LG Super UHD 4K TV Review! (2016)

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Check out my Review of one of the best 4K TVs to be released this year with both HDR 10 and Dolby Vision Support! LG 7700 Series Ranges from 55-65″ with Quantum Panel with IPS!

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Ghostface says:

Looks amazing, but its expensive for now

zain zeeshan says:

Can you download kodi?

Reppa Kagura says:

Super UHD 4K < wtf ??? 1 - "Super" is just a word, nothing super here 2 - UHD or 4K, it's not the same resolution at all , 3840*2160 is not 4096*2160... Bad review ... i don't want to see a video who has a fail title :

Haris Hasic says:

Hi Danny I like your work, really great video, I need a little advice. I plan to buy this model 49 inch. Viewing distance in the room is about 3.5 meters, is the size of tv enough? Im asking you becouse 55 inches is too expensive.

Henny H says:

Thanks for this great review i will get this tv 🙂

Nishad Sandilya says:

is this a 10 bit panel??? Please help….

Tae Lim says:

Great video Danny! What model is this??

slick0000 says:

must be talking about a different TV as mine is pants, the quality is poor..yes i expect some channels to be poor as not everything is broadcast in 4K but even if its upscaling its bad. black is not black but a grey colour then theirs the the backlight only noticeable when dark and when anything white is on a black background. no matter how much i adjust it. overall reviews of LG NON OLED 4K TV’s is poor. Gutted I didn’t do more research. Lesson learnt. Just my views BTW and I’m no expert obviously.

Fida Hussain says:

Please tell me about LG UH850V, i am in confusion to buy either Samsung KU7000 or LG 55UH50V. Waiting for your reply. Regards.

Souvik Chakraborty says:

Does it have HDMI 2.0 ?

Franz Santiago says:

i have the same tv but i’m having trouble updating it to the latest firmware to add hdr game mode.. any suggestions? i already tried going on the lg website to download the update on a usb.. once i plug the usb, the tv recognizes the update but always stops at 18%… saying “something went wrong with the update”

Harry Paps says:

LG 49UH661V or LG 50UH635V ???

Jay Hacha says:

I got this tv in 55 inches. There’s input lag and when you’re watching dark scenes you can see a bit of grey and it’s really distracting when it comes to up-scaling it does a decent job, but not enough to give you that wow factor. Watching youtube videos on this television you can see on certain videos it got that pixelated look while others look decent. Watching sports on this t.v is bad and playing video games on her while you can see a sharper image it still isn’t impressive enough. I was playing battlefield on this t.v. and it really didn’t look any thing special. If you are going for LG I suggest you go for the B6 or the E6 which has 3D. If you’re not an LG person I suggest you go with the Samsung Ks8000 or 9000 or Sony x930D. Hope This helps.

M. C says:

It is a fucking review. LG paying you for this. ASSHOLE !!!!!

Harpuli says:

do you know how Is the input lag in milisecons

uchiha suske says:

js this smart android systm tv???or what

Mugur Matei says:

Do you still have the input lag problem in Game Mode? I watched the reviews and if you put in Game Mode it has less than 30 ms input with is great… 🙂

pow1983 says:

Would have been useful to know what ‘super’ UHD actually offers and means and why I should actually use this over buying a UHD.

bbliquids website says:

whats the best tv with zero input lag – or gaming

Ashton Grist says:


Astrina Martin says:

This might be a dumb question but the light in the background does that come from the tv or something you did on your own?

Harpuli says:

how Is the input lag on PS4

Mickxal says:

this is the 43UH6100?

Joel Wilson says:

I am using the TV right now for my PC. their is no input lag on my mouse. It must be the ps4 lagging.

s k says:

does it have 3D?

Kenny Cee says:

I love that TVstand ur Tv is standing on were can I get same type…?

Brandon McClain says:

Hello, I just bought the LG 65UH7700 4k tv and I have a questions about the stand. The stand had a rubber piece in it that was connected to the base that says 60/65 on it but it doesn’t have holes punched out for the screws. It looks like there are some indents to put the screw threw but I’m confused. It looks like my tv is leaning forward a little bit and I’m wondering if they added this rubber piece as a spacer for bigger models to account for the weight. Any help with this is greatly appreciated.

Joe Doe says:

I want the intro music

wayne stevenson says:

im thinkng about getting this tv mainly for my ps4 pro. is it worth it??

First Last says:

how big is the stand?

Timur tekniker says:

Anyone recommend a 4K UHD 55 inch for ps4 pro with 0% interest and 24 month payment?

Super Hacks says:

Can you connect the TV with an iphone or ipad?

Info you says:

price for it

4ndy123 says:

is this the model LG 55UH668V ?

Brother John's says:

can this tv get HBO NOW ?

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