PLEX ON SMART TV: How is the TV app? 4K HDR Support? | Plex Review on Samsung MU6290 4K Smart TV

I’ve finally joined the 4K HDR Smart TV life, and I needed to figure out what my media consumption options are. Plex has a Samsung Smart TV app and it turned out to be pretty good. I just wish they had Live TV and DVR features enabled.


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Tony S says:

Plex app on my Bravia android tv has a way better and fluid UI.

KDCloudy says:

Great video man! Really interesting…I just started using Plex recently and I am catching up on your vids to learn more! Kudos!

an3k says:

I used Plex many years and even had Premium but today I don’t use it anymore at all. While LiveTV is nice they implement unnecessary features or change things to the worse.

In your case your SmartTV has the good looking Plex App I always loved on my FireTV 4K. At the same time they had an “ugly” one on the FireTV Stick and I thought that was the case because of the lesser computing power of the Stick compared to the 4K. Then they “updated” the 4K app so it is the same as on the Stick.

It looks less sophisticated, is more complicated and doesn’t have a single advantage over the old one. While my parents were fine with the old design they can’t use the new anymore.

Regarding those unnecessary features: News. Nice idea but it doesn’t work especially because you get complete non-sense. I mostly get those cheap mainstream pop-culture news about semi-famous “stars” from the US. I don’t care and I’m from Germany. And there’s no way to change it.

The main problem with Plex is: Thousands features but (beside video playback) nothing works really well. And their support is non-existent.

Sergeant Taco says:

i like your solar system cups. 🙂 and great video as always.

Allan Cameron says:

Plex overall is really good on the Samsung TV but what stops it from being my go to Plex client is the laggy scrolling when looking through your library.

HorseTaco says:

does surround sound work???

EposVox says:


[This video is sponsored by Plex]
PLEX Affiliate Links:
Free signup –
Plex Pass –
Plex Pass Gift –

Eskil Tester says:

wait that’s Samsung?
how come you have the LG SmartTV plex app on it?
that’s not the normal layout of the Samsung plex app version.
I have never seen that layout on a Samsung TV


How to install any android app & games in Samsung TV .???? My TV is Samsung 55m5570 in same TV os???

The World of Flash says:

I thought makeMKV doesn’t work with 4K ultra hd Blu-ray or did you pirate them? That’s what I’ve been doing

Third World Gamer says:

honestly I did not liked the plex app for the PS3 and PS4; the control and interface was very clunky and hard to navigate. but I don’t about on smart TVs …?

Druvian says:

Big jump up from your crt television. Which do you prefer? I hear crt tv’s have better depth than even modern 4k tv

Biffa Plays Indie Games says:

I found it great on my 4k hdr smart LG tv…apart from outputting Atmos soundtracks sadly. I have to use an additional Android box for that.

josh perlow says:

You need filebot to rename your files to Plex format

FiscalRangersFlorida says:

This was a terrible review – like a third grader that had a new toy – all I saw was the constantly bouncing and moving cursor with no explanation about what I was seeing. You talk so fast, and no time to absorb or see the correlating info. I shut it off.

Blootrix says:

I just got a Samsung UE55MU6400. To check if HDR is on, hit menu, go to far left side until you can see another menu popup with picture settings, sound settings, etc, and you will see an “HDR” symbol over your sound settings. I don’t think that’s much faster than your method, but it works for me. I’ve not found another way to check it.
EDIT: Also, I’d recommend turning off all your Eco settings located in your general settings tab.

Charles Kuhn says:

Is 3:2 pulldown judder a problem?

WorldXM says:


NoobTaco says:

Not Android TV on Samsung. . Tyzon. .

I have the 65″ UHD and just use my first gen Shield which works perfectly. And Plex is very clean and nice on the shield.

Shelim Ali says:

What about using plex cloud

Zedd Ruinstar says:

I’ve heard this model of television has issues with hangs on multiple apps and the built-in menus. The 6300 and higher in the regular models have no such issues that I’ve heard.

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