My first 4K Curved Smart TV | Is the Curve worth it?

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The exact model is Samsung UN55HU8700 55″ 3D 120Hz Curved Smart TV. Keep in mind at 3840 x 2160 resolution you are limited to 30Hz, however internal upscaling from a 1080p image was fantastic.

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curmudgeon says:

what is that footage starting at 4:50??? I want to go there…

smart led hd tv says:

The curvedtv i king of all TVs, the technology behind it is awesome.

Ahnaf Ratul says:

cyka blyat idi nahui?

husain zoom says:

How much is it

MySSDRocks says:

The lack of 4K at 60hz is enough to not bother with it.

MacK Olives says:

ANYWAY, what’s the name of the GAME brother? that COLORED FOREST?

hategoogle plus says:

8:04 is when he finally answers the question from the title…
you are welcome

John Doe says:

No audio out? What kind of crarp is that?

daniel kinney says:

I also bought the new 2016 Samsung 9.1 surround sound 65″ it connects to the Samsung via Bluetooth. No wires. It’s pretty awesome

Martin Zvarík says:

WHaaat ??? Go curved and you’ll never go back end of story… The same goes for 4K… if you want to save money, don’t buy TV!! WTF

Scotty Boy says:

Can someone tell me which Camera he is using for this video?

mesaoneCCK says:

Wondering about the refresh rate at 3840×2160, all the specs indicate that it’s capable of 60 Hz at that resolution. Could it be that the reviewer was using cables specced at less than HDMI 2.0?

iDrxbble says:

He sounds like a gta YouTube stunter


Plasma forever

Emmett says:

Does anyone know if it has cinavia protection? ??

Morounkeji Ashiru says:

please help. My samsung 4k Curved Smart TV model U55HU7100UXX keeps tripping off every 10 minutes and coming back on. What is the problem. What component part is responsible that I need to change?

A Plastic Bag says:

Where do you get the freaking money for this stuff?

slamd_ss says:

I just purchased a 65″ Samsung Curved SUHD 4k 9500 and it’s the best picture I’ve ever seen, I know there’s nothing in SUHD yet but it’s nice to be ahead of technology.

Lela says:

Et j’ai un problème comment on enlève le song de la télé Samsung 4K courbé et maitre du song quand on va sur Google ou YouTube avec la télé bien sur

Aban Jacob Ruman says:

you look like an european version of Chris Pratt

canadianbacon007 says:


Chris Reilly says:

Did you really say ” for cereal”

Djonkie Bonk says:

I find 60FPS movies on a 4K TV too fast and the only time it helps is during shaky cam movies like in the Bourne series. This wouldn’t be an issue for me. Of course the more FPS when gaming the better but not necessarily for movie viewing or even TV shows. I hate that soap opera effect.

jwathas says:

We just got our first 4K TV today, a 65 inch curved Samsung 4K UHD smart TV. Can’t wait to get it set up later!

Tarique Jarwar says:

Can anyone please tell me, which game was he playing??

ReviewTechAfrica says:

0:58 ”put driving content in your own anus”?????

Clinton W Salvato says:

This looks like a really nice TV. I’m limited to the size of TV i can put in my setup currently. So I went for the 43″ Sony XBR-43X800D, and it also has the HDR capabilities. As far as samsung curved displays I picked up two smaller monitors a 27″ and 24″ for my computers.

I think the curve is better suited for a computer monitor then a TV, but either way look good in both environments. S;peaking of Android TV, the sony runs it. Overall it’s been a good experience. I use external set top boxes for the most part.

Saber Saber says:

im need the tv please

Melissa Wong says:

Thank you so much. Helped me loads. Was about to waste my money. In the Bahamas there is not a lot of 4K content available. This is not a good buy for my bedroom wall. Wow. Didn’t think about that stuff. Again, thank you.

Nikil Vincent says:


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