Samsung 32″ LED Smart TV Review

I review my Samsung 32″ LED 120Hz 1080p Smart TV


PHDFlopps says:

whats the full name of the tv

ladybugcdl says:

Can this TV be used with Bluetooth earphones?

Micheal Kironde says:


Jordan King says:

Hi Adam, thinking of buying this TV (well the Samsung K5500 model anyway) for my DVD/Blu-Ray/Hard Disc Recorder and my PS4 among other things, and was wondering with the HDMI ports on the back, with the ones labelled (ARC) and (DVI) under them I think, can you still use them as regular inputs or do you have to use them for the purpose they’re intended for?

Calvin Garcia says:

does this have bluetooth

samuel morning says:

lets go rams nation

Neil Clark Hernandez says:

Do the skype run on this 32″?

Brian Leow says:

I’m planning to buy Samsung Dvb-T2 Smart Led TV Black UA32J4303. Can anyone advise if the TV being reviewed is the same as the one I am going to purchase? Tks!

TheOtaku says:

how’s the 120hz is it nocitable

GM ORTIZ says:

Thank you so much!  I am interested in purchasing a Samsung “Smart” TV and this was very helpful. Again, thank you….

Rahat Rabby says:

Thanks for the video Adam! I was looking for how good gaming would be on this t.v. and found no one but u! Definitely getting a sub from me 🙂 keep on doing what ur doing!

Jack Wallis says:

Is this similar to the UE32J5600 400Hz

Drunken Tiger J says:

is there only preset apps you can only download or can you download any apps?

amz drive says:

sell smart tv LED FREE Shipping

Neil Clark Hernandez says:

Do the skype run on this 32″?

Dark Knight says:

What is the model number?

Reyn C says:

Can i connect a ps4 on this?

naama4ever says:

Is this review for Samsung UA32EH5300 TV? can you watch MP4 videos?

Teddy Kosky says:

What Samsung tv is this

Loadedbeerman says:

How do you feel about the Rams city swap? LA Rams now..

Twisted Soul says:

has anyone used this for gaming, and could tell me how good it is as I’m going to be getting a gaming pc and using the TV for a great picture. would anyone recommend anything for 1080p and great picture thanks!

xshiro says:

Samsung 32″ Class 720p LED HDTV – UN32J400DAFXZA
about $177

frangitube says:

Thank you Adam for this video….you took your time…made everything clear and I understood everything…not to mention the quality of filming. I bought this tv before seeing your vid and wondered if I had made a good choice. You’ve given me a lot more confidence and I look forward to it arriving. Thanks again.

Carmen H says:

best review I ‘ve come across for this model TV , Im in the process of buying one will have it in 3 weeks , so far I like what I see , just wondering is it ok to connect my laptop to it and use it like a second screen ? I have a couple of games I play on the laptop that I would like to use the tv for a bigger view , is it ok for the tv and laptop to do this ?

Kiara Hale says:

Great video! Very helpful I am going to order it!

Zed Andijani says:

Nice Skillet poster.

Pranav Sirvaiya says:

Hey nice video, what s the device at 3:18 or 3:20 which you are saying can be used to connect different devices. Can i connect bluetooth headset with that. If so, pls share some more details. Thanks for sharing.

Rocelia Logronio says:

how mch s dis in de philippines prices?

Regina Bell says:

can I install chrome or Firefox for a browser

Neil Clark Hernandez says:

whats the model of this tv?

immanuel duran says:

just bought it on amazon hope it doesn’t disappoint

Zoe Cahill says:

i remember when san fran was a 91 overall lol

Shanika Pinder says:

Is it 1080p? I had a Sony TV which was 1080p hd

Jazneo Gaming says:

does it work ok with ps2?

Hazel Violet says:

Does this work good with the X Box one?

iamsunflower2011 says:

$300 US dollars? I got mine for $188

Yehudi Walters says:

is it good to use as a computer monitor?

AWAHAB says:

Can we use Skype with this ?

Nite Umbra says:

Do they have this tv without the smart features? I particularly don’t care for them. Hoping if they do have a model without it that I’ll be cheaper too

Phil C says:

Is it a pal and ntsc conversion

gamer olaf says:

blaf blaf??,?????????……………….?,,????????????????????????????

Paul Owens says:

Are you a Samsung salesman? Get a new job

Almas says:

Can you play on the Xbox One and have the Skype app running in the background?

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