. Must hide the wires though.

David says:

If the teve is on all the time doesnt that make the teves life lenght shorter???

TanK says:

Drinking Game : Each time she says “4K Ultra High Definition TV” take a shot of Tequila.

justaman says:

Thats an awesome TV. thanks for the video.

Jan Verhelst says:

how small are the two cables? I have a small tube running in my wall and would like to run it through the tube.

floex831 says:

What’s up with the nasty cables on the wall

ThisEpisode - Topic says:

This idea seems like something the crazy minds at Sony would draw up.

AmigaFreak77 says:

Not worth the money seen one and its essentially a MU6670 with art mode on, niche design and idea but not worth it when you can pick up a OLED at same price or cheaper OLED depending on brand. I had spent £2500 on a Samsung TV had 2 panels replaced in a year and half because of light bleed screaming down the sides to then be told it was within spec from Samsung, really?? I then traded it back in but Samsung were terrible in terms of customer service, they love to take your money though and so many are being duped in by rave reviews when money talks for these kind of reviews. Also another note if the light plate guide drops in their TVs which controls their brightness (NITS) especially when transporting around or thrown around in a warehouse, it’ll drop in brightness level meaning you’re not getting the true number you’re meant to. There is a video explaining this and how it was measured, very well put together.

GrayGooseShotter says:

lol I like how geek squad didnt even center it above your stand

Gareth Glover says:

So how big is it, Erin?

SpideySensei72 says:

So in order to display the artwork, does this mean the tv is always ‘on’? And what about any heat buildup being so close to the wall???

Gaberial Gurule says:

FOR THE PRICE POINT OF THE TV JUST BUY THE 2018 Q8 I use to have a frame and it’s garbage

Shuffler703 says:

Look around for actual tests on this set. The TV is ok at best as far as quality of picture. As for using it as a piece of art, most art does not glow. Also checkout samsung’s quality issues as far as TVs go. All 4K TVs are not equal.

Aslam Kasimov says:

Wow. How much, in australia?

hellomyphone says:

Samsung’s effort to skip OLED TV for one more year… No thank you Samsung… but no

Aleksandar K. says:

Rip electricity

Haydn Wood says:

Couple of issues: you can’t listen to music whilst in art mode which is a real shame. Also the Samsung soundbars and external speakers briefly cut out a fair bit, say every 5 mins you lose a word or two. Not the best bit of kit considering the money I paid for it.

Michael Almond says:

Dose the sound come out the t.v.

Sergey Bebenin says:

Not a single review mentions a thing about speakers. WTF! It’s NOT a monitor, it’s a TV so you must at least mention speakers.

Waco says:

Samsung Smart Hub has the Amazon app? I see it on the phone in the video, but I can’t find the info on Samsung’s site. I see Hulu, Netflix, YouTube……..

Agent Office says:

That art looks like a broken tv lol

Mike Studmuffin says:

Hey Erin can you mail me that TV for my birthday? It’s coming up soon.

h8ncars says:

And it overheats from lack of ventilation then burns out till dead!

Cindy Breen says:

Bought this TV last week love it. But still trying to work out how to use the remote.

Kevin Park says:

Is there a chance of burn in for leaving on one art too long? Sorry not very up to date with current TV technologies…

Matt B says:

Well that’s dumb. I’d buy an oled over this any day

Piotr Bieniek says:

This whole invisible cable idea is so stupid. It’s nothing new just one thinner cable for signal and normal power. That stuff needs to be in the wall. Samsung don’t be stupid and try to make this a feature. In this scenario she has a small gap between the tv and cabinet and it’s still noticeable and if the cabinet is lower then it will stand out like dogs nuts.

Tek MeOut says:

Hi Erin…. nice review. We are in the market for a new TV in the near future and were leaning towards the Samsung QLED models. From what I understand, the FRAME is 4K UHD, but not quite the quality of the QLEDs. However, this FRAME concept is awesome. How have you felt about the picture quality? Also, is the TV that you were reviewing a 55″ or 65″ display? Thanks very much for your work.

theandroids says:

Waste of electricity, just buy an actual painting lol

Garpet Flarpet says:


Willi Kampmann says:

I can come up with a negative: It’s not OLED, not even quantum dot LCD (what Samsung calls “QLED”) – just standard edge-lit LCD. Yet it costs as much as some OLED TVs from the competition! I’d buy it in a heartbeat if it was an OLED TV, but this really kills it for me. 🙁 Love the art mode, though!

Randy says:

So she says she had Geek Squad “professionally” install this TV? Then why do I see cables below the TV. Kind of defeats the illusion of having it simulate a piece of art. The cables should be inside the wall to hide them thus giving off the effect of framed art.

BelRiose2000 says:

“Stunningly realistic”? I feel the glare and the brightness makes it rather unrealistic as a painting. I try to see it more like a digital photo Frame.

Marcus Chan says:

Nice review. Thanks for the info. Question: If all I plan to use this for is displaying art and watching streaming video (Netflix, YouTube), can I hide the One Connect box in the wall directly behind the TV, without line of sight to the remote? I don’t have a piece of furniture like you have beneath where I can put the One Connect, so I’m wondering if I can just tuck it away behind the TV (which would be flush to the wall). I’m trying to hide all wires and cables is why. Thanks for any info and keep up the good work!

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