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Hands-on review of the LG UK6300 TV
The LG UK6300 is a decent 4k IPS TV. It has very low input lag which is great for gaming, and also remains accurate when viewed at an angle. Unfortunately when viewed in a dark room the blacks appear gray and blotchy.

Full review: https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/lg/uk6300

Model tested: 43” (43UK6300PUE)
Should also be valid for the 49” (49UK6300PUE), 55” (55UK6300PUE), and 65” (65UK6300PUE).
Note that we haven’t tested the larger UK6570 which is available between 70″ and 86″.

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Design (00:48)
Inputs (01:08)
Thermal (01:23)
Picture Quality (01:30)
Contrast (01:47)
Local Dimming (02:07)
Viewing Angle (02:20)
Reflections (02:40)
Peak Brightness (02:51)
Gray Uniformity (03:29)
Color Volume & Gamut (03:48)
Pixels (04:03)
Response Time (04:39)
Input Lag (04:57)
Smart Features & Remote (05:20)
TVs Comparison (05:39)
Conclusion (07:17)


Jalamar Gibson says:

I got dis tv in 4k honestly the tv is amazin wen gaming omg like i had a tcl s4 series this lg blows that outta the water fr

Irbizz says:

Nice video. Can u make review for lg sk9500 vs sony xf9005? Thank you

EastAngliaUK says:

Is the lg 65uk6470plc a better TV please or the same there both £900 in Currys. ?

Brian Hermann says:

Any plans to review the LG SK9000?

Mike Palto says:

This tv is not a real 4K. The officiel logo is not write on box. Is a 3K…Red Green Blue…and White…a fake . Panel Low Cost

turbine graphics 16 says:

nice review. I’m impressed with the input lag, I won’t accept anything over 16 ms.

Clockwork says:

Don’t know why people even consider IPS panels.

niacal4nia says:

But is TCL as reliable as the LG? My LGs keep working and never die.

Manly Powers says:

Interesting to see how viewing angles are better on some VA tvs than others. The samsung and the TCL r617 were pretty good. The S405 was dreadful, though. Very useful tests and review…thank you!

peaheaduk says:

Its looks so small 🙂

fluffyknight Player says:

Why do site description say 120 motion?

Norris Thomas says:

This isn’t a review this is a comparison video.

Joost van der Werf says:

Stop with the where is Cedric comments. Bunch of sheep’s.

fluffyknight Player says:

I just bought one for my nephew. Can the leg stands be moved in closer for smaller tv stands?

Mahi T says:

Please comparison Sony 55x7500f Vs LG 55uk6063 who is the best choice

Shawn Gantka says:

Sorry , but why even test this thing.

Sayan Mitra says:

Is it same as LG 43UK6360PTE ?
shows 120Hz refresh rate on this one.
also, is the above-mentioned model, a true 10bit panel? or 8bit+frc with dithered hdr10?

How does it compare to Xiaomi Mi TV 4 55″ 4k variant?

Chr1s J says:

Is the UK6570PUB the same or better image quality as this model?
I can’t find a review on YouTube for it….well there is one I guess but is not very comprehensive.

TheXGamer says:

Where’s Cedric?
Come back Cedric!
Also,should I get the PS4 Pro or PS4 Slim?I already had a Sony 4K TV.

Ismail Ilmi says:

Can you tell the difference between an 11.5ms input lag (LG UK6300) vs 13.7ms input lag (Samsung NU7100)? I play in a dim room and input lag is very important, which tv should I buy?

Kim Luzano says:

Thanks! Been planning to buy 1.

David Emahiser says:

Just came across your channel. I very much appreciate the comparisons that you provide. well done!

Mir says:

I’m looking to get a TV with a good HDR for PS4 and movies. There’s two LG TVs I’m looking at, one have is the LG 49SJ800v (UK model No) which is a Nano Cell TV and has Dolby Vision and HLG but no WCG. While the other one I’m looking at is the LG 43UK6400 which has “Active HDR” which LG states is scene by scene it also has HDR10 pro, HLG and WCG.

Which one would be best to get?
Is WCG that big of a game changer? And what does LG mean by Active HDR?

truthx7 says:

lol it seems that the tcl 6 series owns this class,and it’s not even close

Nick Yambao says:

For thosw who own this TV. I have a question. So i went to the store to check this TV. All is nice but I tapped the corners of the panel and they are moving. I don’t know if this is the case with LG tvs so I need your opinion. From what I know the panel should not move when touched. I also checked other LG units from the store and it’s also the same. Your feedback is very much appreciates

Potato Kriwil says:

SK9000 please

gmgjerry says:

Is the input lag the same on the 49″ version? I just bought one for gaming.

Glen Williams says:

Colors are just horrible, but gaming on this mf is amazing, especially when playing 2k , I picked this tv up last week because of the input lag & I’ve been ripping chicken in NBA 2k18….. straight big greens .

sur4c says:

Please review LG UK6500 vs Samsung NU7100

Ramy CRISTIANO says:

motion rate?

Malcolm Filis says:

Is this tv good for gameing just bought a ps4

peace peace says:

Helped me a lot

Martin86 Chitembo says:

Where us Cedric??????

s0ad29 says:

That RGBW problem is totally overblown since normal people wont notice it. I have a 55″ sj800v and 55″ oled b7 and i can’t see the difference while watching 4k movies or playing on the ps4 pro. And IPS has “good enough” black levels with some bias lightning and the backlight turned down when using in a dim room.

John Pineda says:

I have the lg sj8000 is there anyways I can make darks scenes looks darker most dark scenes look grey and great video

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