Review: Hisense R6 Roku TV 50″ 4K HDR

Today we take a look at the Hisense R6 Roku TV with 4K HDR. This is one of Hisense higher-end Roku TVs sold at stores like Walmart. You can find this TV at Walmart here:

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DemonRage90 says:

I tried watching 4K UHD movies on my friends Xbox One S and it’s not as great, even though the Xbox One S has “4K” installed in it, but idk maybe it’s just me.

Miggy Lopez says:

Can you tell me if this tv supports the Directv Now app in the Roku app store? I’m in the market for the same tv but want to make sure first. Thanks.

Ben Mitchell says:

I love CCN!

JungleJuice 4 says:

How do you cast

Lashanda Edwards says:

how do u get youtube in this tv

Xero DeLaMortai says:

Is it me, or does the icons looks really bright for a second before fading to normal? Does the T.V just do that? I just picked mine up 1hr ago and have not even taken out of the box yet. Gotta wait untill morning.

Alex Gamer says:

I have a question I just bought the same tv and my ps4 pro says it’s not supported with HDR how do I turn on the HDR?

Tony W says:

You should consider doing uniformity tests, that’s one of the big things I’m watching out for, mostly because I see most of my content at night so blacks and uniformity are important.

pramod rayapati says:

Does it have hdmi-cec? Can I use same remote for other HDMI connections?

mf 3p says:

How do I connect it to soundbar pls

Terry Stokes says:

Love it but YouTube in 4k buffers a lot…

Skip Cole says:

55R6E Walmart Black Friday on sale for $248

Sean Anthony says:

Luke, would you rate Hisense, Sharp and other Roku brand TV with the same quality as TCL?

I looking to replace my current 1080p TVs at home with TCLs 4K TVs but different sizes. (Living Room 65″, Master-bed room 55″ and so on…)

However if I can save some money and purchase the non-TCL Roku 4K TV and get the same display quality I’m all for it.

Mark Racinowski says:

Probably a standard practice issue with the power cord. When I worked in the industry, it was best practice to keep “Power and Data” isolated from each other as much as possible. Helps prevent all those power spikes from “cross talking” with your low level data lines.

paulyg17 says:

I only need a 4k tv for the Xbox x, is it worth a buy? I have it in my area for 298$

Tim datoolman says:

Looks pretty much like my TCL Roku TV. I am very happy with mine.

Xur says:

A reason they call Hisense and TCL chinese junk. These tv’s are very poor quality and typically blow up quick.

Pablo Torres says:

Does this tv have the soap opera effect? Because i like that future

Allan Stokes says:

I’m trying to shop for one, and none of the vendors I’ve found describe the included remote. Costco Canada has the Hisense 55R6107 on sale for CDN $560 for a couple more days, and it doesn’t even mention that a remote comes included (much less whether it has the fancy private audio). I don’t like surprises, so I’m not buying any TV without the remote specified.

W Baker says:

Is it a Roku remote? If so, how do you punch in a specific channel rather than having to scroll through channels? thanks.

Ritchie Navarro says:


Martell Tha Cool says:

That TV looks nice

Kevin Hernandez says:

How’s the gaming on it? Does it have game mode? Or any lag?

Diego Rico says:

How good is the brightness of this TV ?, I currently have a hisense h6e and the image is quite good but the brightness is quite low and I had thought to change it.

Bradley Hollon says:

Just got one bit a 55 inch for 265 Walmart black Friday

detroyer90 says:

Got to be real you didn’t say anything about the sound and that was about the only thing I wanted to know about.

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