Samsung 2015 Smart TV System review

Samsung launch their new Smart TV system for 2015 and it’s powered by a strangely familiar Tizen operating system.
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Jhono Gudiel says:

the YouTube app works terrible. I have the same TV system and it doesn’t have Spotify

Gurmeet singh says:

Hi I’ve recently brought a samsung smart tv, I’ve noticed after plugging my external hard drive to it, it plays some 1080p movies but not all, if anyone knows why I’d appreciate the advice cheers!

Rodrigo Villaseñor says:

what tv model is

PBS #007 says:

i am trying to install hoopla app on my tv having problems, can you help ?? thanks

Adam Porter says:

Do you need a special remote for the pointer? I’ve just set up mine and can’t seem to find anywhere to set the pointer up!


Does this go for the Samsung UN32J5205 1080p 60Hz LED HDTV as well?

Enric Sensecognom says:

Great review, thank you very much.

I just bought a Samsung TV, I felt a bit upset because I couldn’t try the smart tv anywhere before buying it so your video helped me to decide.

Just something I’m wondering. Is this Smart TV exactly the same for all 2015 Samsung TVs? Both low-end and high-end? and with the same apps and options worldwide?

King says:

How do you do that with that background and stuff?
I got the Biggest Samsung smart tv in stores and I got it yesterday I am not sure I know everything about it yet

Yordan Montero says:

Love Samsung smart tvs because of the great picture quality but I prefer a dedicated streaming player for apps and Internet features,I have a 55″ 2014 model that I use with the new Apple TV which just received an update that makes the menu look like that except for the App Store which still uses the Samsung store app,but it has the same menu on the bottom that allows multitasking when I press the smarthub button,very neat to be honest.

Anaid Vehabovic says:

What about a PLEX app?

Trifton says:

Samsung made huge mistakes here… Not having Spotify while you advertise that it will be available is just one of the reasons why I start looking into LG.

Crazy Total War says:

how to record smart tv screen?!

Aaron Little says:

I have the model UN32J5205AF

Marina K says:

Samsung don’t care about customers! Since Samsung decided to cut Skype from their Smart TV, according to official reply from Samsung customer service, I can use my Samsung Skype camera on my Samsung Smart TV as a 70 euro worth mirror! Or I can throw in a garbage completely operating full HD Skype TV camera which still have 6 month of warranty, but doesn’t work on any other device.

SubVet 8286 says:

I understand the Roku interface doesn’t have web browsing capability. That sucks…

Aaron Little says:

I have this TV, I can’t locate the games. How can I put more apps on this TV?

Bogdan Serbanescu says:

When can I buy the SEK 3000 Samsung evolution kit ?

Ken Harrison says:

Smart Tv’s are not compatible with windows 10.


youtube app is working very bad, and there is no definition adjuster available, and it’s not adjusting automatically as well, so i am using my smart phone youtube app paired with my SJ9000, for watch on FHD, or 4K

DeeJayDan says:

Can you get this on your 2014 Samsung smart TV?

Will D says:

How did you get the picture in the background onto the screen? How was it saved as well as picked? Also, I notice that you can see it in the Source choice at the top, how is that possible? And finally, I notice that when you press the pointer button, it doesn’t show you the channel options on the right side of the screen. How did you get it to do that? Thank you!

TheRGraham22 says:

Do you know if it’s compatible with a MacBook Pro? I’m having a hard time hooking mine up to it.

Super1di0t says:

Screen mirroring works much better on a smart tv than a chromecast, AND IT DOESN’T REQUIRE AN INTERNET CONNECTION!!!

Angie M says:

i just got a samsung smart tv 55 inch 4k it’s awesome the interactive system the mirror projection for Samsung’s other device is truly the future

PopricaCoprica says:

how did ypu get the wallpaper

Edvinas Gurevičius says:

Hi, you had to show us how fast/slow browser app is when you try to browsing. I bought LG Smart tv last year and the browser was very slow despite good connection of internet (LAN/WIFI). I’m just saying that it would be good idea next time to point it out. Thanks any way!

Bishop says:

Samsung tv apps are garbage. half of them Don’t even work. the only ones worth having is Netflix and hulu

Don BOSS says:

I don’t wanna sound stupid but I’ve never really played with my samsung tv, is it possible to change the background picture?

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