MarQ TV 55″ IPS Smart TV 4K Certified Android TV Overview

MarQ 4K 55″ HDR TV by flipkart is an android certified smart TV it has a 55″ IPS 4K panel runs over android has support for google play store but it in support for chromecast and comes with 2 remote controllers of which once is a bluetooth controller with voice controls using which you can control the TV and has powerful sound thanks to Dolby support.

MarQ 55″ 4K Android Smart TV is sold via flipkart

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harshal garodi says:

Sir pls review marQ 43″ too i am planing to buy this festive season

Mani Sai says:

Mi tv (55″) vs marq (55″) which one is better…………?? please reply me sir.


Ranjith bhai, pls review blaupunk tv too. Then make a comparison, of mi tv, marq and blaupunk

bobby gupta says:

Service quality

Rahul Anand Varma says:

Can I know About Prices,55 And 42
And In This Brand Have 43 inch Model

Ram is says:

Pls compare with mi tv 4 pro

Chirag Sable says:

We got to know the picture quality through YouTube videos and other content. But one suggestion, if you could have also interpreted SD channels(Indian TV channels) then we would have got a much better idea. As usually we are going to view the SD channels rather than only online stuffs. That’s one suggestion. Also if you have tried SD channels on this TV then can you leave a review of the picture quality of it as most of the TVs have a bit of blurred SD channels because of the size. Thank you. Waiting for your reply.


hai bro plz tell me one phone under 20k camera,battery,gaming

Andrew Dsouza says:

Review a mi TV 4a pro 49inch

Rohit Gupta says:

I will buy this TV only because of your review

Ankur Kumar Jain says:

Cool video..

Pradyum Nair says:

Why do you keep repeating the same thing during the video? For example about the remote. Please focus more on picture quality. For example, is the HDR, HDR 10?

Harris Mc says:

Would yu please give your thoughts on Blaupunkt smart series TVs. Will be really helpful

Shone Shone says:

3d movie supporr

Rajesh Kumar says:

Which is the best picture quality Sanyo or Marq

sandeep tyagi says:

Another useless review I would say…as no focus on picture quality and entire review wasted on hovering around the GUI and playing online content. Why venture into TV reviewing if you know little about it and can not do justice to it? It is not a mobile review so please don’t just beat the bush for the heck of it!!!

Arun Krishna says:

Unlike apps and internet connection does it support DISH connection ?

Mohit Arya says:

Sir can you please review the new SHARP 4k televisions?

Sreenivas reddy says:

Mi tv 55 vs this

sarath babu says:

Please do a review with PS4 pro connected. Like the delay and refresh rate for gaming.

A2Z Gaming says:

Does it support HDR??

hyder patel says:

This Is hyderpatel. I would like to know how to stop MIUI ads . Please let me know . Its my humble request to you !!!!

shivaram jalapur says:

Paid review

Geekyranjit says:

Also watch this video first if you want to understand about various type of TV technologies, the TV panel type like IPS, VA etc and about smart TV, android TV etc

Anand Ramachandran says:

Can you do a comparison video of this TV with Xiomi 4 Pro 55 inch? Also this tv is not Netflix recommend i suppose, can you confirm?


Hi Ranjit..How r u..?..Are you getting an Image retention ..? My MarQ 4K has image Burn in…

jayadithya nalajala says:

Sir which is best Vu pixellight or Vu Android TV or marqtv or iffalcon

Mumbai LYF says:

bkwas review hai… Feels like paid promo for marq

Akshay Soni says:

Can we connect Bluetooth speakers with this Television?

Arun Jaglan says:

Is it Netflix working on this TV?

Akash Gautam says:

What is brightness of this TV??

GURU RAJA CHARI Jhorapuram says:

Sir which is better TV in 55 inches irrespective of price and with good performance

Akshay raiker says:

Which tv should we go for mi tv or marq tv

Pavan Jambur says:

Does it cast directly from android phone running Amazon Prime

Ashish Chauhan says:

Can anyone count how many times this guy says actually in this video?

Rajat Desai says:

Does is support all apps on play store or some limited ??

T R U T H T E L L E R says:

I bought iffalcon 55inch ,but picture quality little better in iffalcon.

Hunk says:

This is where most companies fall, by providing so many features but compromising the core of the product. In this case, the video/screen quality sucks.
A good basic TV with 100hz panel at same price would be a lot better. Unfortunately these companies target uneducated people who know nothing about the product to earn quick bucks and ultimately fall soon.
All these additional marketing gimmick can easily be added by the consumers themselves as per their needs.

nived valsan says:

Is it available with 43 inch

Dhruv Jain says:

Comparison with mi 55 tv 4 pro is a must

Ring Neck says:

Could have included rgb ports for by old faithful PlayStation 2

Gulzarilal Biswas says:

What are the technical differences in between Mi 55″ and this Marq TV? In terms of Display, internal hardware? Please do reply.

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